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  2. Wasn't able to watch the game and curious what the starting line was?
  3. Allen played out of the gate but he wasn’t ready, it’s obvious that he was developed cause he drastically improved… he wasn’t a finished project when he started. As for Mahomes, jaw dropping plays don’t always correlate to success, we along with no one else were at closed practices, so we have nice idea if he was reading defenses correctly. He came from an air raid offense that is notorious for how simplistic it is. What we can say now is that he sat and learned and when it was his time he had success. Rodgers, age has absolutely nothing to do with being developed. He could have been 40 and it wouldn’t have made a difference. The bottom line is that he had tools and his coaching staff worked him to harness those tools. Those three QB’s all possess great athleticism and great arm talent. Those are two things that Corral also has… if only for those reasons I’d argue that you have to give the kid at least a year before evaluating him because of the deep learning curve he has coming from an RPO offense. Mike Tomlin had some good comments on developing players. It’s not about what they can’t do but it’s about what they can do. If they have elite skills then good coaches can coach the mental side of the game to them. As for Corral, it’s now up to Rhule to do the work to coach him up.
  4. Man Mr.Completely11 I swear you are my burner account because I agree w everything you say...
  5. ...Across all teams..3- 4th talent can very widely ....obviously, their squad was better...doesn't mean much in the grand scheme of things.. You can anoint Howell too if you want.
  6. Anybody see anything good, bad, in between?
  7. I wish we had media members with a nutsack that would grill rhule with some hard questions.
  8. I fully believe any of the other rookie QB's would look bad too with a head coach who prioritizes reps for a former XFL quarterback over his rookie.
  9. @bruceleeroy literally said he's as good as Josh Allen, Aaron Rodgers and Pat Mahomes lol.
  10. Guys can be coached up, but they need a certain starting point. A base skill level and aptitude. When was the last time a guy sat for two years ‘developing’ and became a great player? Mahomes and Rogers both played at some point their rookie year. They both looked good when they did. Both of those could have and would have started their rookie years if their teams needed them to. Andy Reid and Tom Clements weren’t starting with jimmy Clausen level talent.
  11. It is total bullshit. We can never win
  12. Nah I still think we end right where vegas has us at and we have a shot at one of the top guys We are still a couple of drafts away from being a good team. As we saw today our depth is LOL funny
  13. I just ended this mans career on huddle in two seconds HAHAHAHAHHA
  14. I didn’t want Howell but the problem with your argument is he was also throwing to and being blocked for by third and fourth stringers.
  15. thats the concerning part for me How the fug are willis and howell (fug it add ridder to the list) looking light years better then MC. Not just in regards to this game but in practice as well
  16. First time in awhile that everyone looked engaged and following through. Kicker, punter, and tackling looks better than years past. Will be nice to not lose a game or two due to ST this season, hopefully.
  17. Corral is fine in theory. He wasn’t suppose to look good today. He is a rookie getting 4th string reps to date behind horrible OL play. and the other 3rd round rookies you see play are getting more camp work. They aren’t getting 4th string work. will he be fine in the long run? Carolina was named as a team you didn’t want to be drafted to for a reason as a QB. Who knows. Not sure anyone can state Rhule is the guy to develop a young QB like Corral and will create a good place for someone like that to thrive. OC is known for working with established Super Bowl champs too. Not creating them. Until we have less QBs ahead of Corral I don’t expect much from him. Hope would be Rhule quickly corrects the QB mess ahead of Corral sooner rather than later.
  18. And Baker will win just enough games so we cant draft a franchise guy next year, but won't win us shittt... I hate this franchise man.
  19. not being overly critical because I did want him in the draft but he has to correct a few things, the stupid ball slap he does before he throws is crazy and he has a wild tendency to put touch on the pass only to have it become a duck. But i was impressed with his scrambling and decision making today. Like I said at worst he is a good back at best..........we fuged up
  20. another thing that good Qb's do is that their field awareness allows them to see danger developing & throw their receivers out of harms way.but now Corral he just about got Kirkwood killed out there today
  21. Oh yeah, and Baker is not a top ten QB. He is a top ten commercial marketing guy though so there is that.
  22. It was a weird QB year for sure. I couldn't understand why he didn't get more love. I thought we would take a swing at him.
  23. Maybe but Howell and Willis aren’t getting first or second team reps and they didn’t look that bad. Even Ridder who was mentioned about being inaccurate this week was way better. This is not the start you want to see at all. Doesn’t matter what the situation is, that was bad. If Corral really can’t cut it, it’s going to suck balls if we ruin our opportunity at a 2023 QB.
  24. Very concerned w Corral. Just sucks because none of these 4 guys look anything close to franchise guys. Was hoping Corral would show us something, we have already seen the other 3 at their best and know what they are already.
  25. It wouldn’t surprise me if the people shitting on Corral also think Teddy has elite accuracy because he completes 70%.
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