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What Are You Listening To Right Now....

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These dudes were a niche band in the late 90s that I dug


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Posted (edited)

And while in grovingto other tunes



Mike Patton and FNM


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    • I used to watch them because they practiced close to the fence in the shade--I remember that man verbally undressing Charles Johnson--I remember thinking, "That was a wasted pick..."  They would run goal line defense into that side of the field as well.  great view from behind the D--I remember watching Beason reading the play as fast as the RB--I was like--"He is the real deal!"  But the worst I ever saw was the constant harassment Smitty gave Dwayne Jarrett.  Abuse--Smitty did not relate well with new WRs--saw them as competition, I guess? Speaking of Smitty, the OTAs I watched showed me that he had no real friends--except Kasay.  They talked during warm ups the entire time. Finally, since Richard Marshall was mentioned, he came out of practice one day and told me while signing my son's autograph, "I am going to sign my (RFA) tender today."  It was sort of a story at the time.  I was like, "Congrats, I think."  He said he was tired of worrying about it.  Nice guy--kind of nerdy--and outcast of sorts.  But why he chose me to tell I have no idea.  I think he was going into the stadium to sign it--not sure, but it was not a story until later than day.  Going to OTAs back then was great because there were only a few people there--we were not the EBAY profiteers-just wanted photos and signatures at times, but mostly pics--so they would chat.  
    • Dont disagree with the first part, but the second? Man look at the donors to the democrat party. You dont think those rich people will find tax loopholes? Come on. The rich wont ever let their money be fuged with, not by anyone. Certainly not by someone thryve given that much campaign money to. 
    • Good stuff. Especially liked the analyses of Tremble and Nixon.
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