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  2. Yeah, I'm switching over to the Bill's game. I don't think this is the Canes night.
  3. I would not be so sure it guarantees anything for either of them. Everyone is auditioning for a job but it doesn't mean that job is here. My faith and interest level in the Panthers hinges on what Tepper does in the offseason.
  4. Allen has guys hanging on to him and he throws darts.
  5. Allen sons the pats again. That throw was crazy
  6. Binnington is in his bag tonight. I usually complain that our shots are quantity over quality, but we’ve had five or so Grade A’s that Binnington has saved.
  7. Its going to get the same kind of response that John Carter got. Gibson, like Burroughs was years ahead of his time and the Sprawl series defined a genre. But Like John Carter (Princess of Mars) what was new fresh and groundbreaking when it was published is going to be received as cliche and derivative at this point. Throw in just a general over exposure of Teller and Im less than excited about the possibilities.
  8. Yeah if Stroud falls to us around there It would be hard for the staff to pass up
  9. I honestly think neither are ready to declare for the draft. Especially if they want to go in the top ten. But qb needy teams will take a chance and try to get them ready for the nfl as soon as they can. I get it though, these kids want to make some money as soon as they can. I can understand taking a shot at the nfl now and not risk injury playing another season in college.
  10. So at is going to be starting for us next year lol.
  11. PFN is usually more in line with the eye test anyway. Their rankings seem more realistic to me, and they actually update them pretty often
  12. Brugler released his mock on a new Athletic FS pod this week so his is new and off his latest intel. Some really good insight on it. Unsure if Richardson is as high as some are projecting. Can’t dispute the upside but the hype may not be there for decision makers yet.
  13. The Pats struggles since TB12 moved on are really eroding Hoodies legacy
  14. Wilson and Rodgers are really gonna test that theory
  15. A person with severe mental Issues in a house full of guns. God bless America
  16. That's PFN (who has the best mock draft simulator). PFF still thinks Levis is the 3rd best player in the draft and won't stop mocking him to us lol. I think CBS does whatever PFF does because they are hung up on the same bs
  17. Winning the division with a losing record basically means wilks and darnold are back with a pick in the 20s. That does absolutely nothing for this franchise moving forward
  18. https://www.profootballnetwork.com/2023-nfl-mock-draft-anthony-richardson-jumps-c-j-stroud-in-the-top-10/ pff has us taking him at 6. That seems about right
  19. Being in the "hunt" in a division this terrible makes the situation different. If any team were worth a damn, all the games we're playing would be meaningless. The winner of this division is likely going to have a losing record, and while I realize anything can happen in the playoffs, the likelihood of making a deep run just isn't there. We aren't beating the Eagles, Dallas, or NY. Minnesota depends on if prime time Cousins or normal Cousins shows up. I just don't see drafting in the early 20s helping the franchise given our state at QB. Of course this is all speculation now and will depend on how Darnold plays, the D plays, and how the rest of the division plays out. We just happen to be in a division right now that 7-10 or 8-9 wins but still isn't a good team.
  20. Yahoo has us taking AR at 5 and the Saints taking Levis at 36...Then we take the LSU WR at 39 https://sports.yahoo.com/2023-nfl-mock-draft-climbing-121102812.html
  21. Spending way too much time in their own end playing D. Got to get the cycle going and get some O-zone time.
  22. Thank god the Patriots are using their real logo.
  23. Someone needs to fake the dump in and throw a puck at the net, Binnington is leaving the net early.
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