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2010 NHL Conference Finals


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Montreal man, what a strange team. They seem to play better when A) They are outshot and B) they are facing elimination.

Funny thing though, I'd rather bet on Montreal than San Jose at this point. Philly won the 2 they were supposed to win, Montreal has to take care of business. SJ dropped the fuggin ball big time.

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Yea, San Jose looked good getting here, but appear to be choking a bit. They can still win this series with their fire power, but if Chicago grabs 1 at home, I'd say it's done.

The Habs still have a chance. I'm not too worried about them. They definitely need to perform at home to get back in this series.

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I'm still not counting any chickens, but feeling VERY good heading back to Chicago.

Odd, the hawks are 7-1 in road playoff games. Nice, very nice, but can't figure out wai.

No matter, being up 2 with plenty to play both at home AND on the road is good.

Speed kills. The Sharks look big, strong, and SLOW against the Hawks, and even when SJ got all flustered and started goonin' it up at the end last night, they still just looked pathetic and like a team that knows they might have the most talented 1st line around, that doesn't mean they are PLAYING like it.

Niemi is coming in to his own, and the skill and speed of this team is encouraging.

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I am pulling for Chicago........a Flyers vs. Blackhawks final would be great.

I really need to see the Broad Street Bullies doc on HBO.

NBC is pulling for it as well. You get two major media markets in historical American cities with passionate fan bases....it would be a beautiful thing.

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The Sharks are seriously fugged. I mean, even though Chicago's best efforts seem to come on the road, I think it's a bit misleading.

I mean, in the first two series they played, they started out at home, and I think it had more to do with being a slow starter than being at home. They kicked into gear around the middle-end of game 2 or game 3 in both series, and won them outright.

SJ is in huge trouble if the Hawks have already turned it on this early. Going down 0-2 at home is very troubling. I mean, best case scenario for the Sharks, they steal both in Chicago and it's back tied... and I still wouldn't feel great about San Jose.

I think the biggest factor is that Chicago just matches up well with San Jose. One of my friends is a Sharks fan and I've gone over to his place to watch many of the games (they come on at 10pm alot). And every time I've seen them play the Hawks over the past 2 years, they've had a really hard time with them. I'm not really sure I can pinpoint it on one factor, but the Hawks just own the Sharks.

Take that, and add in the fact that I doubt the Sharks have the heart to battle back from being down being led by the likes of Joe Thornton, Patrick Marleau, and Dany Heatley... This could very well be a sweep.

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