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    • But not day of sales. Those are not shared and do matter. The thing about billionaires is they tend to have egos to match their bank accounts. This is his team and it represents him in many ways. He cares, now we need to see him un-fug the mess he made. If Tepper didn't care at all Cam wouldn't be back and we would have had to watch PJ and Barkley. Caring and being good/competent are not mutually inclusive.
    • Eric Bieniemy would be a great name on that list, too.
    • Hope this is true. At least the seriousness of it and not giving rhule time if things remain the same. The only caveat I have of rhule staying is if he fires his positional coaches and coordinators. I’m ok with snow staying though I think.  I’m ok with him learning on the job as long as he has people around him that have major nfl experience. That was to be expected with the jump to the pros from college.  But if he is hesitant about firing coaches and bringing in nfl experience he needs to be shown the door quickly without hesitation. I’m not sure what to make of fitterer to be honest. Is he just a yes man to rhule? I’d have to know how that working relationship works. I do actually like our front office on paper. Dan Morgan is very good. He did great things in Buffalo. We have a good cap guy. Scott comes from a great org and I like the aggressiveness. We just jumped the gun too early but when we have the pieces I like being aggressive to attempt to put us over the top. I’m guessing that’s him because Seattle does these types of things. The coaching is just majorly suspect at this point and needs an overhaul. the biggest question I have is who wanted Darnold without having a backup plan. And who thought a 2nd rounder was ok to trade for the worst starting qb in the league? Was this a coaching staff decision moreso then the front office? That’s where the blame needs to go.  How much is on rhule and how much is on fitterer?  
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