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Mr. Scot

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2 hours ago, RJK said:

Almost all charities are frauds. It’s more beneficial to donate your time than money 

That’s a little strong.  There are many organizations doing excellent work and are financially transparent and accountable.  

In the aftermath of hurricane Dorian (class 5), the government of the Bahamas was nowhere to be found.  First into the devastated area was the Royal Navy and US Navy.  The organization right behind them was Samaritan’s Purse, setting up a mobile hospital, food kitchens, water purification systems, hygiene kits, tarps, and field crews to help clear away debris and assist with clean up.  The people of that area still speak in reverent tones about the Samaritan’s Purse volunteers who dedicated their unpaid time to help restore their local communities.

Just one example but there are many more. 

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4 hours ago, UNCrules2187 said:


We likely weren’t targeting him anyways but if Kliff gets that job you can pretty much pencil in Young to Houston imo. Bryce is a similar size and skill set but actually studies his playbook…it makes a ton of sense seeing as how any team that selects him is going to have to go all in on building around him. It makes a ton of sense as long as no one jumps in front of them for 1st




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6 hours ago, Mr. Scot said:

Sorry Wink, but you just can't compete with a coaching savant like Jeff Saturday 😐

I must be old.  When I hear the name Wink Martindale I think of this guy.


BTW Until I searched for this pic I assumed he was dead.

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