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Post a pic, any pic.


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awesome! start a thread at that point and i'll brain dump into it.


i've never been to europe and i've always wanted to go to scotland, so i intend to do a lot of trekking in the kilgorns, and it'll be an opportunity to take some time to finish up that goddamn book, finally, and plus i'm probably meeting a buddy in germany afterwards and backpacking germany/austria for a week or two, and i've always wanted to go there as well.


i will slake my thirst for adventure this december when i wander the far-flung islands of the indonesian archipelago, tracing 19th-century british naturalist alfred russel wallace's footsteps in my own quest to the mysterious aru islands, in search of feathers from the legendary bird of paradise


I find Europe boring, but maybe that's just me. I'm gonna join you in Indonesia though. Just gonna parachute outta the sky and be like "Sup PhillyB?"

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