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Enjoy your high

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3 hours ago, Move the Panthers to Raleigh said:

I had a small dopamine hit when I learned that we acquired the pick. Not long after, I came down when I realized we are talking about the Carolina Panthers here, a franchise that is capable of fuging up any situation. I’ll get another high if I see a good preseason outing from our rookie QB

Like you and most hardcore Panthers fans, I had the same small dopamine hit when they acquired the # 1 draft pick. 

Presently, I am just happy believing the Panthers and us fans come out winners regardless of which QB they select, Alabama's Bryce Young or Ohio State's C.J. Stroud.

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5 hours ago, RJK said:

I knew this place would be a $hitshow leading up to the draft but I didn’t think it’d get as bad as it is. The forums been basically unreadable for a week now at least 

This forum, Twitter, B/R.. Literally anywhere fans can drum up conversation about the panthers has been borderline unbearable lately.  11 Days and a Wake up. Cant come soon enough.

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On 4/15/2023 at 3:32 PM, run-run-pass-punt said:

The only real thing is *now*, all else is thought and ultimately abstraction.

There *is* no QB the Panthers have picked or will pick. It may or may not occur at all. Only an idea.

Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it  for yourself. - GIF QUOTES

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This is marketing now days... immediate constant highs... facebook notifications... rewards for purchasing... etc. You no longer have to be at a coliseum to be entertained, you can get your highs at home from reading comments that support your logic year round. 

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    • This is what I am leaning my hat on and the fact there is nothing we can do about the past and we know Bryce will be the QB here next year at least and maybe two seasons.   The other thing I am leaning my hat on is maybe Bryce will be one of those QB's who end up being good when the game slows down for them.  Also, I do think Bryce overall doesn't look good right now is due to the roster, oline and the coaching staff.   Time will tell.
    • To be fair, how many wars have women started versus men?  Who makes up the majority of sex offenders? Based on what has come out from the Reich firing fallout, it seems as if Dave Tepper wants to get a lot of input from a lot of different perspectives.  Is that good?  Maybe?  Hasn't looked good.  His wife?  Look, we have no idea who she is outside of some blurby PR stuff.  As others have said: her history prior to being Mrs. Tepper was thoroughly purged. Is she a good judge of character?  Does she have a human resources background?  Again, we don't know what perspective she brings.  What does she add to the room?  I have no idea.  I think instead of asking why she's in the room to begin with, we should be asking if her input has had any value? Some posters here believe she's using the Panthers as her own sex party.  I really doubt that, but feel free to find some proof of it.   I think Dave trusts his wife's opinion.  He includes her because he's the owner and he gets to make those choices.  This is again why we need a Football Czar/President to actually run this stuff instead of the meddling owner and his wife.  As of now: the results haven't been good.  We need football professionals in the room, not super fans with deep pockets.
    • Not sure. Just had it on for a sec on the way to work    but it echoed just what the guys said on TNT between the periods.  
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