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    Wow! Jourdan is REALLY going in on the Panthers organization. No lies detected!
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    I'm glad she said it, but let's be honest, it's not exposing anything. At least half of this board has been saying this for years. It's just confirming what everyone with at least half of a functioning brain already knew.
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    When he was drafted people thought he'd be looking for the first opportunity to leave Carolina to chase brighter lights, but ended up being the most loyal player you'll ever find; too loyal, as he sacrificed his career, body, and brain, for this mediocre organization.
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    Honestly, the Panthers better hope and pray there isn’t a season this year because Cam is about to make the team look very, very stupid for releasing him.
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    I hope they win the Super Bowl... that would be the ultimate FU...
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    100% facts. The blame for Cam's "injury history" has always sat at the feet of Ron Rivera and the front office.
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    Well I’m a patriots fan now
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    I get that. Personally I never really follow a player once they leave Carolina.
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    I wonder how responsible he feels for wasting a generational talent at QB during his prime with Mike Shula.
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    The writing had been on the wall for a long ass time about the old regime. Everyone knew it would be another year of more of the same. Mediocre football at best, 2015 being the anomaly. Sure, we tried to be optimistic, but deep down we knew. Now, we have no idea what to expect and that is exciting. Instead of old players on the decline, we have younger players on the rise. It is a totally different feel and I dig it. Anywho, just wanted to post some optimism. I do believe there will be a season. I do believe it will be fun as hell to watch. Love, JI
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    I’d love to see some protesters take that stupid statue of old man Richardson down like an old confederate monument.
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    He's washed up, Teddy B is better!!!!!!!!
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    This is pretty awesome. Between this and the statue coming down JR must be rage-shitting his pants.
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    Agree with everything she says. Panthers pissed away a generational player and don’t have a SB to show for it. Also did him dirty by waiting to release him and lying about keeping him. Team is a joke.
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    Video gave me faith that Cam knows real Panther fans still love him and want to welcome him back down the road.
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    Maybe it's because this team doesn't have many players worth talking about after the purge.
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    if your views are racist garbage, dumbass misguided patriotism, and/or based around spreading actual falsehoods, you deserve to be ostracized and I desperately hope you are 'smart' enough to express them via social media platform so we all are aware of them. a couple of those correspond directly to the nonsense in Del Rio's tweets. those tweets aren't just a difference in opinion - they range from spreading outright lies in two cases to just dumbassery in another case.
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    Alcohol and Porn? So is 99% of the huddle.
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    Current Employment Opportunities Starting Left Tackle
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    And so it begins. Good luck to him. Hope he gets a ring.
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    Congrats, Cam! What do you haters have to say now?
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    Explains the elbow injury....
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    Because he has 7 kids? Is that why Philip Rivers got cut from San Diego?
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    Was this place unbearable for you when threads were made about Cam being jobless? You Cam haters were on Cloud 9 when he was gone, but now you're pissed that he not only has a job, but he's with a winning organization like the Patriots.
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    Screw it, this is the Newton Huddle, lump all Panthers related post into one thread.
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    Cam Newton haters, blinded by scheme and the anchor that was Ron Rivera, are about to experience some very real feelings they will not be able to reconcile.
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    Them not putting cam on that list is a bad look
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    Sign it with your right hand but have your left hand fingers crossed.
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    He’s right this place is unbearable. More threads and interest over the Patriots QB than the Panthers. There has literally been zero discussion or even entertaining conversation regarding our current QB, coach and even players. And as a Panther fan, or for any Panther fan coming here for these things, should be discouraging. Just goes back to proving the point that half the people here were never fans to begin with. And for these people, it’s really not an issue (obviously).
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    2020 could be the years Panthers will go undefeated.
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    Now that I have had a chance to digest the news as I sip my Brandy I have a thought. I believe being in New England will be good for Cam. When Cam came to Carolina, he was instantly the biggest star the city had ever had. Unfortunately, the franchise had no idea how to deal with it. In New England, Cam will be replacing a QB more popular than himself. The Patriots are full of guys that have won Championships. In some ways , there will be less.pressure on Cam to be "the guy". I won't be cheering for the Patriots, but it will.be interesting to see how this all transpires Thank you for reading. I'm going to pour another brandy.
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    Okay. You're treating it like a work hazard. It's not like not wearing safety glasses, where if you make a decision, you put yourself at risk. Handling a virus isn't a "personal choice," because it puts other people at risk. Your decision to stay in the workforce isn't just putting you personally at risk. Because if you contract the virus, you can spread it to other people who can spread it to other people, etc. etc. His "personal decision" to stay home doesn't really help matters, because as long as people are making the "personal decision" to go to work and act as though things are normal, the virus still has an opportunity to find hosts and spread. And may I remind you, that's still happening. We've got new cases spiking like we haven't seen since April. And that's happening in spite of all the precautions we're supposed to be taking. And in spite of the fact that we've been living with this virus for months, know lots more about it than we did in April, and should be better prepared to stop the spread of the disease. ^^^You know what that is? That's a poo-ton of "personal decisions" right there. ^^^ So the decision of some people to go back to work is ensuring the virus remains in the population and affects society, including the people who decide to not return to work. I mean, Malcolm can make the decision to not go to work, but he will still be in a society where he's at risk of contracting the virus because other people made the "personal decision" to return to work. So, what you're suggesting isn't really, "don't go to work." In order for it to be effective, Malcolm would have to completely remove himself from society, which most people cannot do. What your suggesting is less like work safety goggles, and a lot more more like treating drunk driving is a "personal choice." Yes, it's one person's decision, but it's putting himself and lots of other people at risk. Which is why it's illegal and people should abstain from doing it. The only difference it, if a drunk driver hits someone, they don't also turn into a drunk driver and start driving around drunk and hitting more people.
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    Yeah, I'm glad that every once in a while someone speaks up to put things back in perspective. I want there to be sports. I want there to be football. But not matter how much I and a collective, demanding public are clamoring for it, ultimately someone needs to remind us that we are living in unprecedented times. And while a return of major team sports would give us a refreshing sense of long-missing normalcy, it would just be an illusion of normalcy. The pandemic isn't over. It won't be over this summer. It probably won't be over in the fall. And it probably will be back with a vengeance in Winter. So as much as it will suck, it's just a year of our lives. We've lost a year of a sport before. There have been player strikes. There have been lockouts. Let's not put the players or the fans at risk. Bring football back when it's safe for everyone, and we won't be creating a petri dish for new cases that prolongs the pandemic. Good for him.
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    This franchise will continue to be trash. They just can't help themselves. How do you leave off the best QB in franchise history and the only Panthers player to win MVP in the GOAT debate?
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    Probably the only black thing allowed in his house.
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    These nascar fans are wannabe rednecks with 500 dollar yeti coolers blasting Jason Aldean bullshit screaming about a fuging flag as if that has anything to do with their heritage. They don’t know poo. The real hillbillies I know hate cops, that flag, drink 101 and blast the drive by truckers. fuging fakes.
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    This is fugging awesome plus it’s on the heels of cutting ties with CPI. good poo Panthers
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    Not one iota, but I'm sure he wishes so many opportunities hadn't been missed.
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    He will finally be old enough to get that call now as well
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    The salt in some of these posts is delicious.
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    Eh, I won't be pulling for the Patriots. Have never liked them. Signing an ex-panther doesn't change that.
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    Probably the only thing able to be erect in his house.
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    pro tip, if your oppressors tell you what you are doing is an acceptable form of protest, find something else if they whine endlessly that you need to stop, then you're probably on the right track
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    My great grandfather was a Redtail or Tuskegee Airmen. I had so much pride when I learned that. It’s funny, because my aunt just randomly dropped that on me, and I was like why didn’t I know this earlier lol. After his days of an airman, he settled in Bennetsville, SC and we have our family reunions there now.
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    Don't let anyone tell you cops hate all the protesting and scrutiny. They are getting tons in overtime, get to wear all their tacticool gear, play with their military toys and go around beating up unarmed protesters. They are loving every minute of it. And they don't care about any extra "scrutiny" so long as there are no real consequences/accountability. A lot of these fugs NORMALLY go around looking for any excuse to fug with someone. The situation now is giving them the green light to go full on fug-with-everyone super cop 24/7. Just look how giddy they are about it - "I can’t wait. God, I can’t wait."
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    Instead of pitting one thing against another and making it a wedge issue, how about we acknowledge that both are important, valid, and part of the same project which is our shared liberation?

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