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Official Panthers - 49ers Gameday Thread


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Consistent with the hype this game is getting, it is big.  It is a real test of whether we are a capable mediocre team that beats up on the junk or dare I say, one of the elite.  Seattle wasn't a real test b/c they were missing starters and we hadn't gotten our MOJO yet.  The offense didn't start clicking until a few games later.


Keys to the game (IMO)...


1.  Cam - which one shows up today ... accurate and efficient OR the other.  Rivera seems to think Cam gets a little 'pumped' for the big games, which results in a little too much on the ball.  Billick says the overthrows are flat.  Shula needs to get Cam involved early.   Incorporate a couple planned runs for him in the first drive so he gets dirty and can settle down. 


2.  Boldin & Davis -- Yikes.  We struggled with Gonzo last week.  Today, we have another Gonzo with more speed,  and Boldin.  Can we create enough pressure to give our DBs and LBs a chance.  This is huge.


3.  WRs -  dropped passes kill drives.  None of them can have a bad day.





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I've been watching the Panthers from Australia and now Singapore for the best part of 12 years now, but only since the advent of Gamepass over the past couple years have I been able to watch every game (I watched the odd primetime game that was shown on TV, playoffs and such - I remember having X-Clown on VCR and watching it over and over).


I've come to really love watching Carolina, probably not as much as I love my Aussie Rules football club, but enough that I get up at stupid o'clock every Monday and watch, and find myself getting really emotionally involved.


One thing I have never been, even before the Superbowl/playoff games (because I wasn't nearly as invested in the Panthers then), is *nervous*.  And I am now.  It's the biggest game I can remember and I can't wait. Roll on 5am!

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