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Amendment: Frank Reich sucks


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2 minutes ago, Day1PanthersFan said:

I was laughed off this board when the hire was made for not being excited for a cast off coach who was recently fired after depending on Matt Ryan and Carson Wents to save his job, and was told it's "The greatest coaching staff of all time" , and "Jim Irsay is an idiot" , and was also pooed on for not trusting Reich to evaluate weather Bryce was a good QB or not 

Well I am not laughing, because I truly didn't want to be right, now we probably don't have any hope to get better untill we get a new coach and get some draft picks back

The Rhule Era was a clown show, The Reich era will be a Funeral 

With that said, we have made our bed, just leave Bryce in to either drown or swim 



Well Jim Irsay is an idiot but even a blind squirrel finds a nut or two eventually. Maybe he just ran out of pills for a day or 2 and made a good hire. 

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30 minutes ago, uncfan888 said:

Should have kept Wilks

I agree. We had a Charlotte guy and played really tough. Made all the tankers mad. If we really wanted to be like Pittsburgh,we were on the right track. We have looked different this year (softer). Very painful to watch this. I just don't see how it gets turned around. The fan base can not take more and I understand the negativity.

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46 minutes ago, Cdparr7 said:

Only reason I was against retaining Wilks was because I thought we were getting somebody like a Steichen. When it was announced that Reich was the coach I immediately missed Wilks.

We probably wouldn’t have traded up, and he’ll may have even still had Darnold at QB but we would be running the ball down people’s throats the entire game and not this soft ass spread offense.

would also have our first rounder next year and JALEN FREAKING CARTER

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6 minutes ago, LinvilleGorge said:

That's my fear.

You and I have been on this board a long time 

I’ve followed the Panthers since their inception, buying  single game tickets and then in 2001, PSLs 

I’ve been through Capers, Seifert, Fox, Rivera, Rhule and Reich …that’s six rebuilds in 28 years and God knows how many QBs 

Given all that, I’ve seen a lot of ‘pigs with lipstick’   Unfortunately this rendition is one of them

…yes they had two guards out and that does  not help the run game…but there are many ways to deal with that via play calling, the Panthers’ have no answers...no use of TEs, no big jumbo formations with Chuba (the only up the middle runner they have)….and they  have 4 TEs   4 TEs, why

worse WRs I’ve ever seen …a qb…why even bother with an analysis…it isn’t all on him but there is nothing about him that gives an indication he can play with the big boys…at best, a game manager..,everybody around him has to be good to great…can’t even run a qb sneak with this kid …he scores TDs when the defense is in prevent

The GM…no  Rhule to blame for trotting out that receiving Corp and rbs…playing games with Burns and those draft picks and now won’t pay him…and I don’t know who made the ultimate decision on Young, but Fitterer will be out of  the NFL, And should be..

as I said to another poster ‘in between the ‘it’s to early to criticize crowd’ and the ‘sky is falling crowd’ is the path to mediocrity.  On the sixth coaching regime in 28 years, the Panthers are on it once again.

I have no more fugs  to give 


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