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Need help editing some music... FREE WESLEY WALLS MINI HELMET FOR HELP!


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Need a huge favor. My wife has a meeting tomorrow and the guy who was supposed to do some editing for me had a family emergency so can't do it.

Basically what she needs is Superchick- Cross the line to be the main song but she needs anything bad/negative taken out (Like die, run from cops etc.) because it is going to played at an event with a bunch of old rich men/women.

If you could some how mix in Redland- Cross that line a little to with all the bad lyrics (not just cussing but also talking bad about cops, bail etc.) out also that would be awesome.

I will pi,rep swag, hook you up with something if you can do this today.


Main song

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Follow the leader, stay in the lines

What will people think of what you've done this time?

Go with the crowd, surely somebody knows

Why we're all wearing the emperor's clothes

Play it safe, play by the rules

Or don't play at all - what if you lose?

I'm gonna be out front, gonna blaze a trail

I'm gonna cross that line

Try to change the world, they'll think you're out of your mind

Revolutions start when someone crosses the line


Above is a summary of the lyrics that I can use from the Superchick version.

As for the Redland version, I will only be able to use the ending... somewhere on mark 2:59 to the end.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP WITH THIS!!! ITS MUCH APPRECIATED!!!

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