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College BBall 2022


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14 minutes ago, jayboogieman said:

Like the second 3 attempt?


Duke needs to slow it down. They are taking the first shot no matter how good or bad it is. I type that and they tie the game.

No my point is when the Heels lose Love shoots sub 30% and shoots like 25 shots.  We are fine so far here

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Just now, jayboogieman said:

Love with a terrible 3 attempt

I have to be honest here…I sit Caleb Love.  He could flat out win us this game or lose it.  So sick of leaving it in his hands.  Play the other guys that are interested in playing team basketball 

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4 minutes ago, Shocker said:

I hate how out of control UNC is right now.  It’s coaching…sorry.  UNC has plenty of talent and depth but are playing so dumb right now

I’d like to keep Hubert because he’s recruiting well but watching our guys swing the ball around the perimeter without any penetration to only throw up some wild ass shot is maddening. There’s no movement on offense, the ball moves around the perimeter and then someone has to go one on one once the shot clock hits 10… and it’s nearly every single possession.

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    • You are correct there isn't enough data. Specifically for Bryce's height and weight. We have examples of QB's 6 foot 210 range. But not 5'10 185-190 it just isn't there. Well Doug Flutie but I mean cmon lol. For me this really boils down to weighing risk vs reward. That is what the staff and Fitterer will have to decide on. If they think he's worth the risk based on his other intangibles then make the pick. He could go on to become a star. Of course there's also the possibility on the other end of the spectrum. And that one ends with folks losing their jobs.
    • Id love to see a study on the spread of injuries more also more current data, we can make plenty of assumptions not sure you can really discount a study due to assumptions. But as you said let’s just assume the study is true why would there not be more small QBs. In terms of small QBs I’d say the NFL biases have been filtering out a number of types QBs for a long long time, for varying reasons. Generally short guys are filtered out of the position because a number of things that don’t fit the nfl prototype narrative. They’ll be recruited less the big programs, they’ll have to find homes in gimmick offenses that don’t develop their skillset, or their arms are lacking because they aren’t as naturally strong as prototypes.  Then you can get into the NFL and how important draft capital is generally and how much these prospects have been dinged in the past because of fit, the style of the nfl (more pro style till recently), and general bias. Everyone seems to admit small QBs have been able to stay healthy in college but the nfl is a different game, so it doesn’t seem small QBs have had a massive health problem from preventing them getting to the draft, it comes more to a bias (must be that much better to actually get a look), nfl fit, and probably honestly physical ability thing.  I also have to mention, in that study we keep bringing up the graph dies out at like 210 (assuming Brees listed weight), it would be an assumption on my end that it continues flat, maybe it ticks up, i would love seeming more data and wish someone else did a study on it. All I argue is we don’t know enough to make any for sure assumptions on Bryce’s health, but there are plenty of reasons for short QBs to not have a bigger sample in the NFL other than specifically injuries.
    • I have no problems with the 0 jersey. I DO have a problem with kickers wearing 90's digits however. It looks stupid and the reason I can't stand the college free-for-all jersey numbers.  Historically saved for 300+ pound D-lineman and some 175 pound placekicker trots out wearing #99, smh. Still not a fan of LBs and DBs wearing single digits either.
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