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  1. I've never seen anything like it before. He was literally crying every play where they gave up positive yardage and saying he isn't happy with this. At one point he was begging for their players to take our guys out saying he doesn't wish injury on any players, but really wants the players to punish and destroy our guys. Towards their comeback he was getting really excited too, downright cackling after every first down or penalty in their favor "AHAHAHAHA another one for the good guys! AHAHAHA YEAAAAAAHHHHH!" So funny at the end when we were getting the fresh set of downs off penalties. He would be like "What!? Pulling the back the of helmet is a facemask now?.. Ok sure *sees replay of a clear facemask*..... Ok, ok so maybe it was. That's fine, do it over. We just gonna do it over! Do it over!" 

  2. Very cool! I love seeing players interact with young fans. It's kind a weird story, but whenever I see him sign stuff I always think of the time he wouldn't sign my sisters hat haha. Went to the Niners game his rookie season, his return to California. After the game, my sister was with Solomon Thomas' dad talking and then CMC came over and gave him a hug. My sister asked for him to sign her hat (which Thomas Davis did earlier) and he was going to, but then his girlfriend at the time stopped him and said no. His mom kept encouraging him to sign some stuff and interact with the Panthers fans who made the trip, but I guess his girlfriend at the time didn't like it. No big deal, just thought it was kind of weird he was going to but changed his mind. 

  3. Whenever I watched him I always compared Corral to JP Losman, but not in a negative way. Losman came from a shotgun offense and they both look identical on the field and both had lightning quick releases with similar physical talent. They even both had the same fiery attitude that some hate and others love. Both ballers in college. Hopefully we take care of Corral and he reaches his full potential

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  4. 1 hour ago, unicar15 said:

    The Walter football guys compared Cross to Ronnie Stanley. I think out of the tackles the thought on Cross is he’s the most agile and while he may not be a great pass blocker that’s attributed to him needing to bulk up. Idt you’re going to go wrong with either him or Icky at 6. No matter what we should come out of this draft with a stud starting left tackle…..finally. 

    Cross is a great pass blocker, the best in this class. It's the run blocking he needs to work on because they didn't do much of it. But yeah, I wouldn't worry about either of these guys. We are so used to poor LT play that whoever is our guy they'll look like a generational Hofer compared to what we're used to seeing. 

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  5. 19 minutes ago, RJK said:

    Wait so he’s still in custody on a 6k bond? If an NFL WR can’t scrape together 6k it’s safe to say his life’s been outta control for a minute. 

    He probably can, it's just probably his release is pending something 

  6. 1 hour ago, MillionDollarCam said:

    For sure, you just have to hope that the accuracy he showed last year is here to stay and that his ability to go through his progressions quickly masks his lack of arm strength. You also don’t want him fumbling 38 times in 52 games…

    If the accuracy doesn’t hold up then you are looking at Andy Dalton.

    I don't think it's fair to knock his arm strength. It's good enough for the nfl. One of Watson's knocks coming out of college was people were concerned with his arm strength and accuracy and then he radar gunned a 49 mph which is pitiful. Fast forward to today people will say Watson can make every throw and has a strong arm. Not saying this guy is gonna be Watson, but half the people critiquing his arm strength were probably going reverse cowgirl crazy over deshaun's arm talent a couple days ago. 

    I honestly wouldn't hate the pick. I'd prefer we trade down if we are dead set on him, but it seems unfair a lot of us are predicting his career before it even starts. He's got heart and leadership. I think he can be good for us if we can take care of him.

  7. This trend started scaring once I was seeing what guys like agholor and what not were bringing in. Now kirk who has like 4 career 100 yard games is amongst the highest paid setting the bar... I'm starting to think teams will be better off drafting a WR in first and just exhaust all years with option on the rookie deal and then start fresh. Just treat them like rbs on rookie contracts only

  8. 12 minutes ago, tiger7_88 said:

    If by “approaching” you mean you think Gase is worse than Rhule, I got news for ya.

    Gase averaged 6.2 wins per season as a HC, Rhule averages only 5 (and this with the advantage this year of an extra game on the schedule).

    Gase had one winning season as a HC, Rhule has none.

    Gase had one playoff team as a HC, Rhule has none.

    By every objective measure, Rhule is *already* a worse coach than Adam Gase.

    Not comparing their success levels. Just their levels of embarrassment and perception amongst the public eye and media. 

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  9. Can we really blame him? Associating your name with Matt Rhule might as well be career suicide. Dude is approaching Adam Gase levels of embarrassment, if he hasn't already. This is why we have to go after bottom of the barrel OC interviews like Mcadoo, since nobody else wants to have the Rhule/Darnold pair just destroy all hopes of their future HC chances. 

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