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3 minutes ago, CamWhoaaCam said:

Tepper sucks at picking HC's.

This is what I gather from all this. Rhule and Reich are horrible coaches. Hurney and Fitt are horrible GMs. Unless Tepper gets some outside help, it is likely our next GM and coach will be just as bad. 

Again, the Huddle is proposing more realistic, better options than any one on the coaching staff and front office. That is a problem, as the huddle doesn’t have nowhere near the resources these guys that are being paid have. 

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We were never the worst team in the league under Rhule, but we are now. That said, Rhule might've been worse for the franchise because of how long he was able to sell his vision. At least with Reich, it's been horrid from the very start, and obvious that a change is needed.

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    • Beating the 2023 Panthers is not an achievement by any metric or stretch of the imagination, and in my honest opinion all wins by teams that played the Panthers this season should be stricken from the record. This team shouldn’t even exist.
    • The Panthers sh*t out so much bloody diarrhea on the field that our fans are now looking at the poop teams as examples for how to develop a QB. 
    • Ok guys correct me if I’m wrong but… Bryce was the consensus num 1 coming out of that draft. There is a reason why he came out as the first pick, and reports and news prior to the draft all pointed to that direction. He clearly had the best resume out of all college qbs at the time, and was places num 1 for his talents.   I’m not sure what most panthers fans are watching.. but it’s not hard to see Bryce as a talented qb. He legitimately has a lack of every single position to help him out… and he isn’t Cam he can’t just run every play when no one’s open! Someone correct me here… cus in my mind, the people who are putting the blame on our num1 pick aren’t looking at context correctly… or even watching the games!
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