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Rex critical of Baker

top dawg

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3 minutes ago, Ted Ginn Jr.'s Hands said:

I was expecting that he'd at least be better than Mariota and Geno Smith.  He hasn't even cleared that bar.  Admittedly, those guys have been better than expected so far this season.  He has been missing throws that NFL journeymen should make, I am starting to think that his arm is just shot at this point.

Both those guys have been with their teams longer right??

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18 hours ago, top dawg said:

At this point, Darnold might give us more spark than Baker, and I never thought that I or anyone would say that. Baker seems smaller, in all respects, than I ever thought was possible.

If Baker plays terrible next week against the Cardinals I would think Rhule would give Sam a shot. It's not going to get any easier for our QB regardless of who starts. 

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1 hour ago, top dawg said:

perhaps Baker's shoulder injury, non-throwing shoulder or not has had an irreparable effect upon the way he throws the ball--in other words, his accuracy. 

I sure hope not.  The initial injury was bad enough.  But then that second time it came out he suffered a fracture.  The Browns should have shut him down, there was no way for him to build enough muscle to protect his shoulder before he finally re-injured it.  It's his non-throwing shoulder, but with his throwing motion your concerns are valid.  The reason I think it's more psychological than structural is that he looked accurate enough during pre-season. 

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Just now, Ted Ginn Jr.'s Hands said:

Agree, but to my untrained eye, it sure seems like more of his throws are just flat out misfires than anything chemistry related.

I can see that but I need more then 3 games and I can't compare him to guys who have been on their teams longer..


We all know Russ is a better QB then he has looked in Denver..  

Jmo the data is not enough to form any opinion..

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Baker is very surprising 

he also seems very disengaged   Dispassionate 

something is wrong…don’t have a clue what it is

Ellis Williams talked  about the same  it a bit in his a podcast 

I can see not being Aaron Rodgers but no way should he be Jimmy Clausen either 

he maybe a sack machine but at least he isn’t a turnover machine, granted some of that is luck 


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On 9/25/2022 at 5:43 PM, top dawg said:

I mean, Rex isn't wrong. 

I'm going to be honest: I thought Baker would be better. I expected him to be at least a competent game manager, but he looks lost out there. All of the criticisms of Mayfield like his spotty accuracy (particularly on those midrange second level passes), and his inability to read the entire field (as was basically suggested by Kurt Warner when he said Baker is best when he only has to read half the field), have been on full display. Add in his timing issues, failure to step into the pocket, what I'll call inefficient mobility, and his lackluster athleticism, and I just don't see him being anyone's answer at starting QB. And, honestly, he hasn't shown to be worth the conditional draft pick that we'd have to give up if he reaches whatever threshold of snaps he has to meet. He's playing uninspired football, and I don't even know if he has the ability to put a team on his back (he surely hasn't shown it against what in reality are suspect teams, and I doubt that he will against top tier teams). He's been horrible to be honest. No swag whatsoever. He just looks bewildered. I really wouldn't have believed that he'd be this bad if you'd have asked me a month ago. He isn't our answer. 

What does he mean by "OUR"?

Didn't know Rex worked for the team. 

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4 hours ago, MtnJax said:

Baker’s still been better than Sam. I think if Darnold was starting we wouldn’t have been in any of the games because he would’ve turned the ball over too much

You're probably right.

although....and this is a BIG although....Sam started going down the toilet after CMC went down.

Just saying....

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17 minutes ago, Mr. Scot said:

Mariota only joined the Falcons this past offseason.


He was a early FA signing going to his OLD coach.. So he Atleast had a idea of the system he was going to..


But his numbers aren't that much better other then comp%.. But he throws alot of dink and dunk passes as well..

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