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    This is Mike Craft former Panthers Insider. I saw a thread from Panthers fans and thought I should just say that news of my demise has been greatly exaggerated. Despite a few battles medically (not cancer), I am still living and in the area. I am currently pursuing my dream of coaching serving as offensive coordinator and offensive line coach at Rocky River High School. I am also teaching digital media and web design to the next generation. As always, I am optimistic about the direction of the Panthers and catch most of the games from the comfort of my easy chair. I know I promised to "stop talking" but I am toying with the idea of picking up the microphone again and putting my two cents in, only if someone is willing to listen and until CMS high school teams get back on the field. Keep Pounding! Sincerely, "The Fat Guy"
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    Our former head coach, despite anyone's opinions on him as a head coach, is a quality human being. We should all send him some positive vibes as he is clearly struggling with his chemo treatments. I hope he can take some time off and get some rest. Washington will be there when he gets healthy.
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    He's what Isaiah Simmons was hyped to be. I hoped Chinn would basically be a poor man's Simmons. Turns out, Cardinals fans are now hoping that Simmons will get his act together and be a poor man's Jeremy Chinn.
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    Exciting football is back in Carolina after a long ass hiatus. This is the best I have felt about this team since 2016. Even when we made the playoffs, we knew it was smoke and mirrors and the team really wasn't very good. Why? Because it all came down to poor coaching and one superior athlete making up for their ineptitude. That is never going to be a long term winning story in the NFL. Now? Now we have talent spread throughout the team and coaching who knows not only how to put them each in a position to succeed, but takes accountability when they don't. This feels like a new day in Carolina.
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    It would be dumb to cancel the season. It’s time for everyone to wake up and realize that a vast, vast, VAST majority of people who get Covid are asymptomatic or have mild symptoms. The hysteria needs to end. Look at the MLB for example, the Marlins had like 25 people test positive a couple months ago and now they are in the playoffs. The St Louis Cardinals had about 20 people infected and they came back a week early and swept their series. im not saying Covid is a hoax or anything, I do think it exists obviously but it’s only truly dangerous for a very, VERY small percentage of people and according to the CDC themselves only 4 yes, just 4% of all the US deaths were a direct result of Covid. This isn’t the unknown, super deadly virus it was back in March. While yes 210k deaths is a lot on paper, that’s out of population of 330 million people. That literally equates to roughly 0.075% of the US population. bottom line is we can’t keep living like this. You can cancel schools, NFL, and close down business all you want but that’s not sustainable and all you are doing is delaying the inevitable and kicking the can down the road. NYC is a prime example, they are shutting down schools and business again for 2-4 weeks, why? What’s going to change a few weeks from now?! Protect those most vulnerable and at risk.
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    Sunday was the toughest game the Carolina Panthers had played this season. That bears defense beat them up all day long. No blitzing needed, instant pressure with base 4. This was also the Sunday the Panthers decided to be out of sync. Plenty of mistakes across the board from our best players. Teddy, DJ, Davis. None of them are proud of the game they played yesterday. But still, they were in the game until the last seconds. In the Rivera days, a game like this where everyone was out of sync was a fuggin blowout. Remember 2014? Holy poo did the Panthers get trampled in quite a few games. Saints, eagles, packers, ravens, steelers. Ugh. But bad games now appear to be still hard fought and close. The difference, I think, is character. This team continues to fight throughout the game when past teams would have given up. That is the type of culture Rhule is building here.
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    And jesus fuging christ it feels good. We have two JAGs at S. Another JAG at CB and another a rookie. less than a JAG at ILB (god I fuging hate whitehead.) and both our young pass rushers got knocked out. We passed damn near 40 times and gave up no sacks. And our most explosive playmaker and mismatch nightmare is out. This purely coaching. And I know it won't always be this rosy, but fug it feels like we're a goddamn football team now.
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    I was told that if we win this game, it will set us back 15 years
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    Young team got that dub on a west coast trip! Let's go baby! Pie for everyone!
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    After laying down our victorious skid marks in that oversized toilet that Antebellum Arthur calls home, the Panthers now take aim for Chicago. The Second City. Literally a step down from anywhere else. A place that somehow incorporates both the rudeness of New York with the cozy Southside slums that would make Detroit blush with envy. A city that claims our best basketball export (Jordan) to mask the shame and mediocrity that has been their sad sack of a football team since the mid 80’s. Come this Sunday afternoon, we are going to own this overrated bunch from the Windy City like the prostitutes own Lincoln Park. Much like Al Capone a hundred years ago, we’re going to wreck Chicago and continue on our unlikely path back to glory. Ever since passing on Watson & Mahomes for Mitch the B*tch, Matt Nagy knows he’s ultimately on borrowed time. After being turned down by Theodore Throwsevelt, Esq, Nagy got even more panicked, passing up yet again better options (cough, Cam, cough) for one Nick Foles A blander version of Napoleon Dynamite with inferior hair and dance moves. And just like Napoleon, Foles is a one-hit wonder who couldn’t beat out a 6th rounder who rocks a pornstache, headban, and jorts. You know, kind of like the guy SCP would have feared the most sharing an adjacent toilet stall after eating an undercooked burger with 6 Old Styles at the Midway Airport. Now I have have spent all week listening to Bears fans bemoan their lack of respect and how they are going to shut us down. Which brings me to the 2nd biggest blunder Matt Nagy has made this past year. Letting go of Beast Mode 2.0. The man who is going to plow through holes this Sunday like Harvey Weinstein before the #metoo movement. A grown-ass man who put more Falcons on the mattress last week than a I-94 Lot Lizard A man who is going to help lead us to 4-0 this Sunday. So batten down the hatches and get liquored up. This season is about to get fun. Panthers 27, Bears 20
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    Two games against legit defense this year against TB and now Chicago. Both games Teddy single-handedly blew them. Where are all the Teddy Bros now? I'm pulling for the guy as our QB, but once again, his lack of mobility and then his convenient timing to become wildly inaccurate rears its ugly head once he finally has to face a legit defense. If he is any sort of mobile or accurate today, we win. He is a game manager. Period. If you are depending on him to single handedly make big plays, you will lose. EDIT: So, now that the word "sucks" is removed, the point can be better made without people getting caught up on semantics.
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    I miss Rodrique at The Athletic but Person is exceeding my expectations of him. Nice article on Anderson. Here is the link and some quotes: https://theathletic.com/2135921/2020/10/14/this-dudes-a-baller-robby-andersons-rise-from-speed-freak-to-complete-wr/?source=dailyemail Robby Anderson: Season-by-season stats TEAM YEAR G REC YARDS YPG TD Panthers 2020 5 36 489 97.8 1 Jets 2019 16 52 779 48.7 5 Jets 2018 14 50 752 53.7 6 Jets 2017 16 63 941 58.8 7 Jets 2016 16 42 587 36.7 2 Lots of good stuff. Anderson has a great attitude and work ethic. How many wide receivers are reaching out for and appreciate guidance and criticism? Lots of credit to Rhule for bringing him in and Brady for knowing how to use him. (Do we credit Hurney for not getting in the way?) Teddy spent time with Robby in the offseason...seems to have helped their fast start. Anderson has made an amazingly quick transition to being a complete wide receiver. Watching him on Sundays I bet many would be surprised that he was undrafted. Also...Jets......tyvm.
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    He is still dragging 3 Atlanta defenders as we speak.
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    Remember, just because he isn't popping on the stat sheet, doesn't mean he is playing poorly.
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    Two games in and you're already deeming a player a massive bust? LOL!
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    Here is a good example of what Mike Davis offers vs what Christian McCaffrey offers as a running back. 1st and 10 on the Chargers 19. If CMC was in at tailback here, it is a touchdown. That is a huge hole to run through leaving only a single safety to shake between him and the end zone. So enough with the "trade CMC" talk. It is embarrassing.
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    the metric for a franchise QB is the ability to put the team on his back, make everyone better, and carry them to a win. the jury is out on teddy but we haven't seen that yet. we have seen likable, efficient, chippy chad pennington. i hope his deep ball develops with the offensive gel and makes me eat my doubts.
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    LMAO just kidding. Panthers got Quinn fired. Get off our fucking field.
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    Example 1 This is what happens when teams allow their center to take Derrick Brown on without help. Special shout out to Brian burns here also by not over pursuing. That is discipline. Example 2 Again, KK is doubled leaving the center on Brown. Similar result. Example 3 But even when you do give the center some help, Derrick Brown still disrupts the play. Derrick won't get on the stat sheet for this particular play, but he absolutely disrupted the play enough to allow Obada to make the tackle. It looked like a hole may have opened up to the left until Derrick Brown swallowed it.
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    If you think Teddy was any of the biggest problems today dare I say you know absolutely nothing about football. Don't tell on yourselves.
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    He is certainly partially right. But the main reason we are less predictable is no Ron Rivera and company.
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    usually when i’m doubled, i get there faster
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    Get the F off the field pie .
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    Teddy is playing damn good. I'll even admit Teddy has been damn good this year overall But come on now. Cam in 2015 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.
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    After Brady went to the locker room at game’s end, Rappaport reported ‘Brady was in the locker room yelling and screaming ‘why didn’t anyone tell me it was 4th down’ A teammate said back: ‘you don’t have bellinchek to carry you anymore’
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    You on those steroids too?
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    Brian burns, Oh my goodness. Jeremy Chinn on the play also. He and Brian Burns are gonna feat for the Panthers for years to come.
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    LMAO at Washington fans pulling their hair out over Rivera's time management.
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    - barely an off-season - no preseason games - new coaching staff trying to put everything together and create identity - pretty bad supporting cast - getting double teamed like crazy Just ridiculously unrealistic to expect great things right away. Yes other rookies have looked better. Chinn has looked great. But flying around in those positions, its easier to make plays and stand out than being on the line. Not going to judge a player 2 games into his career. Although some expect rookies to look like hall of farmers 2 games in.
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    This is the worst post you’ve made since you proclaimed Terrell McClain a Pro-Bowler
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    Curtis Samuel had a really good game yesterday, and was a big reason our offense was able to put up 31. 2nd in the team in receiving yards (51), ahead of DJ, despite being 4th in targets (4 targets). All 3 of his catches were first downs, with 2 of them coming on 3rd and 8+ to keep the drives going. May not have put up huge stats but he was extremely valuable and clutch yesterday and he deserves some credit.
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    Why not be a Bridgewater fan? What a great comeback story. First rounder with a bright future and some early success and disaster strikes. Years later after serving as a backup he finally gets the chance to start in a friendly offense in the middle of a pandemic for a college coach with no preseason. This would have made for an unbelievable movie if it weren't true.
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    Not sure if a thread was made about this yet, but Matt Rhule and his staff utilized a rule (har har) today while on defense on two separate occasions. The first came towards the end of the 2nd half when the Cardinals were in the Red Zone in an up-tempo offense. The Cardinals attempted to substitute a player which allowed the Panthers to substitute defensively, and take their time doing so. This caused the Cards to show their cards (har har) on offense and burn a time out due to Zach Kerr taking his sweet time to get to the line. The Panthers were aware of the rule and used it to their advantage, I have never seen this or anything remotely strategic to that in all of my years of watching Panther football. That wouldn't be the last time the Panthers called them out on the offensive substitution. Once again, near the end of the game while AZ was running up-tempo - they subbed a guy out and Zach Kerr strolled to the line. Absolutely brilliant stuff, we have an incredibly smart and strategic staff.
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    2-2 is the next step on the way to 14-2
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    says no one expected this game to matter before the season, "I'm gonna put it right now, the Defensive Rookie of the Year is not anyone in Washington who was #2 overall, and it's not one of the star guys like Derrick Brown or even Isiah Simmons, the DROY is a guy named Jeremy Chinn. Who? Jeremy Chinn is my DROY because every week he is making plays. He is on pace for 128 tackles and last week had his first interception. He also had 5 tackles, 2 passes defended. He's everywhere on the field, he's everything the Cardinals thought Isiah Simmons would be. He's been unbelievable, and I think he steps and plays a huge role against the Saints. Jeremy I see you, raise your game against the Saints."
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    love this from Joe Person tweet: “...Matt Rhule said this wk Panthers are re-scheming these.” it should be so obvious, but feels like rocket science vs. Ron. I’m so excited about this coaching staff.
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    Jeremy Chinn has had 316 total snaps through 5 games. Here’s the breakdown of his alignment per PFF: Edge (OLB) 21 Box (ILB/SS) 105 Slot 114 Outside CB 10 Free Safety 66
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    Drew Brees and Micheal Thomas have won this division 3 years in a row slant routing us to death.
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    Okay guys. So, I started a positivity thread before the Chargers game. And guess what. We won! Then last week, riding the positive momentum, I made another positivity post! And we won! So, I have to keep going, right? Here we go again! So this week, it's our old nemesis, the Atlanta Falcons. This team OWNED the Ron Rivera era Panthers. The Panthers were an ABYSMAL 6-12 against the Falcons from 2011-2019 under Rivera. The Panthers have lost their last 5 games against the Falcons, and none of the games were even that close. Even their lone win against the Falcons in 2017 was a Julio Jones drop away from another Falcons victory. The Falcons have won the season series against the Panthers 4 times to the Panthers 1 time. But enough of the negative, this is a new era! Gone are the days of Ron Rivera's slow, often unprepared and unmotivated squads. Now, Matt Rhule's scrappy, never-give-up teams are riding a 2 game winning streak and riding high! Teddy Bridgewater is coming off his best game as a Panther, scoring 3 TDs and having a scrambling TD reminiscent of Cam Newton's many rushing TDs. Mike Davis has been a pleasant surprise, stepping in for CMC and the offense hasn't missed a beat. Robby Anderson has grabbed the WR1 slot and ran with it with his great speed. Curtis Samuel actually made an impact in the last game against the Cardinals. DJ Moore is consistently making plays. The offensive line is actually starting to get better. There's a lot to be excited about! And the young defense seems to be getting better every game. Brian Burns has been consistently destroying opposing tackles and getting pressure on QBs. Derrick Brown is morphing into a dominant DT before our eyes. Rasul Douglas came off the street and became the solid cornerback this Panthers defense desperately needed. Shaq Thompson is doing his best to take the place of the HOF linebackers that came before him. And this hot Panthers team rolls into Atlanta facing a Falcons team desperate for a win. They are 0-4 after a few soul crushing losses where they again blew big leads at the end of the game. They are extremely banged up with injuries and starting backups in their secondary. Julio Jones might be out this week as well. This Panthers team should be able to pass the ball against the worst passing defense in the NFL. With Bridgewater playing well and the amount of weapons on this Panthers offense, Bridgewater should have a good game. On defense, the Falcons present a lot of problems. Even without Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley is an emerging star and should be able to get open. Kyler Murray missed some open receivers with poor throws against this Panthers defense last week. Matt Ryan is a veteran and will not miss those throws. It's on the young Panthers pass rush to get to the QB and make Matt Ryan make mistakes. And I believe they will. Matt Ryan has been sacked 9 times in 4 games. Against the Packers last week, they gave up 4 sacks. If the Panthers pass rush can get going, and Bridgewater can take advantage against a weak secondary, the Panthers have a VERY good chance to win this game. EXORCIZE THE DEMONS OF RON RIVERA'S FAILURES!!!! DESTROY THE DIRTY BIRDS!!!!
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    they start by noting that Chinn leads all rookies with tackles and Brown leads all rookies in TFL. said we had a great opportunity with a new coaching staff. After the first four games, the trust and communication have gone up. Our offense has performed very well. Our offensive line has stepped up. Our defense has made stops on third down. Teddy is the last person off the field. He's somebody you want to get behind. saud it seened like Rhule had a plan for him since the senior bowl. On preparation, he's been meeting with Holcomb every day trying to pick up anything he can. Trying to make my weaknesses my strengths. One piece of eye black I got from the Honey Badger. Superstition a little bit, but I'm gonna continue to do it. Smiled when he talked about playing him later this year. Talked about Steve Atwater being his uncle. Said he's been very helpful, through the agent selection process and how to transition from college to pro, taking care of my body through the season, how to play as fast as possible for 16 weeks.
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    The Seahawks knocked it out of the park drafting early on in Carroll's career. Maybe due to his familiarity with players from the college game either from scouting opponents or from the recruiting trail? Could we be seeing something similar happening here with Rhule? I hope so.
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    No sh*t Steve. You’ve been a dick to a lot of people.
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