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    Hey all With the tough times coming I just wanted to let any huddler know they aren't alone. If you have any needs, reach out and as a community we will see what we can do. You aren't alone. You are valued. This too shall pass. Feel free to reach out to me and we will do our best to help you out. JI
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    I wonder if Cam wants to pay back the 40 million he received over the past 2 years. Sure he is angry at the team but how long are they supposed to hang on handing him 20 million plus per year to not play. Honestly I hope he recovers but am not angry the Panthers moved on. This is the way it goes in the NFL.
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    Mods please delete this thread, clearly OP doesn't read the forum.
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    Rhule is not interested in winning under 5 games this season. He is not interested in dragging this team down to the worst in the league to draft any single player. Instead, he is looking to build a culture of hard work and accountability in the building. The hope is that will benefit the team as a whole much more than any single player would. That would be nearly impossible to create if he allowed a 1-2 win season. The goal is a season with a handful of wins, some close losses, and a hell of a lot of hustle. I'm good with that.
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    During the first segments of Kyle Bailey's radio show today, he recounted a conversation he had with someone within the Panthers organization, basically giving "their side of the story" as far as the Newton fiasco. Here's a summary of what he said, keeping in mind this is from a Panthers source: - The "little commitment" video was exactly what it sounded like, that he wanted an extension. The team was absolutely unwilling to do so and may not have been all that happy about the video itself. - The Panthers, at that point, decided the time had come to go ahead and move on from Newton. They told his people (primarily agent Bus Cook) that they were trading him. Cook asked for permission to control the trade negotiations and the team agreed. The team then tweeted that news out. - After seeing the tweet, Newton got angry because he felt the team made it sound like he wanted out. He reacted accordingly with his Instagram post. The team doesn't believe they did anything wrong with their tweet given that his people had requested to control the process. - Matt Rhule's comments through the whole offseason discussion were deliberately measured. He expressed the desire to coach Newton but allowed for the fact that he might not get to. Ultimately, he'd support whatever quarterback the team settled on. - The team didn't expect to get Teddy Bridgewater for what they were offering. Word is that the Patriots also wanted Bridgewater and the Bucs would have as well if not for the interest from Tom Brady. - Once Bridgewater was on board, the team felt safe to just let it be known that they were moving on. With what's happened since, the team now believes there is no trade market for Newton. He'll probably be released. - David Tepper still plans to bring Newton back and induct him into the team's Ring of Honor at some point. So here we are... This is the team's side of things. Whether or not you choose to believe what they're saying is, of course, up to you.
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    Tepper said this would be a 5 year process. We haven't even began year 1 and people are completely freaking out and whining. We didn't win crap with what we had, and with a new coaching staff and system things were obviously going to change drastically. Why everyone is acting so surprised by that blows my mind. I'm no fan of Marty Hurney, but he has to be here through the draft (even though he isn't a great drafter) He and his staff have worked the past year scouting players. Bringing in an assistant this year will give us an easier transition when we permanent ban Hurney from making anymore decisions for us in the future. I'm not mad about the Bridgewater signing. He is a decent QB and good locker room guy, and someone perfect for holding down the position until a drafted QB is ready to lead us into a new era. I wish everyone on here would exercise some patience and try to "trust the process" a little even if its confusing and weird right now. This is not the time to panic over our direction
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    Our franchise is run by a bunch of drunks. I tried to buy in on Rhule, but if this is his plan, it sucks. And at this point, under Tepper, all I see are breadcrumbs that lead me to believe he is an impulsive, meddling owner - to a much greater degree than JR was. I dont really get a sense of a master plan at the end of all these seemingly random impulse moves, but rather a rich big boy who gets to tear down his playset and then fix it how he likes, just to tear it down again. This makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. I understand Cam was hurt the last few years, and ironically not from all of the running he did over the years that everyone was worried about, but in fact because he couldnt be protected in the pocket by two different GMs. But, if he returns to form, he is 2000x the player Bridgewater is and 10,000x the player Allen is. If he returns to form, you're getting an MVP caliber player for relative peanuts. Letting Cam go at this juncture feels like a mistake of a move that we're going to regret down the line. Back to Bridgewater - to add further insult to injury, nothing against Teddy, but Cam fell out of favor after repeatedly getting injured behind a porous OL. Cam, at 6'5" 260 lbs, couldn't stay healthy. Now you expect the same GM to build said OL to keep a much more slight-framed Bridgewater healthy, all while paying him quite handsomely... and mind you, Bridgewater also doesnt have the escapability or arm strength of a Cam... seems like a solid plan. And furthermore, not only do I think you're botching the on-field product up, but you really couldn't have done much worse in the optics and presentation of all of this. We went from he's gone, to "I'm gonna win a Superbowl with him," to Cam declaring with absolute certainty that he was led to believe he would be back, to Hurney being non-committal, to now today, our team signing an inferior replacement and then telling Cam publicly to go find another team while thanking him for how great he is. Sloppy. I will always be a Panthers fan, but I feel less invested than ever before. I'm just tired of bad move after bad move and stupidity running rampant, regardless of who is in charge. We'll see how all of this plans out, and maybe Bridgewater ends up being fine... as a Panthers fan, we have to pull for him and the best outcome, but man, this just looks and feels bad. And finally, thank you for all you have done here, Cam. You are a legend of untouchable stature now and forever. In your prime, there never has been and never will be anyone like you. In a gladiator's sport, you were the ultimate gladiator... one who could put an entire team of 52 other players on your back and carry them to the endzone, time and time again. It has been an honor to see you grow, mature, and become the incredible player and humanitarian you have become - all while wearing the black and blue. There will never be another Cam Newton - the greatest player in Panthers' history. Period.
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    Wow, so exactly what I and a bunch of other rational posters said?
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    For not keeping someone 31 other teams felt was not worth a 7th round pick. Kyle freaking Allen on a one year deal commanded a 5th rounder, all I see on twitter is shame on Rhule, Tepper, Hurney. If that is the case, there are 32 fools who think Cam is not worth the risk of signing. Even after all that, no reports of teams beating down his door to sign him. All I've heard for 3 years is just wait until he is healthy. It never happened, now apparently a doctor in Atlanta passed him in a physical, that doesn't necessarily mean the Panthers doctor would. You can pass a physical without having full capacity of throwing that you had before an injury. I'm not trying to crown David Tepper as owner of the year, but we have not played 1 preseason game under his staff. Year 1 was last year, it was too late in 2018 for him to make any changes, thus he spent 2018 fixing many business issues this team had. If Cam was anywhere near the level that he was in 2017, we would've kept him. The beginning of 2018 was a farce, the Steelers exposed the Panthers ability to not be able to throw more then 10-20 yards and the rest of the NFL capitalized. The man is on a diet many nutritionists have publicly reached out to him and said is likely affecting his football ability. It's the truth, the Panthers are a business and are not going to publicly come out and defend themselves. Things happened and we moved on, let's play some football before we declare Tepper as Dan Snyder. P.S. Richardson seemed uninvolved with the team until the end of his ownership. If you think owners (barring maybe Shad Khan in JAX) don't have any input or force any decisions on teams, you're a fool. Kraft forced Bill to trade Jimmy G, heck, Davis forced the Raiders to take Jamarcus Russell over Calvin Johnson. If Cam has some miracle comeback, I'm not going to flame our FO. Obviously every NFL team feels the same and I won't get mad if he does it on a 1 year- 5 million prove it deal.
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    I like Teddy, think he is a good QB. Hard to be outraged over this signing
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    Gotta get a defensive stop to return a punt.
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    Panthers going to end up on the wrong side of history on this one.
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    Everyone on the list had a hand in Newton's demise (including Newton himself) except for the new staff. They inherited this mess.
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    He'll prolly get drug tested picking up his last check.
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    Hope he does well. Any Panther fan should feel the same.
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    Their mouths say "not tanking", the roster says " tanking".
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    I wouldn’t expect anything with a Panthers logo on it to stop anything if I were you
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    Every time I think Hurney is terrible I get reminded that Bill O'Brien exists.
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    If we never had a lead, wouldn't we be 0-16?
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    Wanted to let you guys know my wife had her hours cut and is making masks for local hospitals and anyone else who wants them. Can make them in Panthers material or pretty much anything else you want. Let me know if you’re interested. Email my wife at [email protected] with quantity and child size or adult size and address. We will then send a paypal invoice. 12 dollars each/ free shipping Here’s a picture of the finished product and the Panthers material my wife is using...
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    So much to love about Cam but dang his act has gotten old.
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    People keep whining that we didn’t get anything for Cam because Hurney screwed up. No...we didn’t get anything because there isn’t a market for a QB who hasn’t won a game in nearly 2 seasons, and hasn’t been fully healthy for longer than that. Cams been a free agent for Over 24 hours and still not a peep as to a team being highly interested. I love Cam...but this has nothing to do with Hurney or Rhule or Tepper.
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    I know many are really frustrated with all the changes, but I expected there to be a great deal of turmoil. Growth can be painful and stressful. But I'm still in the camp that will give Rhule the benefit of the doubt for at least 3 seasons before passing any sort of judgment. It takes time to put your imprint on a team as a leader, and I have no problem giving him that time. Actually I'm kind of excited about all the upheaval. Things will at least be different, and for me - following and being a fan of this organization since the day 1, different is *NEEDED*. Maybe I'm a cockeyed optimist like Billy Mumphrey, but I'm feeling good. If any of you want to wallow in misery, that's your prerogative, but I'm excited. I just hope there is a season to be excited for. ;)
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    The direction of the team seems harder to predict this year, than any previous year. I know Hurney returns as GM and everyone has their own feelings about him, but I think its safe to say, all of the major roster decisions will go through Rhule. This includes free agency, the draft and final roster. Rhule has not said much publicly about his plan, rather playing his cards close to his vest. In his interview on the Peter King podcast, he did divulge a little more than we have seen elsewhere. Heres some of what I found interesting in that interview that I don't recall being posted in the other thread: Mentions he had an 8 year contract at Baylor, so it was a similar deal to what he got here, insinuated that coming here wasn't about the money but rather the ability to have a commitment to work out a long term plan for success. King says from his interview with Cam last training camp, Cam said he's looking forward to being a different QB, not being the guy who runs it all the time or throws it 55 yards down the field, gets to be more mature QB, who has learned the position a lot more, got the sense he was ready to be more of a cerebral player. Rhule agrees, says he thinks he wants to develop his game, have the next part of his career be the best part of his career. Says in our system you have to be able to make the decisions at the line of scrimmage, has to get us in the right play, get us in the right protection, not say hey let the Center handle that. He says QB who has a lot of experience and allow them to make decisions, he will thrive in that. He says the days of just running the QB power are things he can still do but his ability to blend his experience with his rare talent is what he's excited about. Said there's nothing worse for an organization than having someone on the last year of their contract(coach or gm), and they're saying hey we have to win now, which impedes their ability to make good decisions for the long term. Said they won't draft a QB they should sign, or sign free agents they should and signs a big ticket item that may save their job but no business works that way. He said you have to make decisions which are good for the long term. Says Hurney and him have the ability to do things the right way, and look for guys who can help for the next 3-4 years, vs panicking for a 1 year success. You look for those types of 3-4 year players every year.r King says from his perspective says we are wide open on QB possibilities, Says keeping Cam is the first path to go down and if he's healthy it allows use our picks elsewhere. On Cam, said he got the feeling that he wants to be more of a cerebral QB and not being the power runner or always just throwing 50 year bombs. On Joe Brady, said he had some familiarity with him from various college games where they coached against each other, Said as he as kept looking at how he wanted to conduct an NFL offense he kept being pulled to the Saints way of doing things in the passing game. Said they have a sustainable offense with a core to it. Says Joe took that offense to LSU and had success with it. As he thought about Cam, said he wanted a QB friendly offense that will keep him upright. Says Joe has no ego, just loves football, loves the X's and O's. Said he loved a quote from him that he loved in reference to the WR'S, "were not here to put on a show, were here to put on a clinic". He said he hired his staff, with guys who love football, not the fame that comes with being in the spotlight. Says he and Snow have made their career on playing hard football. Said paying fans deserve to seem the play hard with effort on defense and wants to be one of the more exact teams on offense. Says we have good players on offense (doesn't mention any compliments about the defense). Going back over the years there's been one score games the Panthers have been in. Wants to find ways to close the gap and win more of those games. Difference in filling out a college roster and NFL roster, is in college you're projecting based on talent and maybe they can play another position. In NFL you only have one 1st round pick and 7 picks total and that he can't miss. Development time is already over and now its about production and what they are going to do immediately and how they fit our roster, the community and if they want to be here. If you want to listen for yourself here's the link again: Rhule starts at about 14 minute mark and ends at the 38 minute mark. https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/cadence13/the-mmqb-podcast-with-peter-king/e/67778233#/ In the coming months we will get a much clearer picture of how he wants to structure this team, but I at least feel like there was more info to be gleaned from that interview that wasn't previously discussed. Also with him saying you want to acquire guys who can be part of a 3-4 year plan vs a 1 year one and done quick fix, that I think an attempt to extend Okung will happen and in the process lower his cap charge for this year.
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    I'm not sure about the future of Cam's career, but this thread will be a poo show soon. That much I'm sure about.
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    Won’t miss him one bit on or off the field. I want team players here.
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    I love Cam but if he wouldn't play without a extension then we have to trade him. You don't give a extension to a player who has been hurt for almost two years without seeing play at least a full season.
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    Being a Hurney guy is the kiss of death. Filling positions of need in weak draft classes at those positions is a terrible idea. Should have gone OG last year and OT this year. Just more of the same from a bad roster building GM. What he brings to the process is enough reason to fire him and yet here he is again and again. At this point, it's on Tepper.
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    Reading the actual lines it says Haskins in the starter. I don't trust the between line reading of a community who is still hung up on former players and coaches.
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    For more than we get for Cam. 2020 really is a funny year so far.
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    Totally. Hes just handing out roster spots to only Baylor and Temple players... Except for: Teddy Bridgewater John Miller Pharoh Cooper Stephen Weatherly Juston Burris Seth Devalve Tre Boston Chris Smith Outside of the vast majority of our signings you're spot on. You're overreacting for no reason. He signed 2 players today.
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    spoiler alert: Marty hurney is a functioning retard
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    greatest QB we've ever had, maybe most iconic player, moreso than 89. did more to grow this franchise than anyone in history. rewrote the record books in a short decade. criminally unappreciated by scads of people who literally would have chosen kyle allen over him because they prefer a losing lunchpaily white quarterback to a brash, unapologetic black man. my favorite player in any sport across all time.
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    Good signing in a vacuum. In reality, we just signed a deep threat with Teddy "dink and dunk" Bridgewater at QB.
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    The team deserves whatever blowback they get from this. It won't be pretty for Tepper, Rhule, and Hurney (while he's here). It also just goes to show the politicking of our new owner and coach. These guys will work their words and the team's words to suit them however they want. It's going to be hard to trust them going forward. The "inside the Panthers" stuff is going to age poorly. I want to love everything about this team, but not sure how to feel about anyone who isn't just a player for the franchise at this point.
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    I really hope we moved on from Cam due to injury concerns and we're just doing the right thing by Cam and not disclosing that and posing it as a football decision. Honestly, that would be commendable. But, if we really did choose Teddy over Cam as a pure football decision... oh wee mayne.
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    How will Panthers fans be able to identify the curse going forward? 3 winning seasons in the last 9 years.
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    Biggest concern of the moment: Significant other works in the healthcare industry. She's dedicated to doing her job despite the risks. And while she isn't directly caring for virus patients, some of her co-workers are. I trust that she knows what she's doing but I'm still worried for her.
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    The amount of revenue Cam produced for the mediocre franchise, they should pay his next contract while he plays on a different team
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    This team needed wholesale changes. Most were screaming for it the last 2 years. Now we have it. Embrace it.
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    Yeah y’all would torch Hurney if he signed him to that much money lol.
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    It would be a big mistake to postpone the draft. Teams need as much time as possible to get the rookies ready for the season. Instead. adapt and change. Picks can be made remotely via phone/internet. Players can be at home with their families for their reactions. This may even be more entertaining than all the contrived hoopla (money generating) fluff the NFL has turned the draft into.
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