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Official Panthers - Bills Gameday Thread


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lol i don't like the ghetto way this guy talks he clearly isn't smart enough to play football



so you hear what you want to hear



you're one of "those"




you see asshole, i said he sulks, mumbles, and comes off just a little smarter than a crackhead.  I did not mention lingo, slang, swagger or whatev-the fug you think you read in my post.


go back and re-read.  Need a link?


if you need me to expand on "just north of crackhead" I can.  But you should have started there instead of firing unfounded and inaccurate accusations.  


he stutters

he stammers

he goes all over the place making all sorts of disconnected analogies when asked a direct question


these are similar characteristics to that of a crackhead or a person with some other sort of mental challenges if such a person were ever interviewed.  



hope that helps

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