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    Dropped his car keys...over and over and over
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    I keep seeing a ton of threads and posts deriding Cam regarding his accuracy, why "he keeps overthrowing recievers," and "fans" trying to get other fans to see things their way and blame him for our issues today... He missed the throw on the two-point conversion. Ok, got it. But, his accuracy on the season was good for 6th in the league coming into this week, ahead of guys like Goff and Mahomes. Furthermore, that 67.5 completion percentage today would've been higher than 75% had Funchess not dropped 4 or 5 perfectly thrown balls. But, I don't see threads complaining about Funchess and why he played like a fuging bum who shouldn't be starting... Luke was a huge reason why Kerryon Johnson was averaging over 8 ypc before being injured, but I don't see entire threads of people complaining and saying it's time to move on from him. Gano had the worst day I believe a kicker has ever had in our franchise history, and aside from being mentioned to defend Cam's last throw, I don't see threads and innumerable posts saying how we need a new kicker. And yet, without those guys setting the table they did with their horrible day, Cam is never put in the position to be forced to make that throw in a completely vanilla, non-creative play call against max coverage on a "chips all in" two-point conversion. I'd just like to point out, again, that Cam put up a Top 5, league-MVP-contending performance with today's stat line. Without Cam, we're never in that game, or any game. And as most GOOD coaches would usually remind you after a game like that, a game never comes down to one play... but, the subpar coach we are stuck with just blames it on Cam, because it's easier than being accountable for your team inexcusably showing up completely uninspired and unprepared two games in a row. Gano was atrocious, Luke and the front four were just as bad, Bradberry was horrible, and Funchess better hope there's a hot market for a receiver with poor conditioning, habitual cramps, and hands of stone, because he is too inconsistent to ever garner real receiver money and I hope we don't bring him back. Not to mention, this is the 4th game this season that the team came out completely lackadaisical and lost against a far lesser team on paper who was already without two of their better players coming in... and coincidentally enough, this is the 3rd game this season where the opponent was supposedly extremely disadvantaged due to injuries coming in... Atlanta lost Neal and Jones, Washington was without Thompson and Crowder. There is a countless confluence of factors as to why this team sucks and why we lost today, and literally none of them are Cam or the pass he missed. Place some blame on the actual culprits who put us in the position to need to go for two points in the first place... there are plenty to choose from. Thanks.
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    I've been saying this all along. The players and coaches have continually had this "everything is fine" mentality, even after games like the Steelers happened with Rivera inexplicably giving the team the weekend off after one of the worst losses in franchise history. Now he's got an excuse after every loss. Moose has it right here. https://247sports.com/nfl/carolina-panthers/Article/Muhsin-Muhammad-comments-Panthers-loss-to-Seahawks-125420998/
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    I (insert name here), do solemnly swear not to bitch and moan should the Carolina Panthers win today. I recognize that this will be a tough game and any type of victory will be cause for jubilation. Therefore, I will celebrate accordingly without nitpicking and taking all of the fun out of victory.
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    Rivera has just never been good when it comes to setting a depth chart or playing time, and he's loathe to admit mistakes. I'm beginning to accept that we've probably gone about as far as we can go with him.
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    Good god, Ron is a fugging idiot. ”Too many weapons on offense is bad!” proclaimed Mo-Ron Rivera!
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    Loser: me for flying all the way from Phoenix for my first home game since the 2015 divisional round and watching us piss away the season
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    "Panthers owner David Tepper, who spent nearly $2.5M billion to purchase the team amid the fallout of Jerry Richardson's sexual misconduct suspension a year ago, is becoming increasingly frustrated with the team's recent performances and is mulling major changes if the results to do not change quickly, multiple league sources said." https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/panthers-owner-david-tepper-getting-antsy-mulling-new-hires-if-losing-continues/amp/ Sounds like he isnt happy and he shouldn't be.
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    Cam can be criticized, but then you should also accept Cam regularly going to the podium and saying "I carried the team, coaching was bad," because that happens far more often.
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    Steven Ruiz from USA Today helps breakdown how the Panthers have arguably one of the NFL’s emerging stars in Samuel yet refuse to play him. Part film work and part facts: https://ftw.usatoday.com/2018/11/nfl-panthers-curtis-samuel-snap-count-stats-fantasy-football Some highlights: The 2017 second-round pick out of Ohio State has not seen much of the field in 2018 but has still managed to make a tremendous impact on the Panthers offense. He’s played only 112 snaps all season — nearly half the number THIRD tight end Chris Manhertz (no, that’s not a made-up name) has played. Smauel has touched the ball only 21 times this season. He has five touchdowns. Five. On 21 touches. Nearly 25% of the plays Samuel has received the ball have ended up in the end zone. He is the most efficient touchdown-maker in the league. In 2018, 56 players have scored at least five touchdowns. All of them have touched the ball more times than Samuel has. Chargers WR Mike Williams is next on the list with 24 touches; he’s played double the snaps Samuel has. Bears WR Anthony Miller is next with five scores on 29 touches but he’s needed 257 snaps to get them. No other player has scored five times on fewer than 30 touches. ... For whatever reason, Ron Rivera and the Panthers coaching staff have decided Samuel does not deserve more snaps than unspectacular players like Funchess, Jarius Wright and Torrey Smith. And Rivera’s reasoning for Samuel not seeing the field more often has been completely unsatisfying. ... After Sunday’s loss, Rivera said Samuel will “continue to get opportunities,” but his snap count has actually been trending down over the last few weeks. After playing 27 snaps in Week 8, he’s been on the field for a total of 52 over the last three weeks combined. The better he plays, the fewer snaps he gets, it seems. Maybe the coaching staff is having a hard time envisioning a 5-foot-11, 195-pound speedster as a WR1, but look around the league: Antonio Brown, who is smaller than Samuel, is the standard. Tyreek Hill is even smaller and not far behind Brown in the league’s WR hierarchy. You’d think a franchise that employed Steve Smith for over a decade would realize that size doesn’t really matter for receivers; then again, this is the same franchise that continues to play Funchess in the No. 1 role, so who knows. ... With the Panthers’ season now teetering on the edge after two straight losses, maybe Rivera will come to his senses and start playing his best receiver more than 20 snaps a game. It’s become clear that the Panthers defense isn’t very good, and if this team is going to hang with other playoff contenders, it will have to start scoring more points. Playing the NFL’s most efficient touchdown-scorer should help.
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    On Curtis Samuel’s 11 snaps when he was out on a pass play, Cam threw it to him 7 times. Sounds like our QB is smart enough to know who needs the ball. I’m sure he can manage two exceptional receivers playing at the same time.
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    One of the more common arguments in favor of sticking with Ron Rivera past this season is that he's the most successful coach the Panthers have ever had. This is true. Unfortunately, it's not as meaningful as some might think. Consistency is a difficult thing to come by in the NFL. Relatively few coaching careers follow a "flatline" trajectory of consistent performance, unless of course it's lousy performance (a la Hue Jackson). Perennially high success rates like you see in New England are pretty rare. A lot of coaching careers are roller coasters. Still others have one high peak surrounded by a lot of mediocrity. For some who follow that path, the success comes early, then leaves and never returns. That was the case with Jon Gruden, and when fortune fled and the Bucs started falling apart, many Tampa fans were echoing a similar sentiment to that which you hear from some Panther fans now. "He's the best coach we ever had. How could we let him go?" Panther fans used to use that line of thinking with regard to John Fox too (right up to the point he self-destructed). Now we find that same indignantly spoken inquiry being used to defend Ron Rivera. Most of the fans are repeating this think it's a rhetorical question. It isn't. There is an actual answer. That answer, metaphorically speaking: Because the magic is gone. Ron Rivera took his best shot and winning a Super Bowl back in 2015. Unlike Gruden, it wasn't enough. Yet fans still point to this and other successful years (all of which happened under a departed GM, by the way) as if those things meant a lot more than they truly do. Reality is that Rivera hit his peak three years ago. Like Gruden and numerous other NFL coaches in history, he's levelled off since. Add to this that the NFL has changed significantly in the last few years, and quite frankly has moved well beyond Ron Rivera's level. People expecting another 2015 or anything even remotely close to that level out of Rivera should probably stop holding their breath. And while I grant that rebuilding with new leaders and new systems can be a tough and scary process, it's better than just beating your head against the wall with a guy who's never going to return to his former glory. Some of my best Panthers memories came with Ron Rivera as head coach. But while memories are great, you still have to live in the present. And here in the present, it's time to let go.
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    I wish people would stop getting caught up in the 2point decision. There is a LOT more wrong with this team in that game than that.
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    Never underestimate the ability of this team to show up completely unmotivated and unprepared.
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    I am still a believer. I believe the Carolina Panthers have the needed talent on the team to beat anyone in the league. Their back is now against the wall. In the past, this sometimes has helped them produce. They have rallied under Ron Rivera late in the season before, and it is possible they can do it again. If they win big in Tampa Bay, it could sling shot them into the status of the team no one wants to play in the playoffs.
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    Hurney has made mistakes but getting a 3rd for Benjamin and giving a 3rd for Olsen are arguably the 2 best trades in franchise history
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    Think it’s time to just end the Byrd experiment. He just can’t stay healthy.
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    Check out Teppers style at tonight's tree lighting...
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    I think Moore is showing why Funchess will be playing for another team next year. He is better after 10 games than Funchess has been his entire career.
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    Why make this thread today? His first round selection D.J. Moore just put up 157 yards, and a touchdown. And his second round pick, Donte Jackson, is arguably the best defensive back on the team in his first year.
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    Please let this be the hill that PU finally dies on
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    If Ron had won the Super Bowl in 2015, I think many here would be willing to give him 2-3 more seasons to get it together, much like the job security Sean Payton has enjoyed in New Orleans. The only issue is, defense is Rivera’s specialty and the defense is awful. Payton’s specialty is offense, and the Saints always had a badass offense while he’s been there. The fact that Rivera’s side of the ball has failed so miserably this season shows it’s time for him to go.
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    Lol. He missed a FG in the super bowl. Other than that he’s been good. He lost the Denver game week 1 and set our season on tilt where he lost 4-5 games. Other than that he’s been good. Oh, he missed a chip shot to fug up the playoff game at NO. Other than that he was a pro bowler. He cost us 5 points in a 1 point loss last week and 3 points in a 3 point loss this week basically knocking us out of the playoffs. Other than that he’s solid. fug that, he’s been consistently bad when we’ve actually needed him. Kickers are supposed to make kicks to win games and he’s lost so many games the past three years it’s bordering on ridiculous. We had a solid and cheap kicker. We’re wasting way too much money on this schlub who’s basically gone from great kick to win the Giants game to now being a negative on our team. He makes FGs and maybe we are still 8-3 and in control of our playoff destiny.

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