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Draft lottery talk

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Not exactly a 3 and D guy but I've started to like Jaime Jaquez Jr.  Don't let the Adam Morrison hair choice fool ya. Guy has heart and athletic.  Maybe never a Star but likely a plug and play wing. Could be long term replacement for Hayward. 

This is depending of course on the earlier pick. As of right now I like Scoot and TrippleJ.  I think the other 2 second round picks will end up bargaining chips and or players we stash and never develop. It's the Hornets way. That said I would use the picks and build a young bench.  

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12 minutes ago, panthersphan said:

MJ needs to gooooooo awayyyyyyyy!!! 

He’s ruined this franchise enough already!! Now he’s gonna fug up this draft pick … I legit can’t stand him. 

Crazy the GOAT of basketball could never get FA's to come play for him.


MJ as a owner was much like MJ the player Selfish. Too stubborn to recruit the younger generation of stars. There is no doubt in my mind if he embraced Lebron and built a relationship with him I think he could have got Lebron to come play for him in Charlotte. Instead he hated on him for most of his career. If I remember correctly Lebron's career high was against Charlotte.lol

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7 hours ago, CamWhoaaCam said:

This isn't a general rumor. As soon as the lottery was revealed most mocks had us taking Miller.


We will know more about the situation after both players workout in Charlotte.



Was hearing Miller at 2 with in a few hours if the draft lottery being over. Don't think scoot will be the pick at all. Like 95% sure it's Miller at this point. 

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