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  2. contrary to what was expected of him from pre-draft hype or where he was drafted or what it cost to move up there....he was just a rookie in the worst imaginable situation. that's what we saw...a rookie in the worst situation a rookie could be in. there's no way i can pass judgment on what he did last year because of that. again, it's probably true that most people in here are a lot smarter than me and it doesn't take more than one season of a rookie in the worst possible situation to know that he's never going to amount to poo, or to at the least know that he's never going to be one to count on, but that's not where i am. i don't judge people in their worst moments when the deck is stacked against them. if i'm going to judge at all, i do it when i see how they respond in the next moment.
  3. Our IOL play last season was about as bad as you’ll see in the NFL.
  4. Laughable. Last year he was Teddy Bridgewater if Teddy Bridgewater couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn on 75% of his passes
  5. Talented players show flashes of that talent regardless of the overall surrounding situation. What I saw from Bryce last year told me that we should probably never expect a lift from him. He'll take us as far as the team around him can carry him.
  6. His accuracy is better than most. Try again.
  7. i'm 100% sure that he had didn't have the talent to give him a shot last year or an honest and legit assessment of what he can bring to the table. he might be (probably is) limited on what he can do...but that picture is incomplete. the only thing we could tell from last year was what he looks like when he has to carry the team by himself because he's got no real support from the cast of players or coaches around him. and i don't care who you are, if you have no help from the team around you...you are going to look bad, especially if you are a rookie. last year we saw him in the worst case scenario. we saw his floor. if the situation gets better we will see him get better and get off the floor. it's just a matter of how far off the floor he can get, but i imagine it will be a good bit higher off the floor than many think.
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  9. No disagreement from me. My disagreement comes when people try to say Bryce was bad BECAUSE of the other two. They weren’t good, but they also weren’t prohibitively bad. He could have shown something with what he had, if he was any good.
  10. Yea people that whine about the talent around him conveniently either never saw (because they didn’t watch the games) or forgot the multitude of times receivers were running open and he had plenty of time but just threw a stinker of a pass. Occasionally a receiver would make a miraculous adjustment and catch, but not often.
  11. The OL, receivers, and Bryce were all terrible in non-exclusive fashion. That said yeah, Bryce's play in particular sure compounded some of the issues.
  12. Haven’t watched it yet, but whining about the line (which wasn’t nearly as bad as the Young fanboys’ narrative says it was) and the pass catchers is the siren song of people who refuse to admit they were wrong about Young during the draft process. I still hope Young is able to develop, but I’m not expecting it.
  13. disagree. going into last year....some said Frank's O and the talented we added around Bryce didn't fit very well. And that he would likely struggle as teams sat on our pass game with Bryce. And that was basically how the entire season unfolded. They didn't have the talent or scheme for Bryce to get the ball out quick....and the results were going to be bad for him without it. It's not his fault given we drafted him...but Bryce not fitting what we wanted to do offensively, killed the O. Mentioning that got you destroyed on the board last year. That's still the case IMO. Bryce Young is not the QB that you want running a Canales O. But again, that won't be Bryce's fault. This is all Tepper's creation and pairing of things.
  14. I feel largely the same way I did entering last year. What we are attempting to be on O.....doesn't matchup with Bryce Young. Scheme nor talent. I think Canales would pair much better with a young Jake Delhomme. And Johnson and XL would be great additions for a young Jake Delhomme. It would be fun. Bryce is going to make this OL look worse. He is too small to be in a traditional pocket/scheme at this level. Bryce Young needs an innovative/Bryce Young centric O scheme to succeed with a bunch of quick YAC check down talent. That's not Canales.
  15. BIG fan of the pylon and line marker camera technology that's come along in recent years. It's definitely helped a lot for replays
  16. Yeah, I'm serious. You take all of the first year jitters any rookie QB starting will face. Then you put him behind an inept line, give him a group of WRs that features a 32-33 year old slot receiver as their only reliable guy and use him as WR1, no TEs to speak of, pay big bucks for an undersized and over-touted RB that isn't out competing practice squad players AND THEN pair it up with a dysfunctional owner/HC/OC combo that keeps running the same play concept again and again and again. (And coaches that were already at each other's backs with daggers don't develop young QBs... heck it's the hardest skill ever for any HC.. Jon Gruden never could do it and there's a case to be made that Belichick never did it (the QB developing the coach possibly there)). Yeah, he was bad, legendarily bad, but he was in possibly the worst environment imaginable for a rookie QB. You can take away some mechanics issues that should have been worked on and still need to be worked on, but everything else was tainted by that environment. I wasn't impressed by him in the least for anything except for his character and willingness to go back out there and just get killed again and again. At least he wasn't running away on every play, little girly screams lifting to the cheap seats, like Pickles was. Will he be good this year? Honestly, the odds are stacked against him. They are on every young QB in the league, and he had more piled against him. Maybe Canales can fix him and the team. I sure hope so. If not, it's back to the drawing board and we'll have wasted two seasons. I really don't want that to happen.
  17. https://www.nfl.com/videos/bryce-young-misses-golden-opportunity-for-45-yard-td-pass-to-mingo
  18. All this talk of the supporting cast and coaching being the culprits of our struggles is just sounding like the rationalizations of Sam Darnold's time with the Jets. I'm ready to see the results and know what we have. Enough talk. Thank goodness June is finally upon us.
  19. he also points out that the tippy toes thing hurts his accuracy and the long slow drop back due to his size doesnt do the tackles any favors. All in all its a mess.
  20. We are about to run the ball so fuging far down teams mouths. If Bryce cant perform when the boxes get stacked against this run game thats about the only way I see our team being complete poo again.
  21. I'm not completely writing off Bryce but I'm 99% sure he just doesn't have the physical talent to succeed in the NFL.
  22. Big fan of this guys content, been watching for years. Eats his crow about how he was wrong about his high opinion of the team last year. Solid breakdown and goes in depth everywhere. Very complimentary of what we have done this offseason. Also there's this bit about the QB position at around 43:30: He goes on to talk about the guard play was the worst in the league, the play design sucked, the play calling sucked, the WRs couldn't separate, there was no run game, and on top of it all there was a ton of bad luck that made things go from bad to worse whether it be bad spots from refs, fumbles on successful looking drives, big plays being called back, and unfortunate and untimely drops. Everything that could go wrong last season, did go wrong. That's why I'm not completely writing Bryce off yet, even though many already have. See what he does with even competent level supporting cast and coaching. Here's to hoping Canales and co can provide at least that much.
  23. I think his point is that under the old rules, special dorms, practice facilities, relaxation zones, scholarships and special meals were all justified by the "revenue" the major sports brought in. If 22% of the revenue is now paid out as cash, are those other "perks" being provided at a loss to the taxpayer?
  24. Great point. I totally overlooked that piece. I would say if they are being paid scholarships are no longer needed unless paid for from those same funds. No more tax money going to fund any athletes being paid by the school. I think with what you laid out here that should cover the student athlete payrolls.
  25. Huge fan of this guy he regularly does draft content but every year he does breakdowns of teams and since he has been evaluating players has a deep knowledge of every player on each team. Awesome listen if you got the time plus he is moving to charlotte could be a future huddler.
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