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  2. No he is not. He was carried by his team. His record shows the exact opposite...
  3. I can't believe this narrative is still being pushed. I want nothing to do with Baker or California G. It rhey want a true veteran presence, then sign Foles. At least he won't embarrass himself and he knows he wouldn't be coming here to be a long term answer.
  4. Morgan is a big piece of what keeps this team relevant to me. Add in CMC and Moore, and that’s about it — but Corral and Ickey also get a nod
  5. Today
  6. it would be funny to win the cup, and not win a single away game
  7. Hey yo, am I gonna be married to baby hands at QB?
  8. Even in practice he can get hurt. Didn't he get hurt and keep playing when he shouldn't have last year? What good did it do him?
  9. How does it make it easier for the Browns if Baker doesn't show up? And Baker is still getting paid. There might be a win win if he shows up, might be, but it's more of a win for them. I'd be more tempted to sit out and collect a check than let them think they can string me along. They are keeping him around for security. I'd want to do what I could to kick them in the nads. The longer this strings out, the less he's going to get paid.
  10. Oh and for the love of hockey get Staals Paul Bunyan azz back on PP1 providing a net front.
  11. Lol especially if it was Baker.... beating the guy they sold the farm for. Wow, that would be rough. It also wouldn't be surprising if that happened to the Browns
  12. While not needed to win on the road until a potential SCF we do need to get more full practices in to help the PP.... I don't think it's a coincidence that TDAs injury was when our PP started to suck.... (and we had 3 full practices since he came back prior to today).
  13. No, no he hasn't. He played at a insane level Sunday. The chances of him repeating that though are slim.
  14. Let's not jinx it. We have been terrible on the road.
  15. When we win tomorrow and get it to 3-1. I’d consider playing Freddie for the series win so he gets a game before we face Tampa (assuming he’s not ready tomorrow).
  16. Freddie is just a wall... literally He's bigger than even Vasilevskiy a lot less net space and reliance on speed and reaction.
  17. For that side of things, I know I'd much prefer our big goalie agaist Tampa if we make it.....
  18. Honestly playing a team like New York who has an elite goalie in Shesterkin is a good pre-test for us before we face Tampa. Obviously Tampa is better but the fact that we will know what it’s like to face a goalie who can win a game by himself will help.
  19. Y’all realize Tampa winning was great right??? We beat the rangers…..we have home ice to the Stanley cup. We don’t lose on home ice.
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