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  2. This is going to be one of those things where everyone says "don't panic there's a plan" and then 3 months from now it will be blatantly obvious there was no plan.
  3. Stumpy 1,349 Posted 2 minutes ago 1sts cost more to sign... ...Ahem... ...cough cough... ...Ahem...
  4. Trading young talented players for cheap draft picks rather than giving them veteran contracts. 1sts cost more to sign... It's a tear down. Mr. Slumlord might throw a coat of cheap paint on when he's done, but he's taking this house down to the bones. "We could probably get something for those granite countertops. Rip em out and throw some formica in." I sincerely hope Centennial Authority didn't leave any copper pipes or wiring lying around the maintenance rooms.
  5. I worry most that he’s more of a dougie. The more offensive chance he gets the more he forgets his a defensemen. Couple that with the fact he was basically getting rag dolled on our boards defensively…
  6. Way too many distracted car drivers for me to feel comfortable sharing a road with them on a bike. I don't like the odds of 200lbs. vs. 2tons. Even in my car, I pretty much treat nearby drivers as a potential threat/drive defensively. RIP Greg
  7. So he will be a 3rd pick in a draft soon?? Lmao!!
  8. Hopefully everybody at spectrum knows basketball and will stay far away..
  9. Today
  10. Cam Erving, Chiefs Agree to Reported 2-Year, $15.7M Contract Extension | Bleacher Report | Latest News, Videos and Highlights He started at guard the first 13 games in their SB run of 2018 until he was injured. I agree And feel free to tell me who we should cut to reduce the "waste". My point was adding talent for this season is fine. As for the arguing, you quoted me.
  11. Breaking news…Devonta Smith torched everyone last season. Nothing to be ashamed of IMO. Great job OP…awesome breakdown
  12. Yes, in theory that is true. However, if the right player, in the right cicumstances were to become available? Then maybe we make a run at him. But yeah, let's not mess up this years Cap unnecessarily. Basically, the stars would have to align perfectly for us to spend bigish type money this year.
  13. You do know that any cap we don’t spend will roll over to next year, right? If we save that $24M, that means we have an extra $24M to spend on top of whatever the 2022 final cap value is. So, if the cap is set at say $205M, our 2022 cap would actually be $229M (extra cap can continue to rollover again). Someone who spends their entire cap in 2021 would only have $205M in 2022 cap space. Any more 1 year rentals reduce our 2022 cap by exactly whatever they make, so they have a direct impact beyond this year.
  14. Reported that Bean requested a trade after he wasn't selected by the Kraken. He wants more playing time... I am not as torn about this trade as I am Ned - I don't think Bean was ever going to be that good honestly. I may have to eat my words, but he looked like an AHL lifer at the end of the "regular" season and playoffs. Rod had no trust in him at all!
  15. Sometimes you just argue to argue. Here’s my counterpoints: 1. We’ll duh, we should keep our options open. That has nothing to do with what we are saying in this case. If you truly can’t say which player would help us win enough games to be a contender then we are correct that we shouldn’t waste money and you are just throwing out a generic statement that’s not helpful. 2. I was 100% correct, regardless of you trying to act like we can’t make educated guesses because who knows what will happen. We’d have Moton extended with that $70M and have all the cap room we have for the next 3 y
  16. Dougie is a UFA not worth whatever he wants, gave up another blue-liner in Bean with no goalies under contract. Some 'splainin' to do.
  17. Well I was wrong....Ned did get his raise, but not from the Canes. I guess they didn't like the small sample size of his actual games played! Playing with fire - this is either going to look good like the Skinner deal played out or the Canes just made a very big mistake. We'll know in a couple of years.
  18. Panthers and UNC legend thanked the coaches and teammates who made his incredible journey possible. View the full article on Panthers.com
  19. I know we still have some issues. And, we do have some money. It's like, yes, I want that guy. Or, yes, I like that guy, too bad we have to be responsible. Damm, I hate being responsible.
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