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    Lilsmitty also known as Connor has taken a job in video production with the Carolina Panthers. He was previously one of the guys that was responsible for Cam's videos. But before all that he was the guy that made cool Panthers vids and posted them on here and social media for people to enjoy. Congrats bro!
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    Had a nice chat with him about Eagles vs. Panthers game last season. He said Norv Turner completely changed the game plan mid game and he had no idea how to stop the Panthers offense. Said it took him completely by surprise. Overall, Jim was extremely nice and he did not hesitate to talk football. He had nothing but nice things to say about the Panthers.
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    Yep! Nothing but a pure class individual. So glad he is the one retiring a Panthers and not Salty Williams
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    Well, Bucky did work with Hurney, didnt he? Maybe he has some connection still? That being said, I have two points: 1) if true, who would we be targeting? Bosa, Gary, Allen? 2) if true, there would be no greater symbol of the Rivera era than winning a meaningless game that drops you out of the top ten, only to turn around and give up assets to move up. Just lol.
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    Torrey Smith‏Verified account @TorreySmithWR FollowFollow @TorreySmithWR More Torrey Smith Retweeted TMZ Guys are staying out of trouble so we need news somewhere. I’m a country boy. I hunt. I eat what I shoot. This is not a story. Just be happy that you aren’t a hog or I’d come for y’all too
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    Win consistently Problem solved
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    This is really good news. Arguably the best DL for the Panthers last season.
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    He’s just grouchy from an entire month of not climaxing. Don’t worry Cam...only a few more days!
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    From NFL.com 1) The Texans trade up for an O-lineman Houston Texans receive: -- 2019 first-round pick (No. 16 overall) Carolina Panthers receive: -- 2019 first-round pick (No. 23) -- 2019 second-round pick (No. 55) Why it works for the Texans: The model suggests the Texans optimize for wins if they prioritize an improvement on the offensive line in Round 1. Fortunately, they have two second-rounders (Nos. 54 and 55), so they can afford to use one to move up. The likelihood of my model's two highest-rated offensive linemen (Jawaan Taylor, Jonah Williams) being available is above average, until the Vikings(No. 18) and Seahawks (No. 21) are on the clock. The Jaguars (No. 7) and Broncos (No. 10) pose the greatest risks before No. 16. Why it works for the Panthers: For the cost of just seven selections in the first round, they pick up an additional second-rounder. The Panthers have a strong core of starters, so modeling scenarios where they trade up doesn't yield as much value as focusing more attention on the end of the first and second rounds where they could add quality players who wouldn't necessarily be asked to be Day 1 starters. My model projects Carolina would be able to add value in pass defense (corner and pass rush, specifically) and select a Day 1-starting wide receiver with pick Nos. 23, 47 and 55.
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    I swear to God if I hear one more person mention us winning week 17 against the Saints I'm going to explode. Leave last season in last season. I'll never complain about winning. Especially against that trash organization. First round is loaded with talent. I don't care what we do. Just come away with an impact difference maker and call it a night
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    We haven't been talking much as he has obviously been pretty busy, but here are some tidbits I've been able to squeak out: He is expecting Haskins to fall out of the top 5 There is some serious hype around Hakeem Butler, and he is expecting him to compete to be the second/third receiver off the board Daniel Jones pro day solidified his grade as QB2 in the draft, though some have Lock rated higher To go along with that, there are teams out there that have a crazy grade on Lock, and he thinks teams may be eager to jump way up to get him One you guys probably already know, Brian Burns to Carolina is making a lot of noise within the scouting circle, though he said he still thinks they will go o-line or defensive tackle in the first, thought it contradicts his earlier statement about them not really being all in on edge in the first Josh Jacobs has a grade similar to Ezekiel Elliot, and will not drop to 20 or lower Chargers are showing their hand with Ryan Finley and he expects them to trade up for him Will Grier is gaining momentum from a 6th round pick to what looks like possibly a 3rd round or earlier guy, blew teams away with his game knowledge Devin White is gaining steam as a trade up target early in the first round
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    I’m so glad we won that last regular season game! Moral victory ftw
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    Perfectly fine with no prime time games. Loving all these 1:00pm games
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    Now I know we probably wont meet with every prospect we draft. But looking at the meetings (thanks to @Black&BlueBubba for keeping up with this player meeting) here is what im thinking 1st: Edge rusher. Sweat or Burns- I honestly think we will be willing to trade away a 3rd if need be. There are only 3 OTs who consensus says will go in the top 15, and we have only met with 1 of them. I think Dillard is a backup plan if we cant get one of these 2 edge rushers. Everything our staff has said about the defense and the direction they are going spells these 2. They like the versatility of both of these guys. At the combine the staff was going over film pretty heavily with Sweat 2nd: FS- this is a Strong Safety class. Also the way the leagues works (you use FA to help set up the draft), this Strong FA crop combined with this overall draft class is going to push them down. 1-2 Tops Safeties will go round 1, with a possibility of 1 more going before our pick. I think Gardner Johnson will be the first one off the board like you see many of these writers put in their latest mocks. We have met we with Adderley, Thorhill, Savage, Rapp, and Abrahm. All guys who have been mentioned boarderline 1st round guys. Adderley, Thornhill, or Savage will be the pick. All 3 will not be gone by the time we go up for our 2nd pick 3rd: OT- while we haven't met with most of the top OTs projected round 1 guys. We have been busy meeting with guys who most project to be around our 3rd pick. McGary, Tytus Howard, Bobby Evans. I think Tytus Howard is the pick out of the 3 here 3rd comp /4th: CB- as mentioned above I think we could use a 3rd to move up in the 1st. Hurney has been burning the trails hitting up prodays of CBs, big Boundary CBs to be specific. He has gone to visit those guys. The Rock Ya Sins, Justin Laynes, JoeJuan Williams's, Lonnie Johnson's etc Out of those guys, I think Lonnie Johnson will be our guy 5th: Clayton Thorson- they have a thing for Grier. But dont see him falling to our 3rd pick. Another guy they seem to have strong interest is Thorson. Even using one of their top 30 private workouts on him 6th: RB- Rivera mentioned depth at this position in this class. Dont think they come away empty handed.
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    Burns came into my bar by the stadium for lunch with Everette Brown and Sam Mills Jr.
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    I hope there is a corresponding move of releasing Torrey Smith to free up that $5M.
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    Wouldn't have to trade up if we hadn't won a completely meaningless game at the end of the year.
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    I work on a college campus. I might have you beat. If those dang students would get out of the way, I have an awesome view.
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    Deebo would def bring value to our wr corp and special teams right away. I believe he is more complete than DJ Moore coming out of school. Imagine DJ Moore, Deebo Samuel, Curtis Samuel, Christian McC. all on the field at the same time. Sheeeeshhhhhhhhh. If we draft Samuel I am going to CashApp a random person who likes this post 50 bucks. =)
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    Wouldn't it be marvelous if this rule change made the saints lose a playoff game next year?
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    Carolina Panthers‏Verified account @Panthers FollowFollow @Panthers More [email protected] signs a one-day contract to retire as a Panther 7:43 AM - 23 Apr 2019
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    Remember how, for three years we complained about how our receivers could never get separation and Cam had some of the smallest windows to throw through? Well, Hogan ranked second in the league last year in separation (https://nextgenstats.nfl.com/stats/receiving/2018/all) Hogan is a reliable receiver with some big play potential and should make things easier for Cam. My question now is who is the odd man out? Or do we keep Samuel, Moore, Smith, Wright, and Hogan? I would cut smith and maybe bring in a late round pick, but that's just me. Oh, by the way, while Hogan was 2nd in separation last year, guess who was last.
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    How is signing players to 1-year contracts killing future cap space?
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    I'm seriously tried of the national media disrespect, ignorance or plain lack of researching our team.. Here is a list of player they seem to forgot play here or didn't notice they showed flashes of talent at some points this season.. And how I ranked them.. 1. James Bradberry - is a starter quality CB.. He has shut some big time WR's down and not gotten any credit.. I've seen a few publications saying we need to draft 2 CB because all we have is D Jax.. It may just be me but I don't remember anytime this season D Jax supplanting Bradberry as the number 1 CB on this team.. Nobody is saying Bradberry is elite but dam .. With the rules overwhelmingly slanted toward offense and WR .. He's proven at least to be above avg.. 2. Curtis Samuel's- national analyst talk about us losing Funchess.. But Samuel was the better WR with less snaps and by the end of the season literally took his job... How in the hell do you make a analysis of this offense and not mention him.. He made some serious strides as a Wr and all around weapon.. He scored 7 TDs this year and has 2 of the biggest highlights this year.. And some analysts forget to mention him on the depth chart.. 3. Ian Thomas - I didn't even know with the limited snaps and lack of use .. How solid his numbers were for a 4th round rookie TE... He had 73.5% catch rate.. And caught 39 balls just as much as Samuels caught.. He also had a big game vs Cleveland where he was Cam safety blanket .. Why do we need another TE?? https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/T/ThomIa00.htm 4. Taylor Moton - literally was the best member of this Oline last year and is almost never mentioned by alot of publication.. Kali didn't play and has been cut and analysts still mention him more when talking about team needs.. Pardis, and Dwill get mentioned and no words about the developing OT who was ranked high at the end of the season by (The bible of football) PFF .. He is still barely acknowledged on this team.. Jmo but these guys are the building blocks to the panthers offense in the present and future and the national media doesn't even acknowledge there existence...
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    Oh, good. Maybe now we'll finally get that chance to take a "long look" at him.
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    Please don't trade next year's first please don't trade next year's first please don't trade next year's first please don't trade next year's first
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    Upgraded server. Upgraded forum software. More bells. More whistles. Better performance. Longer lasting. Improved taste. Stays harder longer.
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    I figured the best Professional team in the Carolina's needed a thread on the Main Forum. Because why? Because that's the truth, that's why. @TheMaulClaw @MillionDollarCam @cookinbrak @lightsout
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    If true you take him for a third
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    Hurney 2.0 is setting us up to have a VERY defense heavy draft. As we should. I expect the majority of our picks to go defense. Don't be surprised if we walk away with 3 defensive lineman and 2 secondary players.
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    Hurney fuging 2.0 is on fire
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    surprised you got service to even look that up on that cricket wireless plan
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    Greg Olsen‏Verified account @gregolsen88 FollowFollow @gregolsen88 More Greg Olsen Retweeted Tampa Bay Buccaneers Hey @Buccaneers, leave the fun to the fans who actually show up to the games. Greg Olsen added, Tampa Bay BuccaneersVerified account @Buccaneers Hey #Bucs fans, let's make sure the @Panthers lose in this poll, just like they did in our last matchup. https://twitter.com/nyjets/status/1111008701308157952 … 6:14 PM - 27 Mar 2019
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    I think Jake Delhomme should be in it. Edit: and Moose.
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    Welcome to draft week on the Huddle. This is the busiest non-playoff weekend of the entire year here on our beloved Huddle. I have completed the server upgrade. We are prepared. Here are the rules: 1. NO SPOILERS!!! We go by the podium announcement. We enjoy the build up excitement. Climaxing too early is no fun, trust me I know. 2. A mod or admin will start a thread for each Carolina Panthers draft pick. Do not start a new thread announcing a Panthers selection. Please use the existing thread for general reaction to the pick. 3. There will be a draft thread for general banter for every other team's picks throughout the evenings. 4. All other rules will be strictly enforced. Have civil discourse and enjoy the weekend. You don't want to find yourself banned for draft weekend. Love, Management
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    Highly recommended. poo went sideways with a few things (dating is fuging stupid) so I bought a next-day flight to South America because I've always wanted to raft down the amazon. Why the fug not? I flew to Colombia, then Peru, and started in Iquitos, first time in the amazon rainforest. Fuging incredible. From Iquitos I started the first leg. I took a speedboat for that, about a day downriver until I reached the triple frontier of Colombo, Peru, and Brazil. Then I hit a brick wall. The hazards of last minute travel is having no flexibility for people's screw-ups. The Brazilian consulate fuged up my visa application and it got delayed by an entire fuging week, grounding me in tiny Leticia, Colombia. There was nothing to do in that goddamn town but drink cheap shitty Colombian pilsners and walk around the docks. The only real highlights were hanging out with a pair of Swiss girls that came through for a few days and taking a boat upriver to hang out with a bunch of monkeys. My visa got cleared and I walked across the border to Tabatinga, Brazil (my 32nd country) and bought a boat ticket. People just hop on river ferries with hammocks, hang them, and take them downstream. That's what I did. It took four days. No WiFi, just my hammock, cheap shitty Brazilian beer, and a cornucopia of the most incredible things I've ever seen in my life. The Amazon is fuging massive and beautiful and easily the wildest place I've ever been. Really just fuging wild and incomparably beautiful to the point I hate posting pictures of it because they fall so short of the real thing. I got to Manaus and ran out of time - the boat to Belém (dumping out into the Atlantic and ending the trip) was over four days away and I wouldn't have been able to make my flight home. Instead I spent a few days exploring the city, which was completely unremarkable save for a few of the absolutely seediest concrete clad jungle strip clubs where I thought I was going to get murdered. Now I'm back. I highly recommend doing a trip like this - Americans won't need visas starting June 17, so you could do it cheaply by flying to Bogota (probably $200 through spirit airlines) and then catching a cheap internal flight to Leticia. Twelve bucks a night for the ferry, meals included. Four days from Tabatinga to Manaus (first half) and four from Manaus to Belém (second half. Flights from Belém to RDU or CLT are like $400. Beers are a dollar. That's one fuging cheap ass insanely amazing adventure.
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    Trade UP for a TE da fuuuug?! I like Hockenson, but we have much much bigger needs right now
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    I don't look at it in terms of dollars. I look at it in terms of percent of the total cap. A franchise QB can take up 10-15% of your cap without crippling you. Getting above that, and you quickly find yourself lacking the players to compete "somewhere" and other teams figure it out and expose you. Now, this all assumes Cam is still a franchise QB after surgery. If his arm is 2015 again, yea, he's good for 10-15%. If not, then I think you start to look elsewhere if that's the money he's after.
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    5.... 5 for 5 at fuging Wendy's.

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