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  1. Everyone keeps bringing up the lions or other crappy panthers years but all you need to look at is the 2015 pre season. Between the Benjamin injury, joint practice poo show with the Dolphins and fight between Cam and Josh, everyone was ready to write that team off. Anyone who says otherwise is a straight up liar unless you can provide receipts. 

  2. 58 minutes ago, TheCandyMan said:

    The Canes did this for the 2nd round.  I got the warning about it when I bought my tickets.

    So I used an out of state credit card for game 2 and ticketmaster let the transaction go through. If I had seen the restriction I would've had my friend in NC buy the tickets. Is ticketmaster going to screw me on this or is there a way for me to keep the tickets?

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  3. I was thinking this at first but ultimately it only applies to Evero who likely couldn't care less what we do at QB. Between McCown being regarded as a great QB coach for young QBs before even having the coaching position and Brown being deemed, in McVay's own words, "one of the best teachers he's worked with", the Panthers might be in an amazing position to draft a QB in the first.

    If Reich, Brown and McCown believe that any of the top 4 guys are coachable, I wouldn't be surprised if they choose to sit at 9 and wait to see who's left. Because of this, I'm actually kinda high on Levis and Richardson because when put in the hands of these coaches, they both have a great chance to reach their ceilings.

  4. I love your style dude. My favorite highlight vids are the ones where specific clips mash up well with the music behind it. What you did with the Shenault play against the Lions, Darnold's barrel roll against the broncos and PJ's bomb paired with "its a shot in the dark, but I'll make it" was chef's kiss. 

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  5. 38 minutes ago, Jon Snow said:

    You too?! Damn, just a little bit of success and it's pro bowls and super bowls all over again. 

    Damn it's going to be a long season.

    God forbid the Panthers stomp the poo out of the Texans. This plays would be insufferable with all the optimism and positivity. You might want to take a few weeks off from coming here...


    18 minutes ago, Floppin said:

    Nobody thinks that Shaq has a shot huh?

    I think he stands a pretty good chance when it's all said and done. 

    If he keeps playing like he has then he'll shoot up the list. Burns, Reddick and Chinn had very high expectations coming into this season and so far they seem to be meeting them. Shaq has been a pleasant surprise that I would like to see continue all season.

  6. 5 minutes ago, 1usctrojan said:

    Liking the team, and disliking their QB, are two separate issues.

    That's my point. Like I said his takes can be very hit or miss, but as a sports better Cowherd does pretty well because he doesn't account for his hottest of takes.

    You originally said to take his opinions with a grain of salt and what I'm saying is that his Blazing 5 is not the same as his opinions and talking points each week. Most posters on this site and around the internet always go 'herp derp cowherd is garbage' and while I agree with most of it, his bets are not to be taken with a grain of salt.

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  7. 1 minute ago, 1usctrojan said:

    Take his opinions with a huge Boulder of salt.

    His takes and opinions are most often garbage. He does it for the entertainment value and views but if you want to know how he truly feels about football you listen to his bets. He will poo on Baker Mayfield all day but when the line comes out, he takes the Browns.

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