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    Currently living in Albuquerque, NM and got our first snow. Had to represent the neighborhood with a Panthers snowman amongst Cowboys and Broncos trash all around!
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    Well, so far it’s been 25+ years
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    My question: Why are we working contracts without knowing what we'll be deploying in 2020?
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    We have three new moderators to help improve this joint and keep it one of the best sports related forums on the interwebs. @Cracka McNasty , @LinvilleGorge, and @rodeo now have the ability to moderate this forum. This includes issuing warnings and banning offenders.
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    This board is depressing. Quit the knee jerk reactions, the world is not ending. Some of you would be happy to let every upcoming free agent walk and for us to go 0-16
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    Hello there and thank you for visiting the Huddle. Last night I performed a ritual that allowed me a glance into the Carolina Panthers short term future. The ritual was performed by drinking spoiled goats milk out of a commemorative Super Bowl 50 beer stein while simultaneously forcing myself to re-watch every moment of the Panthers at 49ers game. This put my body into such a state of disappointment and disgust that I was transported into early 2020. The following is an account of what I witnessed. New Coach The Carolina Panthers hired Kevin Stefanski as their new head coach soon after the Minnesota Vikings were eliminated from the playoffs. Stefanski fit perfectly the mold that Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper was seeking in a new head coach. An offensive mind that is open to new practices in analytics but still seasoned enough to have the old school football mentality. Stefanksi was extremely excited to have an offense with legitimate play makers at skill positions to work with as head coach. The biggest question would be quarterback. Cam Newton The Carolina Panthers and Cam Newton were at an impasse. Newton was unwilling to play a season with only one year left on his contract. The Panthers were unwilling to extend Newton over concerns about his foot but also his shoulder. The franchise was not willing to gamble a third consecutive season on Cam's health and lose again. No blame could be placed on either party as they both wanted what was best for themselves. The Panthers sign-and-traded Newton in return for a 2nd round selection in the 2020 draft and a third round selection in the 2021 draft. Newton got a multi year contract and the Panthers got at least something in return. The NFL Draft In an amazing turn of events, LSU Quarterback Joe Burrow drops to to #5 as the Dolphins opt for Tua. The Panthers use picks to trade up from 7 and grab Burrow. Burrow becomes the day one starter with Will Grier as his backup. The rebuild is fully on and jump started by grabbing the next franchise QB of the Carolina Panthers. The rest of the draft focused heavily on the offensive and defensive lines with of course Hurney reaching in the third round for an unathletic safety. Do not flame me for the things I write for they were not of my own cognition. They were a vision implanted by the football gods themselves. Now, go ye and be merry, for although the darkest days are ahead, a new hope will soon arise. Love, JI
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    And this right here is why this franchise is stuck in mediocrity for the past 25 years. fug their feelings. Produce or go home.
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    I’m thankful to have a favorite football team we can all yell at each other about
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    "Cam is our guy. We are committed to him and will build around him." Or perhaps... "Cam is the starting QB of the Carolina Panthers, period." These were the sentiments of the past 8 off seasons. There has never been a single hint of waivering on Cam, until now. The latest statement of "Yes we prefer a healthy Cam Newton to start but remains open to trade offers" falls well short of the statements above. It is the first time in Cam's career that it has ever been said. Cam hasn't been fully healthy at the start of the season in quite a while, yet he has always been the unquestioned starter, point blank. Like it or not, what we are hearing now is a deviation from what has been the norm in the franchise's stance on Cam, historically. These nuances in language are significant. A "healthy" qualifier. Open to trade? That's new. Will Cam be a Panther in 2020? Possibly Will he be traded? Possibly Could he fail a physical? Possibly Could he hold out? Possibly This is the entire point. Cam's circumstances in Carolina are a complete unknown for the first time in his entire career. There are so many variables at play that absolutely nothing would surprise me. To pretend otherwise is just wishful thinking.
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    Hate to state the obvious.. but too many people on here are reacting to yesterday's game like the team was supposed to look better after Tepper fired Rivera. That was never my expectation, and I'm sure it wasn't for Tepper. Rivera deserved to be fired for years of mediocrity and incompetence, but the timing was related to the following: 1. Gives Tepper the freedom to openly search for a new head coach. 2. Opportunity to evaluate the remaining coaching staff and "interview" potential internal candidates. (Fewell is auditioning for the HC job). 3. Tank so we can draft a potential franchise QB or at least a high impact player in the 2020 draft. Rivera would have kept trying to win to save his job which is counterproductive if you know you're going to fire him at the end of the season.
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    He does a ton for children whether it be in NC/SC or GA and I'm happy he is finally getting this kind of recognition. I doubt he wins it because of the ridiculous narrative that has been promulgated about him over the years. But any clear-minded person will celebrate his work in the community and be humbled by his efforts.
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    I think the huddle has had about enough of you.
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    It's cool that they're letting him do this. I've been ready to move on from him for years, but he deserves to be able to say goodbye
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    Well played, Ron. Well played...
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    "I don't really know how to build a team, but I can coach a group of All Stars pretty well."
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    If we gave up 2 firsts, poo even 1 first for Mike tomlin that maybe a wrap on me watching the nfl
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    No one is irreplaceable. But Cam has been a good qb for us, and anyone who thinks we will be able to draft a QB like Tua or Burrows and that qb will automatically be as good as Cam has another thing coming.
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    shaq is low key playing better than luke this year. he can perform in a 3-4 and a 4-3 and plays in both base sets and nickel packages. he's the best pass rusher not on the DL and has no real weaknesses in his game. 13mil a year is a chunk of change but if you're looking to secure a framework of good players on which to rebuild this is a logical way to start.
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    Have to respect a guy that can poke fun at himself. Well played indeed.
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    No way Hurney and Rivera are back next year. 3 out of 9 winning seasons with prime Cam and Luke as a building block for your team is a disgrace.
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    I feel fairly certain that if Newton doesn't come back but we get another year of Rivera, Hurney, or both, people are gonna be popping blood vessels.
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    The interesting aspect of this question is that it would take a beat down to get RR fired. It means that we are conditioned to accept the fact that mediocre is enough for RR to keep his job, as it has been in the past. 3 winning seasons in 9--remember that. The RR excuse: The team is 5-5 with a backup QB. That's pretty good, eh boss? Tepper, however, mentioned--in public to the media--long term mediocrity, when the team was 5-5. The defense, by the way, the unit that RR runs for the most part, is not playing well. They have 8 former first rounders on that side of the ball. On that side of the ball, there is no backup QB. So the backup QB excuse is lame--here is why. The failure to develop an offensive line (and this could be where Marty comes into the equation) perhaps ended Cam's career here. The weak OL is making it tough for anyone--including Allen--to succeed. If we had an OL, Cam would still be under center and the results would be different. But when you put your eggs in the defensive basket and still suck, you can't blame the QB.
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    My how we go from GOAT to goatShit in just a few games.
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    At some point the stinch of failure and lack of accountability will not be easily washed off this off-season. Firing his ass would bring a new sense of urgency and accountability to the franchise. This would jump start the off-season. But who would replace him?!?! Who cares. A loss today and there isn't another win on the schedule. It doesn't matter. Hell, throw Steve Smith out there as head coach. At least it would be entertaining.
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    When I first read the OP, I thought he was talking about bene benwikere. Then I realized he just can't spell
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    too bad you can't delete those throws huh
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    Yes, Ron is the best coach in Panthers history. Yes, he technically was our "glory" years. Let that sink in.
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    I don't see why Atlanta would hire him after they've spent years kicking his ass
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    Mix of excitement and worry tbh. I think the firing was necessary for change but the next coach could be worse. Just hoping Tepper makes the right choice.
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    Ron is the Slye of coaches. That is halirious EDIT: Slye has a better percentage.
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    I’m not sold on cam being done.
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    Reid has to stop playing safety for the Panthers. I'd be fine with trying him at linebacker, because he's good against the run, but we have to go get a real safety who can cover the deep 3rd. Or, if you're fine with Brees and Matt Ryan continuing to have their way with us, keep trotting him out at safety.
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    From CBSsports.com Tepper was very frustrated by last week's loss to Atlanta, a team who entered the game with just two wins, the sources said, which was obvious post-game. He held an impromptu session with the local media midweek, and though he declined to address the future of Rivera or general manager Marty Hurney during the briefing, the fact he held the briefing at all left some in the organization wondering if it was a precursor to changes. Rivera has one year left on his deal and would be heavily sought after if the Panthers were to go in a different direction. Tepper may not be inclined to offer the kind of extension Rivera's cumulative record with the Panthers suggests he is worth, and the owner may lean toward a more analytical, offensive-minded head coach, according to some who know him. Furthermore, Tepper has been unsure of whether quarterback Cam Newton would merit another massive contract extension since purchasing the team, and Newton has been hurt most of the last two years and also entering his final contract year in 2020. Tepper confirmed that all options are open for Newton in 2020, with several executives from other teams believing a trade is looming after the season. Panthers brass always knew that 2019 was likely to be a defining year for them, given Tepper's eventual desire to become more hands-on with the football side of the operation after focusing on the business side in his first year at the helm. Sitting at 5-5 and currently on the outside of the NFC playoff picture with a challenging schedule looming, the import of these finals games is lost on no one. I honestly think a blowout today means Rivera is fired. 40-10 or so would do it.
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    This is probably a good place to point out that there's a reason why people say you should never judge a draft or draft picks within the first year.
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    Maybe it's just me, but it's hard to listen to somebody say something like that and not hear "I don't really want to work that hard". To be fair, that's not necessarily what he means but...
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    An Athletic article by former NFL GM Mike Lombardi about what coaches might fit the best with what teams. From the GM's eye Here are Lombardi's takes on some of the names that have been connected to the Panthers so far... And one more who's no longer Panthers related but will likely be coaching elsewhere...
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    The Franchise hopes his foot and shoulder will be good. The Franchise is very doubtful that will be the case. These two things are not mutually exclusive.
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    Stadium is going to be pretty empty if Rivera is back next year and Cam isn't
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    He's just been what everyone outside of Hurney thought he'd be coming into the draft.
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    https://www.thescore.com/nfl/news/1898897/no-nfl-teams-do-not-need-to-establish-the-run-to-win P.S. Analytics.
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    Maybe losing Cam wasn't such a bad thing. It allows our new owner to see the problem areas not masked by our pro bowl quarterback. Hopefully he comes back 100% but at least it exposes where we lack as an NFL Franchise. Coaching, personnel and everything. Where can we improve? Maybe it forces things that's not been a priority to the top of the list. Maybe we will find an oline for Cam and McCaffrey, and become the best possible rushing attack ever in the NFL? Who knows? But I feel like this season has highlighted necessary changes that's been holding us back, and now a new very progressive owner witnessing it maybe this is it. When luck goes our way? Either way I'm thankful I will get to watch. #keeppounding.
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    Tepper likely loses more pocket change in the seat cushions of his corporate jets than it takes to pay Ron Rivera for a season. Dave doesn't strike me as a man that says or does anything without a well thought out purpose behind it. There was no need for Tepper to schedule a news conference and then tell reporters he would not tolerate mediocrity from the team, but he did. Things on the field have not improved since that news conference. Ron is as good as gone.
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    Do you agree with Gerald McCoy? Is Christian McCaffrey the most skilled white player in NFL history?
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    Why? Its an internet message board. Don't like what is happening here, there are a million more of them.

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