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  2. If GVR was on this team, he would be the best OG and top backup at C...
  3. Technically only SC is considered in the deep south.
  4. If he doesn’t fit us after a year or two we are likely getting a 7th back like for Little. He’d be damaged goods and shown he can’t work in yet another scheme/coaching staff. He’s close to that now. If a top 10 pick from 1 year ago can’t garner anything better than a middling TE and a trade up to a late 3rd from an early 5th then he won’t get squadoosh after the next failed visit. Hopefully, he works out really well for us otherwise he’s Greg Little value or just a release, not a pick worth a damn.
  5. Oline is right behind QB in value. Teams don’t part with young talented ones. If they do, it takes top assets to get them. A first round pick might get you a disgruntled talented RT like the Chiefs did with the Ravens, but that’s a little risky too.
  6. 3d chess. Of the QBs taken in the draft only 1 has landed with a team that will possibly develop him. I'll let you decide which one. The rest are fuged in that regard.
  7. Matt Rhule said they wouldn't put the running back on IR, which means they don't expect a long absence.View the full article on Panthers.com
  8. Alright now. You tryin' to steal my thunder? Last week I posted that we should either call them Snow Storm or Purrgatory.
  9. Feels like Urban Meyer snatched that kid out of class and told him to edit that video. A quick about face that was. Lol.
  10. Go watch your favorite QB.... Oh wait nevermind
  11. Plus I’m sure the question was something like what do you think Wilson needs to do better, etc. There’s no real integrity with sports reporting. It’s the same with all social media. You are trying to elicit a reaction and get more followers and be trending. It’s like that old Howard Stern movie. His loyal listeners listened for X minutes a day and the people who hate him listen for twice as long.
  12. He wore 5 and 1 in college then 23 in the NFL. 5 and 23 are taken. 1 is probably still out of circulation. Other than 1, I believe 9 is the only single digit number available.
  13. I know winter is coming. Dallas better be ready.
  14. That's not what you need to be thinking about at all. You need to be on the Huddle Fantasy waiver wire wondering why you're GM'ing like Hurney out there. Your team stinks! Just jokes man. Couldn't help myself.
  15. Building and maintaining on offensive line is not as easy as it sounds. Every team in the NFL struggles with finding quality offensive lineman and keeping them healthy. Let's not forget Hurney screwed the pooch with building an offensive line by following his gut and spending 3 day 2 picks on 2 guys that aren't even with the team any longer after 2 years This team had a lot of holes to fill. We started on defense. This year we grabbed a couple of offensive linemen and hopefully they will be starting at some point this year. I'm not overly happy with our 2 FA line acquisitions, but to say we haven't at least tried to address the oline isn't an accurate statement.
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