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Chicago has never had a WR as good as DJ Moore


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5 hours ago, Wes21 said:

Here's a little nugget...

...the Chicago Bears have never had a 4,000 yard passer.  Jay Cutler holds the season record with 3,812.

Jay Cutler played in Chicago from 2009-2016. He threw 154 TD passes which is the most in franchise history. Now take a look at who is behind him at #2.

SID LUCKMAN! This guy won 4 titles for the Bears back in the day. He was a top QB in his day and finished with 137 TD passes. He averages 8.4 yds per attempt, which would be stellar even in today's pass happy NFL. Here's the amazing thing about his rank on the Bears all time TD list. SID LUCKMAN retired in 1950! He literally retired the year before my nearly 72 year old mother was born (1951)!

No other Bear QB on franchise history has even reached 100 TD passes with the team. Billy Wade Is #3 (68 TDs) He played with Mike Ditka and Gayle Sayers back in the 1960s!  He left the Bears after the 1966 season. Jim McMahon is right behind him at #4 with 67 TDs. Mitch Trubimsky is at #5 with 64. 

There's a reason why Chicago has only won 2world titles (1963-Wade and 1985-McMahon) since LUCKMAN retired in 1950. They have struggled to acquire or develop a true difference maker at the position. History shows that going to the Chicago Bears is one of the worst things that could happen to a young QB.


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26 minutes ago, Smithers said:

I believe it was Moose who said “Chicago is where receivers go to die.” 

But this is why Chicago is either moving to Arlingten Heights to build a new stadium or they are partnering with the city of Chicago to build a dome. 

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They had Olsen and traded him to us!! Yes I know he’s a TE.. but Chicago isn’t a friendly place for passing.. reason it’s called Windy City and Justin Fields got blasted for saying it would be better if they had a dome!! So a reason not famous for WRS vs RBs

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10 hours ago, JawnyBlaze said:

I dunno, Brandon Marshall was pretty good there if I recall correctly, he just didn’t stick around long enough to amass the stats. Could be I’m confusing Chicago Marshall with Denver Marshall though

Chicago has had some decent receivers.  But they haven't had many qb's decent enough to cause a receiver to want to stick around.

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