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  2. https://twitter.com/akashanav/status/1577422386504212480?s=20&t=KVoNQBDabmDEnTaSnEfZRw https://twitter.com/LombardiHimself/status/1577329411514257408?s=20&t=KVoNQBDabmDEnTaSnEfZRw Can't get it to show up as a tweet; but basically yeah currently they're statistically up there with the 85 Bears/2000 Ravens defense.
  3. Isn't this offense averaging around 3.7 yards per play, so just do the normal thing and it should work out, right. Right?
  4. I forgot about that; I did just see a stat today that they're allowing 3.7 yards per play which is the lowest ypp since the 70's or something...this might get very ugly, very fast. Always possible for a surprise I guess lol
  5. This is a pretty weird kick everyone while they're down thread, and that's coming from someone who also isn't dedicating time or care into this team (as in myself). I think we all know the answer to how it feels, and if you aren't sure, click a thread, any thread it's clearly filled with despair here...and plenty of overreaction.
  6. This season is like watching someone you care about being tortured and you can't do anything about it I can't even stand to watch highlights
  7. Panthers have not been shut out in just under 20 years - on November 24th 2002 against the Falcons. It could happen this Sunday with the 49ers ball control offense and best D in the NFL.
  8. Is it too late for Bill Cowher ? I also like Tony Dungie, he has built superbowl teams before
  9. So, can't get the ball back and can't control the clock. Sounds like Matt Rhule Ball to me.
  10. Jimmy G going to make Baker look like TRASH Bosa going to make Ickey look like TRASH Deebo going to make Horn look like TRASH Kittle going to make Chinn look like TRASH Rhule is going to try to slow play this again and win in the 4th quarter. He wants to prove he can do it, and instead he has proven that he can't over 25 times. Is there a coach in the NFL Rhule is better than in a close game when coaching decisions really matter?
  11. The team has been taken 3 steps back due to the Miles situation. We failed on making significant upgrades through trades... To keep LaMelo here we need another super star. Melo has made that clear through hints on social media. Let us tank this year for the next NBA unicorn and possibly the best player in NBA history. https://youtu.be/i-dfVWoUvx0
  12. Couldn't really say much about blocking but all I remember about Mangum was him bobbling the few touchdowns he caught. Then again, Henning was pretty much the anti-McAdoo and kept forgetting that tight ends were legally allowed to catch a ball.
  13. Dude’s a HOFer compared to what we got now
  14. If you look at our players, plus our cap situation next year, plus our currently available draft picks, I don't see how anyone could say we've been well managed. The only thing anyone can do is try to blame it all on Rhule.
  15. I agree they are an evaluation of the franchise as a whole, but subjective or not, I think most would agree we're one of the five worst teams in the league. Sorry for the edits. I misunderstood you the first time.
  16. Well they aren't good in any way. Have you not watched the games?
  17. My money is on Reich or Allen. Matt isn’t going anywhere until we are eliminated and even then Tepper may keep him til January.
  18. I can’t think of another franchise except maybe the Jaguars where Matt Rhule wouldn’t have been fired already. If this guy would have took the NYG job he wouldn’t have made it past year 1. Imagine if he was in Philly.
  19. Stroud is the real deal I believe. I also think Levis is up there. I’m not big on Young.
  20. People forget how good of a blocker Mangum was. He didn’t get dozens of targets but he caught what was thrown to him.
  21. Not the root cause but our TE room is not good. Tremble is a fullback playing TE. Ricci is a decent blocker that gets open because nobody covers him, and Ian Thomas is well below average. This franchise has usually always done well in the TE group. Walls, Mangum, Olsen, Dickson. I would rather have King, Rosario, or Barnidge than these guys.
  22. The TEs are who I thought they would be. The problem is Rhule/Fitt and their attempt to force a square peg into a round hole with Thomas. This team would have Hunter Henry, Dan Arnold, and Jelani Woods at TE right now (Also, Andrew Booth CB and Desmond Ridder) if I got my way in the draft. Instead, we got Vernon Butler, CJ Henderson, Tommy Tremble and Sam Darnold while wasting space and time with Thomas and Sullivan. The moves for this team have been disappointing.
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