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  2. I dunno. I’m talking contingent on Darnold if he just totally mentally bombs which I think is possible. I’ve been watching some of his games. Some of the poo he does makes no fuging sense. And they are huge backbreaking stuff. Like huge brain farts. We hope he can be coached out of that but I think some of that is just in his dna. Bad habits. Brady has a pretty qb friendly system so I’ll hope he can make the most of his opportunities. I’ll hope for the best.
  3. Agreed. I don't see how people can stand to watch regular season NBA. I mean, most of the time it's obvious the players are just going through the motions, getting up occasionally for rivals or key games.
  4. We will have a top 5 defense. If Burns stays healthy he will push for the lead league in sacks.
  5. Dom's Toupee would be a good troll alt name
  6. I don't necessarily think Trent Scott getting the nod at LT is a weird idea. He might not keep it, but hey...
  7. I'd prefer to keep Chinn around the ball as much as possible. He'd probably be fine at FS but seems a bit of a waste of his run support and on-ball abilities. That said I think the whole 'interchangeable safety positons' factors in, so hopefully it wpuld minimize that.
  8. I don't know if Darnold is the answer. I do think Darnold has proven to be good enough to at minimum have us compete in games and win some.
  9. I actually think he's a great part of the team. But when Chinn is inside the box, we need someone back with Burris. That could be a McCain. Unsure who really fits that bill currently on the team. Hartsfield? Franklin? Burris isn't a bad option is some packages- but he doesn't offer the speed to play single-high (deep centerfield). No one really does as far as our Safeties go (except maybe Chinn...possibly Hartsfield). Not saying Boston was a burner either, but we played a lot of Split looks last year. If we want the option to play single high (with press man), then it would be bet
  10. The whole thing of people attaching their personas to past failures like Hurney and Bridgewater is really kind of weird. I guess the next step is somebody on here wailing that we never should have fired John Fox or parted ways with Kerry Collins. (dear mods, if these should appear please ban them immediately)
  11. I don't own the jersey of a single current Panther, but if this happens I'll buy a Sam Darnold jersey and you can hold me to that one.
  12. These things shouldn’t be news but the huddle will always huddle.
  13. Matt Amendola beats out Joey Slye and proceeds to kick the game winning FG in superbowl 56.
  14. well, I was just trying to highlight how the Brady pass offense by design spreads the ball around. Both in college and the pros.
  15. That was just Smarty Hurney the whole time.
  16. Fug the NHL "Department of Player Safety." Fug Parros- he should have been terminated the minute he decided to do nothing but toss a $5000 charity fine at Wilson. Tom Wilson sucker-punched a player in the back of the head who was down on the ice. Tom Wilson then threw another player to the ice not once, but twice, when that player had no helmet on. Tom Wilson injured this player maliciously and with intent. The NHL "Department of Player Safety" is obviously more concerned with Tom Wilson's safety than the safety of either Pavel Buchnevich or Artemi Panarin. Tom Wilson does
  17. Yeah but this is also contingent on Darnold performing. Also I know he has medical concerns and if he’s ok with those I really think Marshall has the ability to be a #1 receiver in the future. I loved this pick and at the bottom of the 2nd was incredible value. He needs to hone in on his route running more but that will come with just being a professional and being surrounded by good coaches. Super talented and motivated guy. Brady was grinning ear to ear in the interview about drafting him.
  18. To be fair though, at least none of those viewpoints were universally held. My biggest question going into the draft was whether or not Tepper would keep his word and let his football people do their jobs rather than inserting himself into the process. When push came to shove, he did indeed keep his nose out of it, and I'm happy about that.
  19. Not against Chinn at FS, long as he shows he can handle the mental aspects of the position he should be fine.
  20. Chinn at FS? Really? Not saying thats good or bad really, but I always saw him more of a thumper, in the box SS. But im sure he would excel no matter where they decide to put him on the field. Hes a superstar waiting to happen.
  21. Sam Darnold CPOY and MVP Adam Gase cemented as best NFL talent predictor. Teams flock to sign every former Dolphin and Jets scrub.
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