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QB that is right in front of us

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1 minute ago, Mr. Scot said:

Thanks for proving my point 😕

how is that proving a point when our owner wouldn't do what he said he would do?


Do you not think Cam would be a great mentor (if he knew coming in that was his role) for a young qb that plays like him?

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2 hours ago, ForJimmy said:

The real question is, would you prefer Richardson plus all of our picks to build talent around him or CJ Stroud minus our 2nd rounders and next 2 1st round picks (so much less help)?

Stroud.. He needs less help and is the better QB..

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38 minutes ago, CamWhoaaCam said:

AR 15 with Cam as mentor doesn't sound bad.


Not sure why people are down on Cam as a mentor.

Because he can't play. He makes PJ Walker look like Aaron Rodgers. 

Cam is washed and serves no purpose on the team.


He is useless outside of an inside the 5 wildcat.

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2 hours ago, ncfan said:

He’s not awful.  He’s mid/avg which Sam, Cam, or any other bridge QB would be.

Brissett is already familiar with Reich as well.

Brissett is discount Teddy Bridgewater, which is saying something. Pass.

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34 minutes ago, Skack25 said:

I love Cam.  Favorite player of all time.  But y’all have got to let it go.

Also, Anthony Richardson is NOT a good idea.

Despite the thread title, the actual topic pertains to a quarterback who's behind us.

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2 hours ago, tarheelfan23 said:

We should stay put at 9, either draft AR15 there or be prepared to take bpa and then trade back up for AR15.  Once we have our QB of the future we make that call back to Cameron Newton to come get a whole offseason to be the starter and mentor to the young guy.  This makes so much sense, but it will not happen

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