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  1. 27 minutes ago, raleigh-panther said:

    2.  How did anything done during this draft make the Panthers one bit better against premier defenses   Seems to me the defensive backfield wasn't the reason for that super bowl loss or the beating Newton took from Atlanta   Speed against slow tackles, kills

    We averaged (off the top of my head) 31 points per game last season, and absolutely embarrassed 2 of the 3 teams we faced in the playoffs...  Newton wasn't running for his life...  We allowed 33 sacks for the season...  Sure, we had 2 poor showings (1 against a historically good defense)...  Sure we can use some OL upgrades, but overall they did a very solid job...

    On the other side of the ball, we were bringing in street FA's in the defensive backfield every couple weeks, and relying on veterans who are WAY past their prime to keep things together for us...  Yeah, losing Norman sucks......  But not as bad as having to start Robert McClain in the biggest game of the season because you had no one else...

    That's how this draft made us better

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