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    Other coaches praising the abilities of a Panthers offensive coordinator. Much prefer this than them laughing.
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    We check out other forums...I am sure they are looking here. What do they see? There used to be some good football discussion here...I learned a lot from some of the very knowledgeable people here. Now...all we see is team bashing....coach bashing....fire the coaches....painting everyone associated with the team as incompetent. This thread was the last straw for me........".Eagles have the #1 run D in the league, 23rd ranked pass D." 3 pages there so far and rippadonn has the only post with any substance. Everything else bashing the coaching staff....portraying them as idiots. The only team in history to go undefeated and win the Super Bowl pops the champagne corks every year because no one else can do it. I am a fan. I do not like everything that happens. Not going to happen in life. I do appreciate intelligent constructive discussion about the good stuff and bad. Next time you post ...please ask if it meets that criteria. We need to lift this place back up. The legacy of this team has some real substance. I want that to be our reputation here too.
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    Glad to see Moore & Samuel get more snaps, but Torrey has had his best 2 games the last 2 weeks. That catch and run on 4th down last week potentially changed the entire trajectory of this season
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    Too many folks around here just want to be the turd in the punchbowl after a pretty miraculous come from behind win. Misery when a team is losing is understandable. Misery while you're winning and still very, very competitive is just pathetic. It's never going to be perfect. It isn't Madden. It isn't fantasy football or Draft Kings. It's not the SEC playing division III Guilford College. And we aren't always going to cover the point spread. Just enjoy a win once in a while, would you?
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    Second week in a row we've looked like straight trash when trying to execute the game plan, then we take off once we revert to "please save us, Cam!" mode. But I'm not sure if it's fair to say "staff" here. It might just take us getting down big for Ron to let Norv open up the offense.
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    Curtis Samuel has one of most electric run-after-catch TDs the Panthers have had in recent years soooo let's effectively bench him the following week because of "scheme and situation". God this coaching staff is pathetic.
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    Why are you so eager to add a "but" to his performance? What the hell is with this fanbase? We've been clamoring for a legit WR of Moore's mold for how long now? Come on. We ran away from the Ravens because of the different options we had offensively. Moore is a piece of a larger puzzle now. That's what we drafted him for.
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    You guys don’t know situational football. he doesn’t pull Jeffrey down there and it’s game over. take the penalty and have a chance instead of the game? take the penalty and save the touchdown. great play by James Bradberry
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    Game was lost when Rivera punted on 4th and inches from the 50.
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    Hurt his shoulders carrying the team on them again.
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    Blocks the throw to the open receiver then swats it out.
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    7 of our last 9 quarters have been dogshit football
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    When asked about the Reid interception . . . "I feel fortunate to have been able to win the game twice". Nice shot coach, nice shot.
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    We lost because we made mistakes early. That's it. You don't win against Alex Smith when you go down 17-0. Alex Smith doesn't make mistakes that let you come back very often. The fact of the matter is, if DJ Moore doesn't fumble twice we win, and we nearly won even with that. We had three turnovers and only allowed 23 points. That's not bad. We had three drives in the second half and scored on two of them and nearly on the third. That's about as good as you can get. The sky isn't falling. We just have to stop turning the ball over. Does this mean there's no issues with coaching or performance? Of course not. We should have went for it on fourth and one. We should have been more aggressive early. Eric Reid shouldn't have blown coverage. Curtis Samuel and CJ Anderson should have had more time. But that's not why we lost: we lost because of turnovers. And that's fixable.
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    Well, at least we've seemingly finally realized that under no circumstances should Colin Jones take the field on defense.
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    Watched the NFL Gamepass coach's film of the offensive reps. Here are a few takeaways... Not sure why Torrey Smith is on the team. Cam doesn't target him. He was more open on the interception and Cam never looked his way. Forced the ball to Funchess deep. The read option was played against well by the Redskins. I feel the Panthers went to the well far too many times. A few times a game , sure, but the read option should not be your primary running look. For God sakes put Armah in and run an I-formation once in a while. Greg Olsen has not improved at blocking. More than one negative or 1 yard runs were his fault. Curtis Samuel was on the bench as we threw a bubble screen to Chris Manhertz. What the actual fug.
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    8 straight runs to begin the game. The Eagles won't see it coming.
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    Man, our owner is the best. Zack reports that he saw David Tepper, his family, and his box troll Eagles fans as they left in dismay after their loss. Take a look: Our owner's basically a fan just like any of us. Well, a fan with bank. But still, this is awesome.

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