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  2. Absolutely. If you remember N.O. was being sold and they were having a hard time finding a buyer. April of that Year Benson bought the franchise, and I can almost guarantee part of the deal was they got the first pick. It was Charlotte's pick but it wasn't happening. I wasn't surprised to see Wemby going to SA. They weren't going to risk the future star of this league with a broken franchise like the Hornets. Send him to the best place for big man. It was a no brainer. The NBA makes is seem like the draft is legitimate, but the draw is rigged and always will be. You'll see when one season the entire draft class is weak. Charlotte will get the top pick. Not until then will the Hornets pick No. 1.
  3. Looking back he wishes he had taken moretime off to recover, but could you imagine the backlash from certain people in here if he had who thinks concussions aren't that big of a deal?
  4. Cadeau reclassifies! Nice https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/37760000/north-carolina-hoops-recruit-elliot-cadeau-enroll-early?platform=amp
  5. Thats fine if your building up the D with all pros, not when making a pass rush specialist your highest paid player. I hope Burns turns a corner in this new D because we are about to pay him like he is a top 5 Edge rusher.
  6. Yup, looking that way. It could certainly work, but appears to be a less conventional approach for today's NFL.
  7. Also the blue print for this team is to save money on offense and be dink and dunk, and spend the saved money on defense. So expect an expensive well paid defense moving forward. We're going to cut costs on offense, and build up the defense.
  8. Fitt sees Burns as the cornerstone of our defense and turned down a mega deal for him, so Burns' agent is in the drivers seat. Burns is going to get what he wants, even with the miserable TB performance where he was stone walled one on one the entire game.
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  10. So we traded for Laviska right before the season last year and when he got touches, he was pretty impressive. He had the highest pff on the team, I believe last year, for what its worth.
  11. You and a couple of others mentioning Hardy... I honestly forgot all about him. Dude was definitely ont he Rucker/Johnson type path but turned out to be a bad individual that ruined his own career. I'd put Addison a tier below those guys but agree that he did turn into a pretty effective all-around player. Burns would benefit from making a couple more timely impact plays and his run defense needs some signficant work, but it would also help if Carolina got a solid run defender on the other side of him.
  12. Honestly, I'd rather overpay a DE than a RB. It is not financially beneficial to break the bank on RBs in today's NFL. You pay DEs big money because their production is hard to replace. You can easily replace 80-90% of an All-pro RB's production with rookies and vet journeyman, and pay 1/10th the cost to do so. Sanders' deal is probably the most money I'd be comfortable handing a RB these days.
  13. MJ licking his chops at the thought of Lavine and Derozan.smh
  14. Armed forces- don’t forget us officers Veterans- those who have served and are no longer serving. Not necessarily someone who’s been deployed in a hostile environment.
  15. I heard it on a podcast and then I went to Google Chicago Bulls and saw a few articles about Chicago starting over and trying to get into the top 5 of the draft. Then it mentions they have only met with Scoot n Miller so far I think... which lends me to believe they have 2 and 3 as their targets so far.
  16. CMC looked pretty healthy with the 49ers. Panthers were at fault for the health of Cam and CMC. We ran those guys into the ground. That's what happens when you fail to put talent around them on offense. Crazy Cam best passing season was his rookie year when he had a true #1. Panthers failed them both.
  17. Yep. And I'd even put Mario over him for now, burns should pass him soon enough but Mario's career here was better than Burns' has been so far. And Hardy was a dumb fug but his peak was significantly better than what we've seen from Burns so far. Too bad it was so shortlived.
  18. I never thought Hopkins was realistic. If you read my quote earlier in this thread I said the only way we get Hopkins is if we massively overpay him more than the teams on his list.
  19. Well 1st of all, I saw the writing on the wall that Cam and CMC could not sustain the physical abuse they were receiving. I was correct. 2nd, Burns is above average but far from elite. . .best player on the team regardless or not.
  20. Very popular, especially after those dumbsh-t attempts to convince people we were still going after Deshaun Watson when he'd already agreed with the Browns. Pretty sure he's not a Panther fan. With the amount of time that he puts in trying to troll people though, I can't imagine he has much of a "real world" life. Sounds pretty pathetic, honestly. I mean, how desperate can one person be for any kind of attention?
  21. Some of the pressures go to the OC who was replaced. The Bears now have a defensive minded HC, and an unproven OC. In any event, the Bears offense will continue to struggle if they continue to take longer than 3 seconds to throw. Fix that problem, and you will see how much of the blame truly belongs on the line.
  22. And you can always rework it. The main thing I hope we are conscious of especially in light of the cmac deal is how long and how much guaranteed money is at stake. He is going to get paid, he has all the leverage we are just hoping its not some crazy ass mega deal that could go sideways as we have seen a ton from this team.
  23. The wide receivers are not tops in the league by far but they are not below average. And a signing of Deandre Hopkins will in fact limit reps and development of the younger guys (TMJ and Mingo in particular) no matter what you believe. Couple that with the fact that Hopkins said he is done playing with rookie QB's and now we can go cry over a new pipe dream that is not going to happen anyhow.
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