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Young makes sense


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1 hour ago, KatsAzz said:

Florida QB, Anthony Richardson would be an ideal choice for a team that has a decent but not great QB and feels it has time to develop and coach Richardson up to become the eventual starter.

So Andy Dalton then?

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While reading posts on Saints forum and a poster seems worried and hopes we don't pick Bryce Young. Young is already spreading fear and hasn't played a single NFL game yet

Couldn't disagree more as far as talent goes.

CJ had arguably the greatest group of receivers in NCAA history to throw to. (Marvin Harrison Jr, Garrett Wilson, Olave, JSN, etc). He also had an entire offensive line that's going to play on Sundays. (Including both tackles top 2round picks).

CJ also struggled MIGHTILY the few times he was under pressure. He will not have the same level of talent disparity around him he did at Ohio.

Young while small, is a fantastic QB. Im really, really hoping the Panthers don't select him. "

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I really don‘t know, I really don‘t think Young can‘t really play 5 years uninterrupted without major injury. That is my biggest concern about Young pick, Panthers is making such a major investment for 1. pick, could they afford their QB is not playing 2 seasons of 5. Alabama has the best OL in college football, what Young will experience in NFL will be nothing like what it sees in NCAA.

So Panthers are taking a huge risk, if they are taking such a risk I rather prefer  they take the risk with Anthony Richardson while I think reward would be higher.

if they don‘t want to take any risks they should go for CJ Stroud, Panthers is build to win with defense, they just need game manager QB.

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