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  1. No team in the fight for 3rd and 4th is playing as well as Liverpool right now. Loads of confidence in this team.
  2. What a goal by Coutinho. Amazing. That's two times he put his shooting boots on
  3. I hadn't seen them play like this since last year. Without sterling too. Ibe was great and Sturbridge made the space in the back.
  4. Sturridge!!! Looked solid today. Sturridge sterling and Ibe up front is ridiculous.
  5. must be nice to be able to pay someone who isn't even going to play 80k a week. fuging madrid.
  6. I'm intrigued by Can and Markovic, I really think they are like fufu said, turning the corner. Can is highly regarded by some very good football minds. He is comfortable with the ball and that pass to Moreno was Gerrard-esque.
  7. The reason I became a fan was being a stoner in college and listening to pi k floyd's album "Meddle" and on the song Fearless it ends with the you'll never walk alone chant apparantley recorded at a LFC ARSEnal match. I never knew what the hell it was until I watched the FA cup final in 2006 between LFC and Chelski. They started singing it and I just decided to cheer for them. Plus I lived watching gerrard, torres, kuyt, masch, Xabi...
  8. You guys think I'd be destined for hell if I offed myself or would the big guy understand?
  9. I want to rip my fuging eyeballs out. Its bad enough being in a Fifa club with Welsh manure fans. I come here to read RM fans arguing over which player is better. I'm gonna go watch NASCAR atleast their arguments are entertaining.
  10. It's game week. fug crybaby ronaldo and the rest of those thugs. Pepe can dish it out but cries when anyone gives it back, same goes for Marcelo.
  11. You just enjoy looking at Christiano Ronaldo's freshly shaved legs. fuging Real Madrid fans...
  12. Not upset with the loss. I'm sipping Jack and Ginger and smoking some fine green at the in laws house on oak island. Did watch the game and it was dreadful. However, my dad is a Liverpool fan now so that's cool. Only took him 6 decades, took my son only 1.5 years.
  13. That was crazy. Wish I knew what Costa said to Coleman. Howard learned that move from Smitty and Malcom Jenkins.
  14. lol. Nothing beats a hangover quite like ManUre struggling with the likes of Burnley and Sunderland.
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