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  1. I'm doing 1 push up for each yard the Falcons get and 1 squat for each yard the panthers get.
  2. Nope, I just get weird sometimes when I sleep. My husband and brother get a good laugh out of it sometimes when I fall asleep on the couch.
  3. So yesterday afternoon I decided to take a nap since I woke up at 4:50 am that morning and cleaned my house and my kid had no homework. Anyways, I'm a weird sleeper, I don't sleep walk but I think I'm awake and I'm not fully. I get really confused, hallucinate and try to do things my brain/body is ready for. I experience this occasionally. So while I was napping, I heard the doorbell ring and I hopped up real fast and ran to the door, I got to the top of the stairs and fell, all the way down. I got to the turn on my stairs and just kept falling. There was no one at the door, I was confused and scared. I realize now I likely wasn't fully awake. Luckily I am just sore, bruised and have rug burns in several places. Of course I didn't get to work out. My upper back and neck are really tight. Thinking about getting a massage, anyone think that is a good or bad idea? Had I just came home and worked out, all of this would have been avoided. Btw I'm on fire this week, on Tuesday night I backed into my husbands car.
  4. Idk about guys but jumping made my quads awesome (wow that sounds arrogant but it's true). I skied 6 days straight out west mostly double blues and up and my quads felt great. Before last year I'd always done wall squats and weighted squats etc. but I noticed a big difference skiing when plyo moves became a 2-3 times a week thing.
  5. Home workouts. I did Insanity Cardio Power and Resistance It was a blast, my knee is doing great. Not sure what was up with it but I haven't had pain in a long time.
  6. Oh that sux. I worked out late last night too. Busy day. I read this earlier and thought it was good advice. I love ST's Insanity weight workout, god he has you pooring sweat, he focuses on weights but throws a few cardio moves in the middle. Good stuff. http://www.popsugar.com/fitness/Shaun-T-Diet-Exercise-Tips-Last-Minute-Summer-Prep-23152144
  7. I made the mistake and went to the ABC store and bought stuff to make fun Christmas drinks. Big mistake, gaining wait and drinking too much. I'm done this week, they just brought more cookies into work but I'm not touching them.
  8. After being pretty terrible this weekend I get into work and we've already had 3 sales reps drop by Christmas goodies. Jeez!!
  9. fug the holidays and all it's horrible food.
  10. You posted a pic of you arm one time, it was pretty obvious to me.
  11. Me and my husband don't lift heavy, we just enjoy working out together and like looking pretty good. We still do some deadlifts and squats with weights but nothing too heavy. I was asking because I was at the gym on vacation (we don't normally go to gyms) and I saw all these guys lifting super heavy, they didn't look cut just really large, not fat but you couldn't see any distinction. Didn't know if that was because they were lifting big, or if they were just wanting to focus on strength or if it was just them. My knowledge of this stuff is limited to what I do.
  12. Just got back off a cruise where I ate terribly for the most part. Worked out everyday though. Jeans are fitting tight this morning. I think it's time to pull out the Insanity DVDs even though my knee still has a little knot on it.
  13. Question Do guys typically lift a lot of weight to look good or to be strong or is it both?
  14. I'm in physical therapy for my knee. Now they think it might be slightly out of place causing it to inflame the bursa and hamstring. I dont' feel like we are on track though. so frustrated.
  15. My knee has been feeling great, went to a 3 hour movie, kid fell asleep on my it, knee started aching bad and I couldn't really move it. Hurt all through the night. Only feels good when I'm standing and walking around. WTF.
  16. I was a member there. It's a great gym. When I went there it was super nice, very clean, lots of amenities. It was a little pricey but if you are going regularly I think it's worth the extra cash.
  17. I know it's tough when you're so busy. I can at least fit in a T25 at home and get a sweat going. That's likely all i should be doing anyways to get back into my grove.
  18. Oh yeah, I'll be in 508. I'll be sure to make a fool of myself trying to wave at you across the way. Going with my brother, there is no way in hell i could convince him to stop by the tailgate. We are going to try out a new sushi place before the game. I'm going to get drunk on wine. Can't wait til 6!
  19. Hornets game was a blast. I am going tonight. This week is awesome, Hornets game, Panthers Game, Halloween with the kid and a Halloween party. Now that I can workout, I'm going to have a hard time finding time to!
  20. Yeah that stuff make me itch. I take energy and endurance and have for a little over a year. It's just enough to get me pumped up but no itching or other side effects. Does anyone take this: creatine monohydrate? Husband seems to be wanting to get bigger and I came across this when reading an article. If so what ya think?
  21. So i haven't really been working out for 2 weeks due to my knee. My poor husband has to listen to me complain non stop and it's just put me in a bitchy mood in general. I thought I'd be less tired since I'm not working out but come 9:00 i'm struggling to stay awake. So apparently working out does give me more energy. I've done a few upper body workouts and stayed sitting on the bench most of the time and I've done some ab work. I'm itching to get back. My leg feels fine 99.5% of the time. The swelling just isn't going away. I called the doctor to see whats up, hoping I can get back at it this week.
  22. Cardio and watch your diet. Limit sugar, bad carbs and fat intake. Do 3-4 30-45 min intense cardio workouts a week. Boom six pack.
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