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CMC - Bad football is not being coached, it's the players.

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8 minutes ago, Jon Snow said:


No I think they've already accepted the fact there will be a new staff next season.  Although no player will ever eluded to that fact.

I'd wonder how many of these players were shocked to come to training camp and find Rhule still head coach after the last season. No surprise they'd be accepting of moving on, probably were already there last February.


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This team has a couple good players several average  players and a bunch of players that are 2nd-3rd string if they were on another nfl team. Add in the fact our head coach is an idiot  it’s a recipe for disaster. 
This seasons a wash hopefully it ends the era of rhule 

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CMC saying all of that may just be him trying to be politically correct, but then point out those players who are not being held accountable? If the truth is that Rhule really is coaching winning football but players aren't performing? Then get rid of these so called players, maybe this team really does lack talent then. 

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6 hours ago, tiger7_88 said:

Sounds eerily like Cam taking all the slings and spears for MoRon all those years.

I think some players just know to just fall on the sword and say the diplomatic thing. He's going corporate answer versus the obvious look on DJ Moore's face or the diplomatic answer by Moton that was also accompanied by a clearly perturbed look on his face.

For DJ, it's very clear he is having a difficult time bearing the brunt of questions about issues that are almost entirely not his fault. It was written all over his face and demeanor. 

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Simple checklist...

Can defense consistently get turnovers, tackles for loss, and stops on 3rd down? No.

Can the QB produce at least 30% GWD? No.

Can the receivers produce 5 big plays per game and catch 60% of their passes? No.

Can the OL allow the QB and RB to be patient behind the LoS and develop plays to control the clock? No.

Has the HC been able to put their players in close games and make the calls to win more than 50% of those close games? No.

That's the. Checklist to be a champion.

Coaches like McVay and Bill Walsh prepared their players for championship situations, put their team in a game winning position, and made the key calls/direction to tap into that preparation while making it simple on star players.

The catch where Montana throws the ball to Clark for the game winning TD was prepared and Walsh told Montana exactly where and how to throw it before they huddled up to call the play.

If players are better than the other team, then they blow them out like a college game. If it's a close game and the game comes down to the final drive, then the play calling and preparation have a greater impact than the even level of talent on the field.

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