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    I thought we already figured out that taking a small trip to Atlanta isn't the same as a cross Atlantic flight to London?
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    This is no better than the forced hit pieces on Cam. If you're going to try to provide analysis at least make some attempt to put bias aside.
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    The first group has arrived
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    Best healthy player should start. If Cam is healthy, that is him. If you want to sit a healthy Cam Newton because he might get hurt, then go ahead and trade him. That is ridiculous.
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    in what way is a domestic 1hr flight equivalent to spending 8hrs on a plane over the Atlantic Ocean? are you really that stupid op? Asking for a friend
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    Let's gooooooooooo With Cam With Kyle. This team can win it all.
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    Hey remember when OP said Cam would never lead the panthers to a 4th quarter comeback and then Cam proceeded to rifle off like 5 of them in one season. Good times. This fan base is pathetic
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    The guy was an absolute beast here and was All Pro. Don’t know why it’s not working for the Jags but I don’t get why Panthers fans would then rip on or laugh at a former UDFA that played his ass off for us and then went to the AFC. It’s one thing if it’s like Klein going to a division rival but I always root for former Panthers to do well if they’re on an AFC team, unless it’s a guy like MeAngelo.
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    PS. If the tweet above triggers you, you probably are not a Panthers fan.
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    dude im 33 and i cripple myself just by sleeping
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    We just rolled through London with over 1,000 total fans from 14 countries. It was truly incredible. This is what it looked like. https://theriotreport.com/photo-gallery-roaring-riot-the-london-calling/
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    Former b/u qb Derek Anderson and d lineman Damian Lewis were interviewed on WFNZ,; Said only idiots judge Cam on what he wears Said his sprain is still bothering him, one reason why he isn’t running. Could be mid season before he can run effectively. Said his shoulder is probably fine, just needs to get time with his weapons and get comfortable in the pocket Said it’s not Cam’s fault that the o-line is allowing so much pressure Said Darryl Williams need to be moved, start Greg Little Said Hurney, Ron and others will lose their jobs if things don’t turn around
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    There's an old joke about European Heaven and European Hell. I looked it up online. European Heaven: - British policemen - French cooks - German automobiles - Italian lovers - Swiss government European Hell - German policemen - British cooks - French automobiles - Swiss lovers - Italian government
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    You can't trade a promising young QB in this league, especially when your starter hasn't been able to stay on the field. You just can't.
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    Its really not. Sustained air pressure is a commonly known issue that can effect a player recovering from injury. There was an articule last year about Deshaun Watson not flying with the Texans to Jacksonville, instead taking a bus. Just to avoid the sustained air pressure effect on a bruised leg and injured ribs.
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    Some of y'all seem to have forgotten how bad we've been at OT for the past decade. We can't be getting all cocky and thinking we can let proven starting caliber OTs just walk away
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    I would keep Kyle. Even if cam comes back healthy, he's only signed one more year and there's no guarantee he'll stay healthy. Keep Kyle as long as we can
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    I think it’s safe to say that Ron is safe. All of they hype has been around Kyle Allen being undefeated, but the unsung hero here has been a Ron Rivera and how he has the defense playing. We’ve been playing at a 2015 level of defense and Ron deserves a lot of credit for this. I’ve said for a long time that Cam and Ron Rivera are a bad pair. Cam needs an Andy Reid type guy who can take advantage of his unique skill set. Ron needs someone to sustain drives, takes what the defense gives him, and doesn’t take any risk in the passing game. Kyle Allen gives him that. Cam isn’t a game manager. He’s going to hold onto the ball, he’s going to look for the big play and he thrives when playing uptempo which isn’t good when you’re looking to keep your defense rested. What you’re seeing is Ron with a QB that better fits his football philosophy. I’ll always say I’d rather have Cam over Kyle, but I just don’t believe Cam and Rivera are the best fit.
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    If the Panthers were to trade Newton, the word "apocalypse" comes to mind with regard to this board.
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    Just started a Twitter thread about an interesting trend I noticed. Panthers scoring differential by quarter, and particularly the way the D is stopping opposing teams from scoring. Panthers have only allowed 13 4th Qtr points so far this season. 10 of those came in weeks 1 & 2. Only 3 4th Q points allowed in last 3 games. 2nd best in the league (behind Patriots). Best in league over past 3 games. On Pace to be 2nd best 4th quarter defensive performance in team history, behind 1996 team. Start of the thread is here:
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    I was told he isn't good.
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    SACK PARTY Carolina’s defense racked up six sacks at Houston. 2.0 – LB/DE Mario Addison 1.0 – LB/DE Bruce Irvin 1.0 – LB Shaq Thompson 1.0 – Team sack 0.5 – CB Javien Elliott 0.5 – LB/DE Brian Burns Carolina’s 18 sacks on the season are tied with the New England Patriots for the most in the NFL. Following last week’s eight-sack performance, the Panthers have recorded 14 sacks in the last two games, one shy of the franchise record of the 15 sacks in Weeks 16 and 17 of the 2013 season. With his two sacks against the Texans, Addison notched his second multi-sack game of the season and 10th of his career. He is one of three players this season to post 2.0+ sacks in multiple games (Myles Garrett CLE, Shaquil Barrett TB). NO FLY ZONE · Carolina allowed just 128 net passing yards at Houston. Through four games, Carolina leads the NFL with 156.8 net passing yards allowed. TAKEAWAYS · DT Vernon Butler forced a fumble by Texans QB Deshaun Watson in the fourth quarter that was recovered by S Eric Reid. The Panthers scored three points on the ensuing drive with a 26-yard field goal by K Joey Slye. · CB Ross Cockrell intercepted a pass by Texans WR DeAndre Hopkins in the second quarter. It was Cockrell’s first interception as a Panther and sixth of his career. RB Christian McCaffrey scored on a 3-yard touchdown four plays later. RUN CMC RB Christian McCaffrey recorded his third game this season with 175+ scrimmage yards after tallying 93 rushing yards and 86 receiving yards on 10 receptions. It marked his second 10-reception game this season and sixth of his career. SLYE PERFECT ON THE DAY · K Joey Slye converted all three of his field goal attempts from 55 yards, 48 yards and 26 yards out. Slye’s 10 points scored were the most by any player in the game. · Slye is now 10-11 on field goal attempts this season, including 4-5 from 50+ yards.
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    I threw my back out the other day picking clothes off the floor of my kids bathroom. Should of stretched. It’s real out there for 30 something dads
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    Really surprised no one is talking about the 99 yard drive the Panthers had in first quarter to make it 10-0... Was Kyle Allen perfect on that drive, like 4 for 4, or 5 for 5? Not sure, but he looked very poised while being pinned deep like that, I'm surprised no one has really said anything about that drive. That was probably the most impressive offensive series/drive the Panthers have had all season long.
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    Actually, it is not that simple. Two assumptions are made to build this theory--and these assumptions are not accurate. Here are the corrections: 1. Nobody is saying Kyle Allen is a franchise QB. 2. Nobody knows what Cam being healthy means or how long he stays healthy. Aside from winning every game he has ever started (only one game was at home), not throwing an interception in his career, and doing all he has been asked to do, what is there to like about Kyle Allen? Cam is 30 and his running ability is questionable. Name a running QB in the NFL that has come close to taking the beating Cam has taken who was running effectively at age 31? The issue is not who is better when Cam is healthy, the issue is can Cam stay healthy and for how long? If Kyle Allen keeps winning, do you bench him? Cam may be a better QB--NOBODY is arguing that--but in his current situation in his career and considering his skill set, is he a better fit? Teams have won Super Bowls without elite QBs, but they were good for the system. If getting the ball to skill players in stride and on time makes Allen better for the system, then there could be a controversy.. It all depends on how you look at the big picture. There is a difference between stupid and an alternative opinion---at the moment, nobody knows what Cam means going forward or that Kyle Allen will not continue to do what he is doing---winning.
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    In fairness to Cam, so have I. I walked by a kid and his father. I did. Seriously, about Cam's persona. I am not a Cam "nut hugger" like some on here, but I appreciate his contributions while admitting his shortcomings. However, I took my boys to a practice that was closed. The tarps were up-no media. We peeked through the tarps and watched for a while. Cam was Cam. Laughing and clowning--making practice fun. He was full of himself, "showing off," and his teammates seem to like it. Cam is genuine. After practice, he was bombarded by the Ebay autograph seekers and started to walk away, when he caught my son holding up a Cam Jersey in the corner of his eye. He started to leave, stopped, returned with an awkward grin, and asked the adults (who had crowded in front of my son) to move. My son stepped up, Cam signed his jersey, patted him on the head, and left. For full disclosure, we were not at South Park Mall.
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    This dude had a HECKUVA game. Was Really was tough to see him go down with that leg break last offseason Glad to see him have a breakout game. Shouldve had 2 ints today
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    I know not all of the Cam backers want this, so if you want him to start against San Francisco, congratulations...I'm not talking about you. But I've seen a lot of people that want Cam to get his job back that say they want him to sit one more game against San Francisco and come back against Tennessee. If you want Cam back, you must want him back healthy. And, by all accounts so far, it looks like he'll be healthy enough to start against San Francisco if that's what Rivera decides. So what's the real reason some Cam backers don't want to see him against San Francisco? Could it be, and I'm just spitballing here, that you're afraid he's going to look terrible against San Francisco and want him to play the awful Titans as his first game back instead? Surely that's not it right? If Cam is healthy he's a top 5/MVP-caliber QB right? So why fear the 49ers? If Cam is as good as you say, shouldn't we blow the 49ers out if we add an MVP-caliber QB to a team with a defense as playing as well as it is?
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    this...the guy writing the article is a moron. we are 3-2 because we had 2 stupid fumbles against the Rams and because Cam was playing on 1 foot against the Bucs. at no point have we played a game so far where we were simply outclassed or outtalented
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    He's definitely coming back after the bye. We're going to need him too. San Fran is no joke this year.
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    Hi, Johnny Rockets checking in for the first time in a long time on this shitstorm message board. I was fortunate enough to hang with Cam last night as well. I could go off on a rant here but I won’t or maybe I will. First off, the @RoaringRiot is the best thing that could have happened to this fan base and if you aren’t part of it, shame on you and you are missing out. Secondly, Cam Newton is an absolute King and this city is lucky to have him. I think much of his fan base is overly sensitive but whatever. Doesn’t change my mind either way and I will always be a fan because I love football and it’s more entertaining with him on the field. Unlike the OP, I’m not so sure he comes back but hope he does. If not, live your best life Cam. Although it’s not popular around here, I’m also still a big fan of Rivera and Hurney so the rest of you can f*ck off. I’ll log off and stop my passive aggressive posts and let you Neanderthals take back over. I’ve got White Claws to get back to and I feel better now. Enjoy your Saturday. XOXO J Rockets
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    Freaking coward take. If Cam can play that means he's fully healthy and his health shouldn't be a concern. The offensive line has being playing well. You play your starters if healthy period. The only reason you wouldn't play Cam is if you're scared to death he's going to be exposed, look terrible yet again, we lose, and then you really WILL have a QB controversy.
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    i mean do i want cam to die first game back? no. if kyle allen is playing as fine as everyone (and I) says, then he should be fine one more game against the 49ers. Cam Newton needs to be healthy for the playoffs, and one game against the NFC's best defense is okay to miss in favor of keeping him healthy down the road.
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    I still think the Texans are a better overall team than the 49ers. Lot of teams would be undefeated with a great statistical defense with the schedule the 49ers have played IMO
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    Here comes another ten page circus of cam haters
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    He has almost 900 yards and 7 tds through 5 games.... w t f
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    Kyle played really well today. Happy with his performance and how he showed signs of improvement.
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    DJ Moore is on pace for 1100 yards. Those aren't jag numbers.
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    Give the Athletic your money https://theathletic.com/1227649/2019/09/20/by-the-numbers-nfl-pass-rush-rankings-explosive-play-rankings-and-qbs-who-are-getting-hit-the-most/ Also wtf Dontari Poe Which defensive players are producing sacks/QB hits at the highest rates? This is one where we have to be especially cautious with the small sample size. But here, I looked at how often defensive players have produced a sack or QB hit, given the number of opportunities they’ve had to rush the passer. I included players who have had at least 25 chances to rush the quarterback so far. Rank Player Team Pressure% 1 Myles Garrett Browns 25.53% 2 Benson Mayowa Raiders 24.07% 3 Cameron Wake Titans 18.29% 4 Sam Hubbard Bengals 17.14% 5 Matt Judon Ravens 15.22% 6 Shaquil Barrett Buccaneers 14.29% 7 Brian Burns Panthers 13.16% T-8 Trey Hendrickson Saints 11.63% T-8 Marcus Davenport Saints 11.63% 10 Pernell McPhee Ravens 11.36% T-11 Dontari Poe Panthers 11.11% T-11 Ryan Kerrigan Washington 11.11% T-11 Solomon Thomas 49ers 11.11% 14 Whitney Mercilus Texans 10.94% 15 Clay Matthews Rams 10.53% 16 Calais Campbell Jaguars 10.47% 17 Adrian Clayborn Falcons 10.34% 18 Linval Joseph Vikings 10.26% 19 Stephon Tuitt Steelers 10.19% 20 Cameron Jordan Saints 10.17% T-21 Denico Autry Colts 10.00% T-21 Leonard Floyd Bears 10.00% T-21 Preston Smith Packers 10.00%
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    Trade the pick for the following season. I'm not sold on any of these QBs in this class.
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    Man yall just cant enjoy the moment, Cam is the starter Kyle is a very good backup...thats all thats it
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    Cam really has the audacity to spend his bye week with his loved ones by taking a 1 hr flight
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