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  2. In that case we would take Justin Fields.
  3. We basically have no choice but to address the o-line somewhere in the 1st 2 rounds. You don't want to see how bad Sam can be under pressure with his slow hitchy throwing motion and slow mind. He will take terrible sacks and toss the ball into danger. We have to build a wall in front of him so I KNOW were taking an o-lineman in the 1st two rounds.
  4. Here's the rest of the top half of rd 1 in Mel's draft. I like Smith a lot, but would take ANY other player available to us (other than Waddle)ahead of him. WR seems like a luxury pick this year. 1 Jacksonville Jaguars Trevor Lawrence QB Clemson 2 New York Jets Zach Wilson QB BYU 3 San Francisco 49ers (via MIA from HOU) Mac Jones QB Ohio State 4 Miami Dolphins (mo
  5. Both of these are solid picks, but I can't get behind any situation that doesn't net us a LT in the first 2 rounds.
  6. I think we've already met our quote for ex-Jets haven't we?
  7. I agree. Darnold has a lot more upside potential than Teddy but just as importantly IMO is that he has far more massive bust potential too. You know what you're getting with Teddy. Straight up mediocrity. Darnold is far more boom or bust which is a good thing in my mind. Better chance to be the answer and also a better chance to land us a premium draft pick of he's not. Win/win in my book.
  8. Always a joke in My book. He thought Bortles was better than Cam. Was all aboard the Pickles hype train.
  9. Of course there will be disagreement, and when some Huddlers disagree with me, it strengthens my confidence in the stability of my points. Others make me question my thinking and consider alternative ideas. I prefer these posters, but this thread welcomes all, so I color coded it. At any rate, I digress. This chart may be missing a name or two--I omitted people I did not think had a chance to make the roster, and of course, there will be draft picks etc. to knock some out, but this is where we are in my mind. Red: These are areas of concern for me, even if we addressed them in free a
  10. I'm buying in. I'm optimistic about Sam. I trust us to have another solid draft. 11-6. Wild card and ruin somebody's day once we get there.
  11. Trade down a few spots and get an extra 2nd or 3rd pick . Select Parsons (MLB) our first (a top 10-15 pick) . Take Leatherwood (LT) with our first 2nd rounder . With our next 2nd or 3rd take a QB (Monds or MIlls ) (we will need a backup QB) . Pick a guard or CB with our next 3rd . We have now fixed our O-line and our future MLB . We have a backup QB to develop . Pick BPA with the rest of our draft .
  12. If we take a WR at 8 that is not the end of the world. There are very good OT prospects at the top of the 2nd round.
  13. Not a fan of WR. Absolutely the last position we need and I'd be pissed as hell if we didn't go oline in either of the first two rounds At least with Pitts you could kind of justify it with his height and speed gives us a very different option than what we already have on the roster. If he could become even a passable blocker that would be rediculous value.
  14. Mel is always notoriously way off with his Panthers predictions. I always liked Mike Mayock's predictions better, but even he missed the no brainer easy prediction of us taking Brown last draft. At this point I am expecting a trade down unless Sewell is there. A scary good WR prospect might be sitting there at 8, and NE needs a #1 in the worst way. If NE stays put, then the elite WRs will come off the board before they pick. NE could be our trade partner for a guy like Chase, and then we could take Slater at #12.
  15. Devonta is supremely underrated. Chase, Waddle and Pitts are more athletic but Smith has that sneaky always open and crisp route running that will bring him success in the NFL. I like Landon but I'd rather have a tackle in the second.
  16. Cleveland just released DT Sheldon Richardson. Personally I think he would be a PERFECT addition to our defense. I'm not sure if we have the money to go after him, but damn he would look nice next to Brown next year.
  17. With Bridgewater we were under. With Sam, I expect over. Maybe by a couple wins.
  18. I think there's a pretty good chance it is one or the other, honestly. When someone has the raw talent he has, it seems like they are most likely to either be a great starter or a total bust. Last year Darnold was unquestionably in the later category, but the situation with Gase etc makes all this hard to read.
  19. It is definitely unique. He certainly showed much less than Tannehill overall, but he had much less time to do so before Gase got to him, too. I'm cautiously optimistic about him, and like the flexibility he gives to the team this draft. I was very worried we were going to reach for a QB.
  20. Too early. Let's see the draft first. Then we can jump the shark.
  21. Well he really never had competition back in the day.
  22. Fitterer falls asleep during the eighth pick and wakes up after 4 teams have rushed to the virtual podium?
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