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  2. I agree and it’s probably the reason we’ve heard so much trade talk surrounding veteran QB’s. Other than Lawrence, this QB class is really weak.
  3. Jeff Otah liked strip clubs and black and mild cigars among other things. I know because I did too lol. There was a reason that he was 330.
  4. Go for value. I would love OL, CB, LB in that specific order but maybe someone will drop into our laps by chance
  5. I get it regarding our use of tight ends, but I also think Brady would utilize a weapon as a receiving threat like Jordan. Also still don’t think he makes it past the second. If he’s there in the third and we haven’t upgraded the TE position through free agency, it’d be difficult to pass on him. I also really like Hunter Long too.
  6. I’ve watched some of Lance...is it the arm strength you guys are all gushing over? I don’t see much else, athletic talent? His recovers are always open seems like, not a lot of accuracy or going through reads. I guess this is what it means to be raw? But do these traits really go well with the Brady offense or is everyone expecting either Lance to learn or Brady to change. I’m genuinely curious, I don’t watch much college just looking at QB games/highlights.
  7. I'm not quite sure why DL Efe Obada hasn't been re-signed yet! I'm sure it's in the works just hasn't been announced yet.
  8. This is just my opinion! I'd look into signing TE Jonnu Smith to see if a deal could be worked out between the player and organization. Also I'd look into signing OL Senio Kelemete to bring something to the oline to protect whoever starts as QB this coming season.
  9. Even though cutting Burris would save $3.8M but also it would carry $1,050,000 Dead Money! IMO I would hold onto him until we find more depth in the Safety position.
  10. A coach like Ron just stares at the marble waiting for it to shape itself.
  11. Already 17 million over and an additional 21 million in dead money to trade him, plus the salaries of anyone they trade for? That's not difficult. That's impossible.
  12. I know it sounds crazy but if we could find a way to trade back a couple times and pick up a few extra 2nds I'd be really happy. There's a lot of talent to be had right there. If we aren't 100% on a QB at 8 or don't trade up, the idea of being able to grab Davis, Grant and Mayfield excited me a lot. I think this year round 2 and 3 is where some really good players are going to be able to be had because of not holding the underwear Olympics. I want as many picks in those 2 rounds as we can get.
  13. Nice! Davis Mills and Kelvin Joseph are both guys that I didn't expect to see anybody bring up as they are rarely talked about. Mills will be better than several QB's taken much higher than him. Joseph's character concerns will drop him in the draft, but the talent is there. There could many teams that regret missing on these guys. Richie Grant is very versatile, and oozing with talent. I like Jevon Holland as well, but I believe he hurt himself by not playing this year.
  14. Hayward hurt his hand a few days ago. His shot has been looking off too i think he's playing hurt
  15. another guy I'm looking at is Richie Grant UCF S. Rhule loved him, he dominated the pro bowl. if we trade down in the second or he's available in the third I can almost guarantee we draft him
  16. not in the 2nd m8, earliest I draft him is the third for both positional value and our use of tight ends
  17. I agree, and normally I am too. But Radunz competed well at the senior bowl. If we draft him it will be because our coaches KNOW he can compete at the next level I've joked that our draft could very well be 1-Lance 2-Radunz 3-Jabril Cox all NDSU players or former players lol
  18. Good left tackles don't grow on trees, of fall in your laps.
  19. Kelvin Joseph would be a riser rn if we had a typical combine. He would probably have a really good combine and at 6'1-6'2 he's got prototypical size at CB. Dude is my #1 CB. I like him more than Surtian. I like him more than Farley. He is technically sound, patient and can matchup with so many corners in the NFL. Has some ill-elaborated "character concerns" I've heard varying degrees of, but would love LOVE him in the second and I'm screaming to the podium if he's there in the third. Davis Mills is my first real "has a chance to be a starter early" QB prospect in a few years. That
  20. I have seen him mocked as high as late 2nd, and as low as early 4th, but mostly middle 3rd.... His talent is undeniable, but some question his effort this past season. I don't put a lot of stock in that as he was playing through some injuries.
  21. Ian Thomas – Carolina Panthers TE Cap saving – $2.18 million The Ian Thomas experiment appears to be over. There was a huge opportunity awaiting the tight end in 2020 after the Carolina Panthers decided not to bring back prolific veteran Greg Olsen. But the simple fact of the matter is he didn’t get the opportunities or show enough to be considered a viable long-term option. By catcave.com
  22. I want Davis, Mayfield or Humphrey but I’m not sure he makes it into the 2nd.
  23. Hayward playing weak as hell lately. Earn that money bruh.
  24. Highly doubt he makes it past the 2nd, but id be ecstatic if we landed him in the 3rd.
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