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Fanbase Temperature Gauge: Who do you like and who do you want? (3/21/23)

Who is the better QB prospect?  

355 members have voted

  1. 1. Who is the better QB prospect?

    • Bryce Young
    • CJ Stroud
    • Both are equally good
  2. 2. Which QB do you WANT us to draft?

    • Bryce Young
    • CJ Stroud
    • I'm good with either
    • Chaos (Levis or Richardson)

This poll is closed to new votes

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I’m for Stroud. I think he’s the better passer and I think the Stroud we saw against Georgia is the real Stroud. So he has plenty of upside while Young is closer to being maxed out. Young is also great, but I would be slightly disappointed.

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2 hours ago, t96 said:

I think both are equally good overall just in different ways. I like Stroud's pros a bit more than Young's pros and a bit more concerned about Young's cons than Stroud's but both have a pretty equal number of pros/cons in my opinion. So I do slightly prefer us drafting CJ and voted for that however I really am good with either, will be every bit as excited if we choose Young as I would've if we chose CJ. Both are legit 15+ year franchise QB prospects and I think we're well positioned for either one of them to have success here.

What he said.

With both being so close in my mind, I chose Stroud as well. In the end, 5'10" 200(ish) pounds is a con that coaches can't fix. 

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1 hour ago, ForJimmy said:

  I know some of us don't like to hear it, but size does matter to a degree...



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I know you are all dying to know my thoughts. Here they are;

If we draft Young and he ends up on his back throwing up alien gang signs like Tua, we are all going to feel like it was avoidable. That is going to be tough to forgive the powers that be for it, especially if Stroud balls out. 

If Stroud doesn't pan out and Young thrives, it's a lot easier to not blame them for not gambling on shaky measurables. For me, anyway.

Stroud 2023. Make the Panthers great again.

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