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  1. PANTHA SAN!!!  Where you been at my brother???

    1. PanthaSan


      Hey Biscuit! 

      Dealing with life stuff.  Finally getting things manageable as far as the transition to Northern Cali,  home life and the boys go.

      Been missing out on teh Huddle and am making strides on becoming more active.

      I was going to make the November 5th game but that got changed.  It's a good thing because I found the love of my life (for reals this time) and we are saving up for a wedding next summer.

  2. With time that JStew has had to heal and the availability to him of advanced (read $$$) medical treatment on that foot, I'd be surprised if he's not 100% now.
  3. 35 passing TD's and 3800 something yards and how many TD passes did Ginn alone drop? 5-6? It was quite amazing.
  4. Great post Phil as usual... this was my favorite part.
  5. I think that's a pretty legit analysis but if anything I'd lean more towards Norman. Luke is awesome and the best linebacker in the game and the defense is on another level with him out there, I'm not so sure that Norman would be harder to replace than Luke right now. Damn, this is an awesome "problem" to have... figuring out who the best star D player we have is. :)
  6. I'm gonna try and really pay attention to this one as we'll likely face one of these teams in the playoffs.
  7. Ignorant Saints fans aside, that's our biggest challenge for the remainder of the regular season... the giant target that being undefeated brings to each game.
  8. If we run it and get in Romo's face we should take care of business. Everyone stay safe traveling today.
  9. Hahahahahahaha... you said Uranus. Painting is excellent. In 150 years that's gonna sell at auction for 234,432,562,546,272,921 credits. Extra credit for the KKK hood on the one dude. LOL
  10. So apparently the Panthers have re-made the banner and are giving it back to them. I get it that JR is about being classy but I hate that. These people are trash.
  11. Aren't we all surprised that this guy is also a racist?
  12. Way off subject but... I always thought that lawsuit was bullshit too, but it really wasn't... http://www.lectlaw.com/files/cur78.htm
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