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What Are You Listening To Right Now....


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PAVEMENT or anything by Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks. Big Phish fan for most of my life and was exposed to them by my boss at work. They're basically low-fi, slacker rock from early 90s that had huge influence on Trey Anastasio. First album Slanted and Enchanted is more art punk while their 2nd album Crooked Rain Crooked Rain is more melodic and classic rock oritented and probably the best place to start (hence most of the top 10 songs are from CRCR). Third favorite album by them is called Wowee Zowee and it is definitely an acquired taste but it is now my favorite album by Pavement. WZ has been called Pavement's White Album since they engage in so much experiementation and it takes a while to understand the intentional sloppiness. 

Top 10 Songs

1. Stereo 
2. Summer Babe
3. Trigger Cut
4. Conduit For Sale!


had been on a somewhat long drought in terms of finding new music, but have found a band that has changed the nature of my existence. 

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    • Jmo opinion I fuging hate Pickett as a prospect.. I hate he only had 1 good season of college football in 5 years.. I hate he's older prospect and I hate he isn't elite in anything.. Avg. Arm talent okay athleticism took him 5 years to be a good decisions maker .. I see Joey Harrington, Christian Ponder written all over him... Now Howell maybe most talented QB in this draft.. I really feel he will rise during the draft process and it will come down to either picking him or a elite Olinemen in the 1st.  And I'm all Olinemen in the 1st no matter the position.. But Howell has a strong arm can run and has good college production every year in college..(unlike Pickett) .. He is a less athletic Russell Wilson  because he doesn't have ideal size... But he checks the box every where else.. And I'm not a UNC fan.. He just going to rise beyond where I'm comfortable picking him...
    • Not a real fun read of 39 rookies they listed in 3 buckets when you realize not one of them is one of our 11 picks, but a lot of representation from guys we mentioned wanting in our draft threads. I know Horn got hurt but it does feel like we didn’t really gain any impact players unless he shows out when healthy. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/33092065/nfl-rookie-rankings-our-final-top-10-2021-season-including-micah-parsons-no-1-two-dolphins-only-one-qb
    • If they trade for or overpay for ANOTHER mid-career veteran never-was, I won't know what to say anymore. Like, how many times does reality need to keep smacking these bozos in the face?  
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