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    Time to clean this place up. I was hoping banning a few people would have fixed it , but apparently not. There are a few bad Apple's here ruining this place. Here is what I am going to do. 1. Personal attacks stop now. If I see one you are gone. 2. Calling someone a racist stops now. If I see it you are gone. 3. Racially charge posts stop now. If I see it you are gone. In other words, stick to football and be nice. Please use the reporting function or message me if you feel someone crossed the line as. As always, thanks to the many positive contributors here that still post quality stuff for us all to enjoy. You are appreciated.
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    All the BS calls you have had in your favor anytime anyone even touched Brees just caught up with you. Suck it. Suck it long , and suck it hard.
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    I've got other poo going on and haven't been on much lately, but figured I'd come take my shots so that I don't have to hear that I dissapeared. Still yelling Who Dat. Still run the South.
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    I admire them for sticking to their beliefs even when it cost them money.
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    Don't feel bad for the Saints at all. What comes around goes around.
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    We kept the wrong kicker.. Ours is more concerned about blocking people on Twitter than making crucial kicks
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    This should have happened in November, but yeah, at least it's sort of early this time.
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    For starters, Kyle Love is more deserving than Short.
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    Always feel bad kicking people when they're down, but Sean Payton deserves all of it and more. POS head coach
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    Karma will forever repay them for Bountygate
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    ...only thing disgusting about that game is ***** Ginn coming down with that ball...seriously...
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    They have no money. They have no draft picks. This year was all-in for a reason, and now they have to deal with the consequences.
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    Saints obsession? A division rival is hitting rock bottom with these responses and each day they seem to outdo the previous day. It’s extremely entertaining.
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    https://www.panthers.com/news/cam-newton-undergoes-arthroscopic-procedure-on-shoulder?fbclid=IwAR2hr6-3ZLOPJ2hHTpxZDQ6pKowHFuGAgvwYnFR84TxPMmuXIHTO9EX7dbs Let's all hope that this is the fix.
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    A bottle of milk a magnesium and some Red Port wine... bitch ass
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    So far so good. Already see a huge difference in this joint.
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    @saints4lifeagain is good by me. Tough break on that PI. Im not sad though
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    lol saints fans complaining about cheating lol

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