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The real value in trading up to number 1


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28 minutes ago, Gash said:

Ive heard so many criticisms about what it cost the Panthers to swap first round picks with the Bears.

Too many picks in return, 25yo WR in his prime, ect.

No clear number one QB.

Since the trade, 90% of news about the NFL in general and 100% of draft coverage includes the Panthers. 

You cant buy that kind of publicity. 

100% worth it to me.

bingo, its also why they are not going to announce the pick until draft day, it would be the most boneheaded move from a PR standpoint ever.  We are the first topic in the NFL right now without a question, so call your pick and give up the publicity to Houston at #2?  Young is the pick, its that simple, we arent going to announce till draft day, its as simple as that.

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The trade looks better and better for the Panthers leading up to the draft. At the time of the trade, there was no clear cut number one pick. If the trade were to happen today with a team desperately trying to land Young, we’d be paying a higher price for sure.

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14 minutes ago, Carolina Cajun said:

bingo, its also why they are not going to announce the pick until draft day, it would be the most boneheaded move from a PR standpoint ever.  We are the first topic in the NFL right now without a question, so call your pick and give up the publicity to Houston at #2?  Young is the pick, its that simple, we arent going to announce till draft day, its as simple as that.

They're actually not allowed to announce the pick - the NFL forbids it.

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I’d also argue because its become clear we are picking Young, I think the talk shows of late have been talking about Houston more than us because they are trying to figure out what the next pick of the draft is. When the Panthers get brought up it’s just “Go get your Young #9 jersey” and then moving on. 

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    • From the games I've seen, our defense is getting caught out of position more than I'm accustomed to, which is leading to odd man breaks. And it seems like our forwards are not committing to the back check as much when other teams are getting it deep. Not to mention, our goalie play has been significantly worse this year than previous years. That being said, we are still second place in our division despite most of us being upset at how we're playing... 
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