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  2. it could be one of those moments in life where you go along for a ride that you think is a good idea at the time, but then you wreck and think, "maybe that wasn't such a good idea. maybe i should do something different next time." the best growth comes from learning from bad decisions.
  3. to a degree i think it will be modern, but it will be relying on the run setting up the pass. one of these interviews he did he talked about his commitment to the run and how if you want to have a team that goes deep into the playoffs you have to have a team that can run the ball well and that can even depend on it because every round you go in the playoffs, the pass D gets quite a bit tougher. you've got to be able to compensate for that. i think that fits also with what i think we all know, most of the season your passing game is going to carry you. as the season wears on, though, you've got to be relying more on the run or at least you've got to be able to depend on it. running games get harder to stop as the season wears on and defenses get tired.
  4. If it would take firsts, then I agree hell no. Most I’d could stomach is Burns, our second, and maybe late pick like a 5, 6 or 7. But I actually think Burns does fit their profile, if Danielle Hunter is any indicator. They’re built similar and Burns is just a bit bigger (I think) and much better.
  5. yeah it just wouldn't make sense to disagree with someone for the most part & continue to call them a close friend.if so, that's a strange relationship.
  6. i can't imagine seeing what tepper did last year and thinking, "hey! that seems like a good idea...maybe i should do that! let's play GM!!"
  7. I'm with you on that. I just think if we're going to transition into a more modern offense, now is the time to go through the growing pains. A lot of the dilemma is whether or not Tepper has the patience to allow any kind of transition.
  8. lol I think the last few games scoring like 25 in each first half has shown that Clifford has to go regardless. Respect the dude but he's just not the coach this team needs. Glad to see the D playing better but it's been at the significant expense of scoring. We need a coach who can figure out both and actually develop our guys. Clifford has never been known for young player development
  9. i'm thinking/hoping/praying that 2 things happen. 1) after evaluating the roster they get rid of the bums and then replace as many as they can with the type player "dawg" they are looking for and then fill out the rest of the roster with FAs that fit that mold we should have a core, of sorts, to work with and build around and from that they should be able to 2) build a scheme based on who we have on the roster. one that takes advantage of whatever strengths they can find and takes into consideration their limitations. part of me just wants to scrap the whole roster and start over, but that's just the emotional part of me. i understand that most of this team we saw last year will be most of who we have next year. hopefully with a few subtractions and a few additions we'll have something to build on that isn't miserable to watch. i think that's what my ceiling is set at...just don't make it miserable to watch.
  10. "I have the benefit of not having an emotional connection" I think the fans feel the same way about The Panthers right now...
  11. post-lockout jerry i think was the bigger problem. for years you never really heard from him. then the lock out came and the guy went full on narcissist.
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  13. Who we have here is the worst roster in the NFL. I don't think pandering to our awful roster is a pattern for success. I wouldn't expect Andy Reid to come here and run a 1980s power run scheme because of all of our crappy drafting. It's going to take some time for the personnel and scheme to align, unless we want to go full Wilks because our OLine sucks.
  14. I was just highlighting pre-lockout talk Hurney. That tiny window. I thought that was pretty dang good. Post lockout talk Hurney was always more bad than good stuff. but there was a window where I thought his drafting, FA moves/attempts and no contract messes were pretty dang solid. Then came lockout talk and Mr. Look at this pie chart Jerry and it was all downhill for Hurney for whatever reason.
  15. yeah i think Bryce Young will always be uncomfortable playing under center in the NFL due to his size affecting his vision in the pocket...just saying
  16. If you think Ridder is better than Fields I can no longer continue this discussion. Peace out.
  17. i don't know about hurney there...at least not in the draft. once he made that double dip in the first trade for otah in '08 he got himself in a gambling hole inspired by his old mentor bobby beathard that traded up for ryan leaf. we kept trading away firsts after that. that said, he's still probably the best one that we've had. bar not quite high there.
  18. I haven't watched the Hornets this season and understand they're terrible again. Hopefully this hire pans out for the team. Lord knows they need good leadership.
  19. Eastland was the city (I work for the city of Charlotte) being dumb and throwing plans out where there wasn’t an agreement. He still put the HQ in East Charlotte.
  20. i was thinking of him pulling out of the eastland project. I really don't follow all the ends and outs of his soccer stuff.
  21. The big difference with Morgan vs. his predecessors is that at his first press conference he didn’t hesitate to openly criticized the current roster, talking about the lack of the player type we need etc. That on its own gives me hope and makes me wonder how much actual input he had under Fitt.
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