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  2. The list becomes the guys who have no other NFL HC options and are willing to be a doormat for a fat check. I ain't judging. I'd cash that check too. But it is what it is.
  3. I just took the Panthers logo off of my NFL jacket, to ashamed to be seen in public with it on
  4. What we need to do for quick turnaround. Trade anyone who worth a damn (except D. Brown) for draft capital. We must give Bryce Young another chance. If he fails, we are picking #1 again in 2025 draft and can swing for another franchise QB. In 2025, we projected to have $150M in cap space. The Panthers can have a complete turnaround in 1 season but we must blow up the team in 2024 and focus on bringing offensive talent because if Young sucks again, foundation is set for 2025 rookie QB to be successful. This team is positioned well for a quick rebuild but we need Homer Simpson to do the right thing here and be god damn patient for just 1 season.
  5. There were so many confused people that supported all of those bad decisions. The coaching staff, the trade and the pick. None were good but at the time it was like the team had won the offseason. No one wanted to hear it then and wow is it bad now. How the fug do you make that trade and not the Burns trade? Insanity
  6. All this sounds nice but when was the last time our draft picks and FA acquisitions worked out? Until things change there, every plan is dead on arrival. Same with front office hired.
  7. If the requirements is to play Bryce then that coaching list just got hilarious. They will end up with another 1 and done HC. The good news is that guarantees the #1 pick in 2025...if they don't waste that one also.
  8. I honestly won't find it the least bit shocking if it turns out that what got Reich fired is insisting to Tepper that Bryce needed to be benched.
  9. I feel like this was one of the most monumental, universal-assumptions turned wrong in draft history. "Oh no worries on the size, the kid's got 'it'. No worries on the footwork, he's like a mini-Mahomes. Oh no worries on his deep throws, he had that one against Kansas State". He won 1 Cotton Bowl and beat UGA once. I know you and there were some writers out there that were concerned before we picked him, but it was such a small percentage. It's just crazy how wrong it looks like everyone was. The size was the biggest red flag ever and it was standing right in front of us. It wasn't some work ethic or attitude thing. He's basically the smallest QB in history. And I just can't get over the mechanics. It's like he's untrained as even a competent college QB. I just can't believe it was skimmed past so nonchalantly by all of these supposed ex-player or random All-22 QB inspectors on youtube. Funny enough, the most damning critique has been by the one who was the most successful in Kurt Warner.
  10. Burn it all down. Tepper steps back and hires someone to run the team. They clean house in the front office and coaching staff. Do a fire sale, there are less than 5 guys we should keep even with rookie contracts. Get picks over 2 year window and prepareto play whoever is left over. Spend 2024 building up the lines in the draft and the rest in free agency on prove it deals. Now is not the time for giant contracts, they need flexability in the short term. Maybe Brown being the exception. Let everyone compete and play the winners. 2024 would be all about improving and ending the year better then how they began. 2025 draft a QB and stud WR with the obvious early picks. They could be winning by the middle to end of the 2nd year of that kind of rebuild.
  11. We all know 2024 is going to be another lost year, why not embrace it. Brian Burns should be tagged and traded. Some team is going to value his name over production and pay with draft picks. Secondly, I approach free agency with the goal in mind to gain as many compensation picks as possible. I am not bringing in any FA's that are going to affect our compensatory picks. In the draft, I focus on two things, trading back to accumulate draft picks for this year and next, and rebuilding the trenches. O-line, and D-line will be priority 1 and 2. Since 2024 is a wash anyways, we need to evaluate young talent. Bring in the UDFA's and see if we can't find some late rounders with talent. Go into 2025 draft with 12+ picks and an early 1st rounder. Draft our next attempt at QB and building around him moving forward.
  12. Lol, I've been saying this for the past 6 or 7 games. But NOOOoooo, we have to see what we have in Bryce Young they said. It's too early to bench him they said. What we have is a non-NFL QB.
  13. Realistically, it's going to take time but that doesn't mean we can't see substantial immediate improvement next season. It starts with making the right hire at head coach and then with replacing Scott Fitterer with an actual real life NFL-caliber GM. My personal preferences for those spots are Will McClay and Bobby Slowick. In terms of free agency and the draft I would make the OL - specifically the interior OL - THE priority of the offseason. Release Bradley Bozeman and sign Miami's Connor Williams as our starting center, then sign the Patriots' Mike Onwenu to start at LG. Have Brady Christensen become our "sixth man" on the OL as he can play either guard or tackle spot when/if someone gets injured. 2024 will be Ickey Ekwonu's last chance at LT; if he doesn't rebound in a new blocking scheme he'll have to move inside to guard in 2025, which is also when Austin Corbett's contract is up. I would franchise tag Brian Burns and trade him, even if we don't get the kind of return we'd like to get. There's no way I'm even considering paying him $30M/year. Based on his performance this year I doubt we can expect a 1st rounder, but it's always possible there's a team in the late 1st willing to give that up. If not, take what we can get and move on. Scott Fitterer's biggest blunder was turning down that offer from the Rams and that's saying something. We obviously have to add some talent at WR and Tee Higgins is the obvious best option available. I almost hate to spend that much on a free agent receiver, but at this point it's hard to pass up the chance to add a player like Higgins, even if we'll have to overpay to sign him. That said, if we hire Houston's Bobby Slowick (who is my #1 choice in this scenario) then adding the Texans' Noah Brown makes a lot of sense as well. In the draft it's too early to target any specific players but I think we need to focus overall on getting the best value for our picks. That may mean trading down from the top of the 2nd round or it may mean trading up. Whatever gives us the most impact out of the draft overall. Obviously WR, OL, EDGE, CB, and LB are all positions we should target.
  14. nice post. I agree with almost everything and was just getting set to post. Here's my to do... 1. Trade Burns for first and future second/third. 2. Extend Brown. 3. Re-sign Luvu, Hill, Franklin, Haynes, Willams. 4. Chinn, Henderson, YGM, all walk for future comp picks. Important - let them become comp picks. Do not try to sign a bunch of FAs. 5. Move to power running scheme. Move icky inside with Christiansen outside. Play action galore. 6. Draft WR in first. We have to find some speed here. 7. Rest of draft is defense heavy - OLB in 2nd, ILB in 3rd, CB in 4th, DT and Center in 5th, TE in 6th. When Christensen and Corbett come back, we should have a decent run-first offense that should keep us in most games. We'll probably have lots of rookies starting on defense. Maybe we'll win 4-5 games and be eliminated in December instead of November. In 2025, we'll have high first rounder, high picks in rounds 3-7, and at least a couple decent comp picks. This is when we can decide if we need a different direction for QB and really start building out depth.
  15. El .Oh. El. And the amount of heat that we took, not necessarily in just this thread but overall, for even daring to suggest that this plan and staff may not be a world-beating one (among other things)... ooh boy. I will say though that this thread was pre-draft and had the team taken Stroud I don't think the future would be looking as dim. Alas, that's not how it played out.
  16. At one time I would have said that Bryce needs all of the snaps that he can get. After watching his last two game, I think I may be inclined to agree with you. If Dalton comes in and everyone starts playing better in the dame scheme, then we know BY is the main issue. That could lead him to work on his game in the offseason. He needs to hire a professional QB coach and completely overhaul his game. Such a move could ruin him mentally. That's a risk worth taking. We're going nowhere with him QB if he continues to play this way. The team really does need to see what the offense would look like with someone else under center.
  17. If so, Fitterer is a bigger idiot than I have become to realize. He's a hybrid, I get it, it's hard to pigeon-hole him to one spot. However it has become clear that Jeremy is a better thumper than ballhawk. We offer him a contract based on a above average ILB and see how it goes. If he balks and wants corner money, then we trade him before he hits the market. I understand he's been playing nickle, but of the three positions he plays, corner is his least effective.
  18. Agree with this. And that was what rubbed me the wrong way about his wife crying on twitter.
  19. Bench Bryce, Start Dalton. Trade Burns and Brown for picks, build up the team in 2024. Ideally Draft a QB in 2025 if the pick is high enough. If not, do NOT panic and trade up for a qb. Just keep building the team up as best as you can, and insert a good qb when the time is right.
  20. Well, it's playing out. The game isn't over but right now it's looking like that Alabama/TCU national championship game and we ain't wearing crimson red.
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