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  2. Does the Topic Title equal what I've always called "food for thought?" I came in expecting a discussion on various game day food choices.
  3. Maybe Hurney still does or he really likes Teddy CheckDown and will trade us a couple of 2nds or a 2nd and 3rd for one of them. He can have both for a 1st if we have other plans at QB.
  4. I think this is a situation you have to explore what Houston may want for Watson. This is just due diligence for our new GM F-man and the council. Reach out and see what the Texans are looking for and suggest what we would be willing to give.....this is an opportunity we can't pass up.
  5. Let me clear my good name here early and say I’m not mad whatsoever we fired him his drafts after the 1st round were typically abysmal. And I’ll never ever ever forgive him for drafting Jimmy clausen...I just wanted to offer a different perspective than many clowning on him. Cheers to a brighter future for the Panthers!
  6. You have tunnel vision! No franchise is going to tank a season or not try to field a competitive team. We were attempting to win, not "throw away picks." It's not rocket science! The rebuild effectively began with the hiring of Rhule, and is currently happening as we speak. I'm not interested in micro-analyzing every move and essentially crying over spilled milk. That's your thing! They do what they do, and I have to live with it and hope for the best. My thing is trying to understand why certain moves are made, but I am not looking for perfection because I know it doesn't exist! Hin
  7. I mean, he was the GM for over half of our existence. So I'd hope so. The fact is that as GM, the Panthers only had 3 winning seasons with him from 2002-2012 and 2018-2020 (I don't count 2017 for obvious reasons). This is such a terrible move by WFT. Panthers had a franchise QB and still failed to string together consistent success year-by-year (unless you are one of the ones who considers the 7-8-1 2014 Panthers successful). What reason is there to think that will change with Rivera/Hurney in Washington, except now they have to go out and find that QB still?
  8. Why does the Huddle want any a FA just because TB sucks, or give up assets? The blueprint we are probably, and should be following is the Chiefs, Bills, Browns, Ravens, Cardinals blueprint. Because it is the best for long term success. A FA is not and neither is giving everything a way. Unfortunately, the results are not quick and some instant gratification fans can’t comprehend that. It may take more than one draft, or longer than a year to develop a QB/team but it has a better chance of long term success. TB is a bridge QB, as we all know, as the coaches and FO know looking at his
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  10. Slater? Any relationship to the HOFer Jackie Slater? If he is he's pedigree.
  11. Rhule has implied that we were going to address the offense. I wouldn't be shocked to see all offense but I think this year we sprinkle a couple defensive players near the end of day 3.
  12. Marty loved Charlotte and the Panthers. For all his faults he did draft most of the best players to ever play for the Panthers. I wish him well in Washington except when we play them.
  13. This comes from a guy who's profile picture is one of the worst starting QB we've ever had. If we draft a QB than of course we wouldn't sign him. So I assume you would rather go into 2021 with the same anemic QB we have now than to give a QB that has had some good games and some bad games a chance. Had Robinson not dropped that wide open, perfectly throw bomb from Trubisky in the wildcard game. Chicago may have won that game against New Orleans. I consider New Orleans to have had one of the best defenses in the NFL and he stood firm against them. They lost but you couldn't
  14. Was it Marty that wanted Teddy? Please find a way to send Teddy to the WTF’s.
  15. McRib is back. Burger King has no answer to that. Word.
  16. Read my other posts on this thread.
  17. He is better than Teddy but do you really want to go 7-9 instead of 5-11? IMO there's no point in bringing Mitch on in anything other than a backup position.
  18. He lost for the same reason we want to get rid of Teddy. He couldn't throw deep. They brought in Winston to make the only long distant throw of the night. Brees was a great QB that could make those throws, now he's only a more accurate passer underneath. TB knew it and showed why he's done.
  19. He threw for more TDs this year in 10 games than Teddy has ever thrown in a season. Teddy's career INT percentage is 50% higher too. I'm not sitting here arguing that Trubisky is the answer, but he's better than Teddy. Teddy turns it over more often while throwing for less TDs.
  20. ok and Brees sucks ass now, like Trubisky
  21. *Bears only team not to have a 4000 yard passer ever* *Bears historically anemic at QB* *Bears decline 5th year option for QB* Huddlers: Guys this QB is secretly good
  22. That's not bullshit. Brees had a wide open target in the middle of the field just like your picture and decide to throw to the corner instead. Incomplete. They even pointed it out.
  23. I'd take Trubisky over TB. To me it is the contract that makes the difference. One year deal to prove himself, why not. He was like 7-3 as a starter. Yeah they let Foles come in and save the day against the Atlanta, we know how to throw a game, Falcons. He's a gunslinger, which I am ok with. He'll make mistakes but he'll also make some good plays. Unless we grab Lawrence every QB on the board has question marks. If we cannot land a QB in the first round of the draft than Trubisky might want to come home.
  24. Bullshit. Good QBs may miss wide open receivers with pressure, but does Mahommes, Watson, etc miss in the situation that I posted? This is like saying that Dwayne Jarrett isn't a bad WR because Larry Fitzgerald dropped a pass.
  25. Yeah and Brees missed a wide open target the other night too. What's your point? All and I mean ALL QBs miss a wide open target.
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