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  2. I know someone posted a bunch of clips of Washington just running outside zone. Burns and the rest of the edge guys were getting targeted.
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  4. There was a time a few years ago when I was ready for a new quarterback. Cam was struggling, looked done, and was being lead by hampered by the previous staff, and an organization that can never seem to put it all together. I watched Cam at New England and thought okay, we made the right football decision by moving on. I ,like many wished we would have chosen better. Someone...anyone...other than teddy two yards. Then this year happened. Winning then losing.. Up, then down. Like way down.... cause it showed on our team's faces. We could all feel the life getting sucked right out of our souls. Then , I woke up one morning in an alternate reality. Cam was on our team again? wut? Okay. Still I thought, is this a wise decision? I have been a Panthers fan since 95 and this is easily the strangest development our team, the CAROLINA PANTHERS, has ever witnessed. The front office has left the next couple of years with major hurdles to jump over, so at this point I say, it's ride with Ace Boogie bitches. It's more fun. Throw rational out the window. Our team doesn't have a history of making the best picks come draft time anyway. Cam took a good defense and a bunch of scrubs all the way to the Big Game. And got robbed. We all know it. We needed a quarterback and we got one that took this franchise to its highest heights. This season could very well be done with at this point. But it ain't over yet, unless we lose today. I don't have any stats or analytics to add, but I will say this since igo won't. Fug the Dolphins...Fug em!
  5. This is horrible news, as he should have been a free agent months ago
  6. What do they do that makes sense? That’s why they’re Rhule and Fitterer: they do the unexplainable and then shrug their shoulders on Sundays thinking, “how did this happen?” Tune in for another example tomorrow around 4:15
  7. Darnold and Robby’s contracts will cost us DJ. Thanks, Rhule. Can’t wait to see you pack those bags next year, dickhead.
  8. If the o line even appears on the field, cmc will have a career day against that defense. That said, Miami knows this and it won't be run against us and Joe Brady will end the game eating play dough and watching lifetime movies.
  9. When we focus defensively we can beat anyone in the league. Problem is locking in and actually doing that consistently. When we don't, tonight happens.
  10. Did you watch the game? You should go watch the highlights, even just the first 3 minutes. I mean, I get you have a feeling, but prolly should use your eyes instead.
  11. Tough loss. The Hornets dug a hole early and just couldn't quite get out of it.
  12. I hate that call. Isn't that the sort of move the refs are supposed to be swallowing whistles on?
  13. So far this season, the Hornets have been their own worse enemy
  14. Hopefully they can find enough energy to pull this one out
  15. Nice job battling back to force OT….Let’s go Hornets!
  16. Still wouldn't want Wood. He's not a great defender, which is what the Hornets need at the 5 so they can stop digging(Clifford reference)
  17. Seeing the struggles we have infinitely endured at the big spot since getting a basketball franchise back, this game is really tough to watch seeing what Wood is doing. And we have fuging Plumlee.
  18. And they battle back despite giving up a crap ton of 3s
  19. I’m aware doubt he goes anywhere else barring the FO goofing it again or a team throwing significant money his way
  20. I take all your post with the thinnest grain of salt same dude running around all last year about how cam is done lol
  21. Got random white dudes dunking on us. It's a wrap.
  22. The Rockets are too hot to keep leaving 3 point shooters wide open
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