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  1. 5 minutes ago, UpstatePanther said:

    PhillyB, I actually really appreciate this. As a devout Christian, i am grateful that you told the story accurately without a hint of sarcasm. It was a great write-up as usual, with apt parallels to the Panthers. I was actually thinking of doing something like this myself, but I'm glad I didn't steal your thunder. 

    I look forward to future works of yours that relate to other Biblical stories. Would love to see what you'd do with David, Samson, Revelation, etc. :)

    Are you sure you wouldnt consider seminary? ;) you could win some souls bruh! No joke. Lol.


    Go win those souls Philly. 

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  2. 1 hour ago, KendrickPanther said:

    I get the feeling Cap has been benched because of the mental side of things. Picking up blitzes and knowing the playbook. Hopefully he can prove himself in the heat of battle. I wouldn't mind seeing Wheger either he has some speed and pour.

    2 things I'm concerned about is picking up blocks and fumbling the ball. I'm less concerned about yards per carry. 

  3. Who reported he had a partially torn ACL? Cause I seriously question the accuracy of that report. I wish we had a quote and source. 

    Most ACL injuries are partial tears. It's hard to imagine recovering without surgery, within the span of 4 weeks from a tear.  So I'm having a hard time buying that Tillman is moving and cutting in practice with a torn ACL.

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