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  2. I blame Fox for most of Jimmy's problems, he didn't want to draft him, much less start him, of course throw him to the Wolves with no help, he was a lame duck coach at that point anyway, he literally didn't care anymore
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  4. Not all GMs are geniuses,The Chargers chose Rivers over Brees, with due respect to PR, Brees turned out to be the better player , and I doubt it was all Paytons coaching And Remember that TE the bears didn't want anymore, currently set to call the superbowl, and they traded him while he was producing on the field, Morons, but it worked out for us lol And we just traded a generational talent to SF, not because we wanted to, but because he didn't want to be here, and that situation can turn toxic real fast My point is not all players are traded or released because they are bad, sometimes they are just not in the right system, like Matt Stafford on the Lions Honestly though, if we can't land a good veteran bridge QB, Sam is good enough to win games if his defense doesn't get shredded by the same play , draft some CBs instead, can CJ Henderson
  5. Always liked Jourdan. Plus, she knows something about routes.
  6. I’d think any team looking for a DC would be interested in this guy. I don’t see Morris getting the Indy job though. Something tells me it’s Saturday or Steichen. Of course, who really knows what Irsay will do.
  7. Sounds like a horrible Irsay kinda move and I hope it happens
  8. More from an old friend of ours...
  9. Side Note: John with a winner here...
  10. Hope that franchise isn't us. Im tired of these bridge QB's. We need a young franchise QB who we can build around. Not another castoff QB from some other franchise.
  11. He had his best year at an opportune time. No way he is worth 40 million, they might have to sign him for 25 or 30.
  12. I think the Colts are gonna pair Levis with Saturday anyway
  13. There are 3 centers on the list, none named Bozeman. They estimate $6.5-7.5 million per year for those 3 so if you believe their evaluations, that means something like 3 years, $20 million for Bozeman would be the high end for him. I do think we probably value him more than his perception around the league. ESPN also had a top free agent list and he wasn't on that either. I definitely want us to resign him. But you do wonder whether other teams will see a guy who spent half of the year as our backup and played on a meager one year contract and not feel inclined to break the bank for him. Could bode well for us as long as we don't bid against ourselves.
  14. When he starts playing for an organization that isn't being run like a Delta Tau Chi party.
  15. Bear Hands


    Wilson really impressed. For sure.
  16. How about Levis vs the #131 secondary at Tennessee? Their ranking may have went up after that game lol Kentucky Passing Will Levis TEAM C/ATT YDS AVG TD INT QBR 16/27 98 3.6 0 3 13.4 16/27 98 3.6 0 3 --
  17. Hopeful but don't wanna get ahead expectation wise. Would be pretty legit if this happened. The rumoured mutual interest makes it sound plausible.
  18. Mark Williams and Zach Edey on the Charlotte Hornets
  19. The ACC sucks this season. UNC has a real chance of not making the NCAA tournament. Right now they won’t…and seriously shouldn’t Hubert Davis was a terrible hire and that is truth
  20. Congrats to Coach Scheyer. He needed that win and so did Duke. I felt like he was gonna start feeling some major pressure if he didn't bag at least one rivalry win this year.
  21. Carr has 28 fourth quarter comebacks. We sure could use some of that around here.
  22. Dream scenario is if Levis is the first QB taken. Lets hope his stock rises after the combine.
  23. When has Carr ever been the man? If we can't win the division because of Derek Carr we have some issues.
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