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  2. Many rookie QBs look like that. It just stands out with Young because he is 5’10”. I think Stroud has 4 inches and only like 10-15 pounds on Young.
  3. I mean sure he's mellowed with age but Dalton has some sick highlight reel throws. He has a better grasp of what NFL open is and that sometimes you gotta trust a guy to win a 50/50 ball or get a PI like Bryce did when he finally threw deep to Chark. There are definitely a few frames on the TFG film breakdown where WR's are just standing around downfield NFL open and Bryce is running sideways out of a decent pocket
  4. Today
  5. Yeah and they've gotten close to a couple turnovers that could have this tied up or at least one score. Feels like Panthers have been in play not to lose mode for a while now
  6. That tends to happen when you have been on this forum longer than a couple of months. @Mr. Scothsa been on this forum from the inception. That's nearly 20 years ago.
  7. I cant believe they are 4-0. thought we were dead in the water after that opening 8 min TD drive by pitt.
  8. 30 years old and the first time my CFB team is 4-0 since I was 4. what a time to be alive.
  9. I really hope Dalton does well but he won't because our receivers get no separation and while he can and will throw with anticipation, he's not throwing balls before breaks even start like Bryce has been doing. Bryce will start the minute he's healthy.
  10. Gotta appreciate how Arizona State is approaching this USC game. They know they're outgunned so they're letting it all hang out. They've already attempted an onside kick (unsuccessful) and a 4th down trick play (successful). You're probably gonna have no chance at potentially pulling off a huge upset if you try to play it safe. They're trying to give themselves a chance.
  11. I think they can elevate 2 per week so I guess that was Luton and that CB
  12. Guess we find out what Duke really has next week when they host the Irish
  13. Didn't blame Hampton for the run game. The online has been... subpar so far this year. Be in pass pro or run blocking
  14. Is he on the 53 now? Or can't we use him on GameDay without moving him up officially during the week? I forget the new PS rules.
  15. Still gross Henderson is playing lol. Also, where has the CB we picked up from San Fran waivers been?
  16. That Seahawks injury report is crazy lol. And we probably still lose.
  17. Huzzie! Two INTs and a punt return TD!
  18. After giving up 14 on the 1st two drives and coming out of the gate sluggish on offense I gotta be pleased with how we got our poo together tonight for a comfortable win.
  19. Why did you not include the app game when they ran for damn near 300 yards lol minnesota defense pretty good, I don’t know what Pitt run d ranks currently but Pitt always has a stout run d at the top of the list in ACC. Hampton is a damn stud.
  20. Apparently Notre Dame played 2 plays in a row at the end with 10 men. Strange
  21. Did that kid really just throw the ball when he was like five yards beyond the LOS?
  22. It's fine. We're just being very predictable with it with a lead. Overall, the OL just hasn't been very good, running or pass protecting. We need them to be more consistent all the way around.
  23. ND was out coached at the end and it was obvious. I’m not a Ryan Day fan either, especially after that weird ass post gamer he just had, but ND coach was outclassed by him in crunch time.
  24. Avg last week was 1.9 at half time. Ended up being 2.8. Tonight it's 2.2 ypc. It's bad and I'm a unc fan.
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