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Official Saints at Panthers MNF thread


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    • Agree with all, but this team is not remotely on par with Clausen's Panthers.  Gross and Kalil were pro-bowlers. That's your center and left tackle. Throw in Wharton and you have an above average oline. Steve Smith, Double Trouble, heck even Gettis and Jarrett would be an upgrade over what we have on this offense.  I think Bryce would look alot better than Clausen did with that offensive cast, even with Frank calling plays. But I 100% agree that he has to start taking shots down field. Maybe he doesn't trust his targets anymore. He took a few early to TMJ and Mingo, but they don't have the ability to go get the ball. Marsette and Strachan desperately need more snaps - if nothing else, to add a threat of speed on the field. 
    • The team has actually signed vet DTs and LBs the past few season and yet the only edge help we’ve signed was Reddick and the shell of Justin Houston to one year deals. Why have we not signed a competent edge to play opposite Burns is beyond me. They keep throwing mid to late round/udfa flyers out there and nothing is sticking. Burns has more sacks than every other edge rusher on the team combined. But yeah….. Burns sucks and our pass rush will be fine without him.
    • Reich, game after game let guys fly around Icky to destroy Young. He saw what was going on and did NOTHING to plan around it. It was a power play against Tepper. Tepper knew that unless he fired Frank, then Frank would continue to let Young get destroyed. Do you think Frank would ever let that happen to Stroud?    Just wait and see how much protection Bryce gets from his blind side the rest of the season.   This take will be validated. You heard it here first.  It’s criminal what Frank did.    Young wasn’t my guy, but right now he’s our guy and that’s just wrong.   
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