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Thanksgiving Day football

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Wow. That was a GREAT tackle to keeping that WR inbounds. That andac Jones taking a sack on the previous play pretty much guaranteed the Pats had no shot to pull off a last second miracle. Well, that having to get well within FG range to get into hail mary range for Mac Jones to get a ball into the endzone.

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1 minute ago, LinvilleGorge said:

For the record, when Mac Jones was coming out in the draft I said his NFL ceiling was Kirk Cousins. I've seen nothing to suggest otherwise.

Pretty sure Kirk has a much better arm, He's like Rivers but afraid to really sling it like that

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Mac Jones is another wasted 1st round pick. Game manager. Choke artist. He is the worst clutch QB in the NFL. Sam Darnold gives you a better chance at winning at the end of the game.

Why do so many people think these choke artists like Mac Jones, Justin Fields, Sam Darnold, Baker Mayfield, and Teddy Bridgewater can magically become a clutch QB?

College FB is producing a lot of good game managers, but these big college programs are not developing clutch QBs anymore.

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9 hours ago, CPantherKing said:

College FB is producing a lot of good game managers, but these big college programs are not developing clutch QBs anymore.

In fairness, being able to perform well in the clutch is a rare ability.  And I don't think it's something that can be developed.  While experience helps, the main requirement is to stay in control under pressure, and that is an ability that you either have or you don't.  

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    • I hope he tears it up in LA. It improves our draft stock and hopefully will embarrass Tepper enough that he fires Ben McAdoo before the season is over.
    • I hope he does well in LA. 
    • I am genuinely happy for Baker. He had the most important game of his career last night, literally balled out on two days notice to show that he can still play.  I am also still totally fine we let him go because we need to start fresh.  Sure, he looked like trash under Rhule and McAdoo. It’s really an indictment of the offensive system and hopefully highlights how important it is to have a great head coach and the right offense.  So the narrative is that it was a bad environment and a bad fit and that’s true.   However, I still think Baker has several limitations that were exposed that indicate he will never be more than an average QB in this league.  I hope we can do better in the upcoming draft. 
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