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Any Panthers card collectors out there? Mail Day!

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1 hour ago, tukafan21 said:

Only gonna add in a select handful of favorites to not overload the thread lol

Biakabutuka Flair Showcase Masterpiece 1/1... basically the holy grail of PC cards for me regardless of value, don't even remember how or where I stumbled across a guy with a bunch of Biakabutuka 1/1's years back.  Was able to get this one and a couple of others off of him in a deal.



Gotta include the Biakabutuka Green PMG /15 here too since PMGs are all the rave these days, also have the Red /150 as well of course


These 2011 Crown Silhouettes are still maybe my favorite set ever made, hit this one myself, and then actually hit a second one later as well.  Hit a few good Cam rookie autos myself, that was the year I had just got back into collecting too, including a really nice Gold Standard Patch/Auto



The auto'd Stewart was /5 and I have 3 of the 5 of them, easily one of my favorite cards in my whole PC



Have I think close to 40 Stew 1/1's so will only put one in here and I always LOVED the prizm finites so will go with this one (also have the non auto and the orange pylon parallel 1/1's from that year).  Have a few good rookie 1/1's too, including the Exquisite auto and Limited Shield/Auto



Gotta have a TD Rookie 1/1 in here, right?



Can't put a TD 1/1 in here without putting his partner in crime as well, this is a Chrome Mini Superfractor 1/1



People are gonna poopoo on me for including a Funchess 1/1 here, but this one holds special meaning.  He went to my rival high school (albeit years after me) and is by far the best player to come out of my hometown in any sport, and then got drafted by my team.  So pretty cool for me to pickup the Michigan Flag 1/1 auto of his, closest thing I'll ever get to a hometown card of his.  I also got to meet him after his rookie year and got a picture with him, then got it signed a year or two later and inscribed about being from our hometown to Carolina.



A couple Quad team autos



And of course can't finish this post off without a 1/1 from the GOAT.......


The shield on card auto SS is incredible. Great collection, thank you for sharing!

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11 hours ago, tukafan21 said:

haha yea the two of us did not like each other very much

But I don't think it was due to us having any issue with the other person as much as we both kept screwing each other over and creating a false Stewart market and drove up prices on each of us like crazy.

Every sellers dream..

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On 10/17/2022 at 6:43 PM, X-Clown said:

I really don’t have any half decent panther cards as I just got back into collecting a couple of years ago. Most impressive thing I have seen is that there’s a guy on the blowout forums board that has over 400 Steve Smith 1 of 1s, over 350 autos and something like 1100 memorabilia items of his

I just found the thread for the Smith PC. Amazing stuff


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Totally forgot that these were in a different folder of images, absolutely should have been in my initial post of favorite cards.

The first few years of this Game of Inches set I put the base version together (then after a few years it got cost prohibitive and I stopped, not even sure if they still make it).

But would also pick up some of the 1/1 versions if I could too, have a Devonta Freeman, Donte Moncrief, and Tevin Coleman 1/1's, but then I also was able to snag the 1/1 versions of these guys, not sure if you've heard of them or not.................



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