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  2. Many many times. It's OK but lacking in anything not built in the past 20 years. You can only go to so many breweries. It's a very shallow city.
  3. People went to Detroit and Indianapolis. They will go anywhere
  4. In reviewing stats yesterday looking at points for and points against for us and others in the division I noticed the obvious and perhaps the not so obvious. Obviously you have to score more than you give up and in most every category our defense gave up.more than we produced. So obviously the problem was the offense right? Given we don't play our offense against our defense but other teams defense then how does our offense compare to others teams defenses and you see the issue. NO and TB both has top 10 defenses. Of course they had top 10 offenses as well. While Atlanta is supposedly bad on
  5. He shouldn't have too much problem with Melvin. If he's looking better you go with your young draft pick in my opinion
  6. I have. Agreed, really nice, wouldn't live here if it wasn't. Super Bowls should be held in warm-weather/vacation type destinations that offer a wealth of other recreational options...
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  8. Not sure if you've done a US tour but I have. I think Charlotte is a really nice city. Prepare to be disappointed if you think Charlotte sucks and I'm not from there so I have no skin in that opinion.
  9. Pride is at worst solid depth. He had no business being in some of the matchups he was as often as he was last season and he still looked okay as a late round pick. Depth guy/STer with potential to grow isn't a bad thing.
  10. Definitely excited this year...will need a jersey # cheat sheet for the first few games this year....looking forward to it!!
  11. Tepper has essentially started the negotiation process with his comments....will be interesting to see where it goes from here...
  12. If we keep 4-5 max, your list should start with Horn and Jackson. Bouye, Melvin, and Taylor were brought in. Pride is gonna have to unseat one of them.
  13. Here comes the greedy NFL owner power play. Next step: an outright threat to move with at least 3 cities mentioned as possible destinations.
  14. But can she do it on a .... I like Sam even more knowing he a fellow
  15. I like Robby, F that guy talking to him... Also people should checkout Jaycee Horn 3 part YouTube about the pre draft training. Thats a good look into the guy drafted #8.
  16. If you have ever felt bloated and gassy, letting it out is favorable compared to holding it in... or, so I’ve been told. And broccoli is good for you. Eat your broccoli.
  17. Hell, we're lucky he even gives a damn. Eat cupcakes and sluff off for 20 million or bust your ass for a few years at 26 million. Where's my cupcake? Thanks Hurns.
  18. Warning: Adult Content. At the 2:35 second mark he says S... I mean poo. Igo get out of the 60's bro!
  19. With a bit of luck maybe we can force more than 1 punt a game. Just saying, the bar is low. Pretty sure one game there was no punts. I love where I think we're headed but I'm hearing top 5 defense and Sam Darnold lighting the world up? I'm a homer as much as the next guy but let's temper some of the enthusiasm. Though I was once young too, hell cary the torch young Pattiwahs! I too once yelled Superbowl every year.
  20. I don't think we need to worry about him leaving unless he doesn't show up for mandatory stuff. OTA's are voluntary.
  21. Yeah, if nothing else you have a very athletic special teams guy that can provide depth.
  22. He was often in position last season but couldn't locate the ball or make plays on the ball.
  23. Snow also seemed to know that his defense was deficient last year. He got killed for the "bend but don't break" defense but in a lot of ways the best we could do is slow them down. With the new group of pass rushers and other defensive additions, I expect we will see a much more aggressive defense this season.
  24. Yeah, I think Jeremy Chinn, the rookie, who spent part of his time at safety actually had more tackles. Shaq hasn't been a start like Luke but HOF level LBs don't grow on trees.
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