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Post a pic, any pic.


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Hate to break it to ya, this is fake. There are plenty of these same exact letters on the Internet photoshopped with various universities.

For starters, University-issued letters have the official school seal on the letterhead, not one of the alternate athletic logos.

My friend who's at App right now posted this on Facebook from his phone. Makes it seem more legit.

And upon searching Google for another posting of this picture, I couldn't find anything.

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I think you should tell Lilly that the gangsta grip on the AR is adjustable. Magazines work better with ammunition in them. Also, scopes work great when the covers are off.

Those are illuminating covers, I think... They have a slightly yellowed plastic that drowns out some light while enhancing other types...

My comment would be that she's aiming with her forehead in the first shot, and I'd hate to think that I had left-dominant vision while aiming right handed...

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