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Official Jets at Panthers Game Day Thread!


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Just now, LinvilleGorge said:

I'd rather Bryce not get smoked every other drop back. Preseason or not.

Right? I don’t want this kid ruined in the first season. He does appear to have something most QB’s don’t and I’d hate to see it ruined. 

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    • You know the more I think about it the more I actually buy the conspiracy that Reich really wanted Stroud or Richardson all along, and maybe to prove his point stubbornly refused to change his offense to suit Bryce's needs despite evidence that he needed to.  Here's my evidence: 1- Tepper admitted that for a long time the Panthers actually planned to trade to 2 to get Stroud, aka during the hiring process of Reich this was likely 'the plan' 2-Despite trading up to one, Stroud was the overwhelming favorite to go to the Panthers for *months* it took up until a week or two before draft week once the leaks started the Bryce became the favorite. Now Vegas does NOT intentionally lose money. Plus there are a ton of reporters who say the talk around the league was that Reich loved Stroud 3- Now here's where it gets tricky. I think they traded up to one and never really thought about it until it finally happened. Well when it did Fitterer, Tepper and likely a lot of other people in the building had Bryce as QB 1 which was not a preposterous take at all. But I think Reich never *really* got on board. He said all the right things because he realized the ship was already in motion but I think he still really wanted Stroud 4- Cut to this year, Bryce is obviously struggling in our offense while Stroud looks incredible. This is obviously not all Bryce's fault and there are multiple systemic issues that would make it impossible for damn near anyone to overcome but I think it secrely made Reich a little annoyed. So instead of changing himself for Bryce he said you know what fug you guys. I wanted Stroud, that's what I signed on for and then you made me draft a guy I didn't want, no I won't change.  Cut to starting1-10 with the worst offense I've ever seen... Here's a final thought: Everyone talks about how impatient Tepper is but it could be argued he kept Hurney, Rivera and Rhule all one year too long. Reich he definitely didn't wait too long, why? Because Reich basically wanted to get fired. 
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