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MNF: Chiefs and Eagles

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50 minutes ago, LinvilleGorge said:

I'd be nervous right now if I'm KC. It feels like they're dominating this game far more than the 17-7 score reflects. Seems like failing to translate on field domination to the scoreboard ends up biting you in the ass by the end of the game a lot of times.

Oh looky there... 

21-17 Eagles now

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and another drop lol. Chiefs really blowing their elite D by not giving Mahomes a single weapon. They definitely should've traded for a WR at the deadline, plenty of futures they could've traded. Also Kelce has not been the same player this year, whether that's because of his girlfriend or injuries piling up, idk, but definitely a concern for the Chiefs. Would be much less of one if they didn't have WRs as bad as ours.

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Just now, LinvilleGorge said:

26 drops from KC this year? Oh wee mayne.

This is a situation where you can see the QB is being let down by his receivers. Mahomes hasn't been quite as bulletproof this season but man, the receivers are absolutely killing them. 

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    • Look I want to be clear I did not want Reich. I never bought in to excluding half the candidates for NFL HC because of what side of the ball they were on as assistants. So, I was not an offensive only person. I am a CEO guy; I feel that NFL HC is just a different job than NFL OC or DC, and you need people suited for that job. Not their old job.  As an aside, it is why if Wilks sucks in SF as DC, it wouldn’t preclude me from hiring him for HC because I have seen him do that job well.  Okay, to Frank Reich: I did accept him once they passed on my guy Wilks. I was never excited, and once Young was the pick I was not much of a fan of anyone in the Panthers organization. No faith in their judgement. Okay. Great.  That said:  I don’t really agree that Reich was so ignorant or horrible and that he hired a bunch of ignorant and horrible people (it was Always going to take time, everyone was brand new practically). Which is becoming more and more the mass attitude it seems like. Pile on Reich. I don’t blame him for the quarterback being bad. I don’t blame the quarterback for being too small and physically inadequate, there is no shame in being short with an average college arm and good accuracy. It is what it is.  Crux of it is I think Reich was caught up in an organizational hurricane that he had no idea how to counter or deal with. I’m gonna say he sort of shut down, froze, because he couldn’t’ see a way forward.  He could not endorse with a clear conscience, whatever he was being pushed to do, I believe, with the young quarterback. That he so obviously didn’t believe in. I think. Could be wrong of course. Now, this is in his mind, I mean from his perspective, and  he could have been wrong. Regardless, we are about to find out real fast who is on the right track with this quarterback analysis. I think. Either that or we shut him down and go fetal position until the season is over. Get that 33rd pick yo! Back to Reich I don’t think a competitive guy lets a crap OL stop him from stretching the field. He knows how important it is. He keeps someone in, he shifts the ‘pocket’ left or right, he figures out a way to get it done. I give you Andy Dalton vs Seattle.  But he isn’t doing it with the rookie. He isn’t, heh, wasn’t pushing Young in anything. I give you Dalton in for a sneak - Hell I bet Young went to Reich and complained about that lol. And that’s what happened there (Uhh, wait.. I am remembering he did push Young one time, about being a more take charge Leader. More vocal. More demonstrative. To speed it up, get the pace rolling, put some pep in your step). But Reich was super over protective of that kid,. To the point of passive aggressive and dragged his feet (to avoid following orders, uh… suggestions) to the point of being fired.  I am not really sure Frank was the yes man people need him to be. I think if he’d have been a yes man he’d still be coach.  edit: It’s all some of the weirdest strangest stuff I have seen since following the NFL. 
    • Not sure how anyone could watch Bryce vs Texas and CJ vs Georgia and decide Bryce would be your NFL qb. 
    • Y’all gotta stop. The consensus was they were very different types of QBs but both had what it takes to be successful. hell even the huddle was rising for Bryce when we beat the texans 😂 
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