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  1. That would be where we watched the fireworks last July 4th. Dumbo by the pier. There's a really god pizza place a couple streets over.
  2. I would love to see Mandzukic as a red. His positioning is outstanding and he's a presence in the box. It will benefit the rest of the guys to have someone consistently available like that.
  3. Hey Sterling you are definitely worth 120,000 a week.
  4. Am I the only one that wouldn't be upset if sterling left.
  5. Thank you Brendan it's about fuging time you took Allen out and moved Can forward.
  6. Sterling is so annoying on the ball sometimes. He's forgotten how to pass.
  7. I'm glad yall beat them. I wanted Gerrard to stick it to Arsenal one last time.
  8. I've thought for a long time that Rodgers was wrong to try and make sterling the talisman after the void of Suarez and Sturridge. He isn't good enough yet. Why isn't Ibe on the bench?
  9. Sometimes I wish Sterling would take his over inflated view of himself to RM
  10. YNWA. Every sign points to Arsenal with all the suspensions and injuries and Sterling ' comments but the fact that this is such a huge game will make it intriguing. Here's to no more injuries
  11. Diego Costa deserves any rough play he gets. Chelsea fans deserve their team of crybabies to be sent home in that fashion at home even with the Ref behind them
  12. ummm. Their fans are doubting them. They are heading out of the top 4 soon. They play like a different team every game and it won't work for long.
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