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CRAZY Stat When Trailing....


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We don't have game changers on the team anymore. No more Luke, Cam, Olsen. These guys could literally make a big play and change the momentum of a game. This is why I say that our team is still devoid of all star talent and difference makers. But I can't wait for Bryce to break this curse, he will orchestrate a comeback win and it'll catch momentum. 



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We don't have the weapons on offense to really do much other than lose this season. Yes we'll win a few games because some teams are just terrible, and we can't help but beat them. Good teams are going to beat the breaks off this team.

I would describe our passing offense as a sad capitulation. The receivers are not good enough, and even when they make a play Young is just not capitalizing on it because he's a rookie. If I didn't know Young was a rookie, then I'd say he's like Teddy Bridgewater, but with a bad sense of timing. Teddy's mid-level passing game was so good you couldn't go man-to-man on us because he would throw our receivers open and we'd get tons of YAC. But teddy wasn't good deep, and Young doesn't look good deep either. However Young is a rookie, so we don't have any idea what we have on our hands. This isn't the finished product obviously. This may sound crazy, but sometimes I find myself missing Teddy. That goes to show you just how much we Panthers fans have suffered that I wanted Teddy back when we had Sam. I still kind of miss him. His mid-range passes were on point, and that was with a poop o-line that nearly got him killed on most plays. What would Teddy do passing with this o-line? Some early pumpkin carving that's what.

 The hardest part about watching this team is that there's nothing to enjoy on offense. It's just watching players struggle, and struggle... it's so boring. I don't know how many times we're going to score around 13 points, but it's going to be a lot imo. And there's no fast forward button to veteran Young. We just have to eat this again. More garbage.

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