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Pick #39, don't hold your breath for a WR or TE

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18 minutes ago, jayboogieman said:

I think Fitt trades 39 for more picks

That sounds like him. 

Just for fun...Chicago has 53 and 64, 10 overall picks, and needs several starters on their O-line. They could get a day 1 starter at 39. I'd happily trade 39 & 114 for 53 & 64.

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1 hour ago, Ricky Spanish said:

This is true, but we will also have a ton of cap next season with the opportunity to sign one of the impending FA WRs that may hit the market. All of the following are on the last years of their contracts and may potentially hit FA:

Tyler Boyd (Likely to hit FA if they sign higgins)

Tee Higgins (Likely to hit FA if they keep boyd to save money for burrow)

Jerry Jeudy

CeeDee Lamb (Probably won't hit FA)

Justin Jefferson... (Severely doubt it, but vikings could balk at a large contract, who knows?)

Calvin Ridley

Donovan Peoples-Jones (Quietly having a good start to his career, may sneak up and make bank next offseason)

KJ Osborn

There are plenty others with potential to be low end WR1s as well, but I doubt every single one of the guys listed above is re-signed to a new deal next offseason and we should be players in signing whoever makes it to FA.

This.  We giving TMJ and others a trail run with competent coaching and hopefully a rookie QB that adjusts quickly.  If they earn a new contract yaah, if not we hit FA and the draft next year targeting WR's.  I keep hearing we need to have a guy for the QB to develop with for four years as a reason to go TE or WR early this year.  Not the way I see it. Veterans are better to have for the first year or even two then a more refined QB can take full advantage of a rookie WR and guide him a bit. 

There are two killer TE's in the 24 draft. One guy is basically a more athletic Mayer out of Michigan I think and the other is the receiving threat that kept Washington behind him for targets.  Also just like this year there will be climbers who make a name for themselves. 

Then you have a WR class that is likely taller and more star studded.  Rome wasn't built in a day y'all.   

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Michigan and Nebraska.
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32 minutes ago, MHS831 said:

A real possibility if he can get it.  I hear that the talent levels off in the late first and does not drop again until the late second/early third.  Gonna be interesting to watch him navigate this draft.

I think (as I read words and use my brain) that the Panthers are more interested in a G than we realize--one poster made a good point--they like BC more as a swing T.  He was the weak link last year, and finding a LG is not hard to do.

I also find their complete refusal to address CB in the offseason a bit interesting. 

Who knows what the edge situation is because we do not know how people will be used.

I think they will address WR in the third or after.  I think G will be a shocker earlier than we all expected.  You heard it here second.

I could see the guard happening. Honestly, they need more than one and I wouldn't mind a double dip for guards or Oline talent in general.

They might be content with the CB and edge situations this year, knowing they can't fix everything at once.

Everybody keeps saying the team needs to draft a receiver but they signed two bandaids and have a couple young guys that will hopefully step up. They can also lean on Hurst to carry more of the load.

I also wouldn't doubt to see Fitt trade down more than once in the second round if he can pull it off to add more mid round picks.

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3 hours ago, AU-panther said:

It's impossible to predict what a front office might do during the draft, but you can look at free agency and get a pretty good idea.

Of our free agents we singed 4 with decent contracts that were either TEs or WRs: Thomas ($3.325m APY), Hurst ($7.25m), Chark ($5m), and Theilen ($8.33m).  To put those contracts in perspective only 20 players have higher APY than Thomas, those are get on the field contracts. 

2023 NFL Free Agents and Free Agency (overthecap.com)

Like I said earlier, nothing is guaranteed, maybe some WR or TE with great value falls, but If I had to guess I'm thinking DE, LB, or CB at 39.  

From a lot of reports this is a very strong TE class, we might decide we can get good value later.   By a lot of reports the WR class is rather thin, I could see us not drafting one at all, or taking more of a project guy later.


I think CB is the biggest need

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I am expecting a defensive player at 39, assuming there is 1 that fits the spot. There are some good candidates at skill positions that might be around that number, but the wr class looks like a collection of slot guys for the most part. I think Gibbs has a chance to be a good back, but I don't think it's a need for us. So bpa defense is my guess.

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