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  1. Wtf is teddy doing they down multiple scores and he acting like the up and just milking the clock
  2. I'm praying it's real, but that's not the real Schefter, so I doubt it's true. But in my head canon, it is.
  3. Week 7. Since he was traded whilst on the PUP he has to stay on it until after week 6
  4. He is a vested veteran (more than 4 years). He would be a free agent immediately upon release
  5. That's not good, but this isn't really fair. We can cherry pick bad photo ops of our guys like Chinn and Shaq looking really bad at some points. I still want them on the team. We so hurting at linebacker depth, this couldn't hurt the team, especially with Brown keeping him clean.
  6. He is a vested veteran. He isn't subject to waivers and can sign with any team once released, so nobody is picking up that contract barring a last minute trade.
  7. This was about money and what was waiting in the wings and could be saved for the future. This is actually one of his better starts to a season in a while. We don't have anything depth wise and he'd be an instant upgrade over the backups, as well as a great leader. We need to look hard, especially with Shaq missing time. I'd hope we'd at least try to get him.
  8. Royce is a beast he was just unlucky and always got stuck in a platoon with Lindsay and then adding Gordon. He could never really get in a rhythm. This gives us another dude who we can feel good about starting if need be due to injury.
  9. Whoa we got the Rolls Royce? I'm really liking our backfield this season
  10. He's talking about Trey Smith who played for the Tennessee Vols
  11. Man that would've been so crazy if we did, especially with how good the other panthers rookies are performing. Trey beat out Duvernay Tardif and is now starting for the Chiefs. I'm so disgusted that we chose a LS over him. We just have to pray Deonte is our guy sooner rather than later.
  12. I enjoyed it and thought he was entertaining, but I can see how some people didn't quite like it. He doesn't have much practice and was sort of winging it, so I think he did an ok job. If he had more chances to do live games and get more comfortable he'd likely formulate his thoughts into words better and it'd smooth out a lot of the stuttering and small pauses mid sentence. He had some insightful things to say.
  13. That was funny thank you. The 2020 nfl season was easily my least favorite out of all our seasons as a fan. It was the first time I legit had no desire to watch the team and changed the channel for more exciting games numerous times.
  14. Man this defense is going to be fun. I don't even think you can form a proper depth chart for it, so many dudes are going to be rotating in and out and put in place for creative matchups and wreak havoc. It could be like hockey shifts we have so many fresh young guys with unique skillsets.
  15. If we did this just purely out of spite to fug over Ron for leaving Haskins in on us and screwing our draft placement, then it's officially my favorite pick of the draft
  16. I can't get on board with this one. I know it's only a 6th, but why not take a flier on someone else? I'm not going to try and pretend like I know the nuances of snapping the ball, but is this guy an entire draft round better than the next best LS from a power school that we could get as an udfa?
  17. Ugh long snapper lol. Another senior bowl guy
  18. Not really buzzing over this pick tbh, but he's long and at this stage of the draft whatever. I'm sure snow has a plan for him
  19. I like this. He could be our version of DK. He led his team in tds before he got hurt and that was with Jefferson and Chase
  20. Damn was really hoping we'd get jok. I think he will be special if the browns find a position for him. Stings it was our pick
  21. I was bracing for the worst, but as others have said, it's not as bad as I thought initially lol. It seems like we really got our poo together bradberry and up
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