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Best Chain Sub shop?


Best Chain Sub Shop?  

30 members have voted

  1. 1. Best chain sub restaurant?

    • Firehouse Subs
    • Jersey Mikes
    • Jimmy Johns
    • Other
    • Subway(lol)

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39 minutes ago, Stuart Smith said:

I would guess it comes from the same place the sub sandwich shops get theirs. Might be warehoused differently at some locations. 

its mostly just the preservatives we allow in our stuff to keep it on the shelf as long as possible the difference in America vs Europe is crazy in that regard.  

Was shocked at the difference when I was over there

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My boss got sick as fug right in the middle of an offsite huge meeting last week.  Subway.  Please don’t eat that shet

Firehouse is basically the same quality BTW.  Jersey Mikes if you can find a good one.  None of them are perfect 

Also - just saying a Stick Ball Mikes way is fuggin great.

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On 8/14/2023 at 4:53 PM, OneBadCat said:

I like Jersey Mikes but I do hit Subway from time to time for their tuna. It's not for everyone but I love that poo. 

I love Harris Teeters subs also. 

Jersey Mikes has better quality tuna than Subway.


Tuna subs are good but man they are so messy!

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I’d also go with a Pub Sub above all else. Publix deli workers load up those subs and go out of their way to basically do your bidding when you are creating your sub. I like getting the chicken tender sub and having them cut up the chicken, put it in a bag, and then toss it in buffalo sauce.

Out of the options I’ve tried, I’d go… Publix, Jersey Mike’s, Which Wich, Firehouse, Jimmy John’s, Subway.

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