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  1. Let's be blunt here: We are stuck with the kid for the foreseeable future.

    Was he awful the majority of the time during the season? Yes

    Was that completely his fault? No, due to inept coaching and no real firepower around him.

    All we can do is hope he improves mightily during the off-season, or 2024 will be just as bad and I may have to get a new liver.

  2. 25 minutes ago, TheSpecialJuan said:

    Prediction: Ben Johnson will turn down our 2nd interview request to become the HC of the Washington Commanders 

    Unfortunately I can see that happening. Love what Johnson could bring to this inept franchise, but just think he would see a brighter future at WSH; which it tbh, it is.

    I fully expect Quinn to get the job and dumbass Tepper to come out and say he was the target all along.

  3. Dude has shown post Brady that he is not that great of a coach that people make him out to be. If he had not had the best QB to ever play, how well would we have done there?

    Let him go to Atlanta, no worries on my end.And people can bookmark this if they want, don't give a rat's ass.

  4. As a Dolphins fans(Sorry folks! Love all other Carolina sports teams) I do feel our D has been a bit underrated this season and are only getting better and better. Looking forward to the next game the 28th. I am driving from Winston-Salem and will be in attendance!

  5. To each their own if you really want a certain breed, but I have always just felt better about adopting shelter dogs and giving them a chance rather than buying one. My current dog is a 6 year old German Shepherd mix who was really abused before I adopted him and is now doing great.

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