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  1. I have to agree and worry about the same thing with how heavily he has been used thus far in his career outside of this past year when he was injured. I like him too but long term worries me with CMC
  2. Im sitting at a solid 1 on excitement level with Teddy. We had a whole year to see a body of work and my god the TD pass total alone has me so unexcited and bored. 70% completion rate is awesome but with all the 2 yard passes it didn't mean much in my eyes. I thought the O-line was utter crap but turns out that ut wasn't all that horrendous this year and I just would have expected more out of him which did not happen so I have no real enthusiasm with Teddy at the week 1 starter. Put it this way, even with another year in the system and more work put in i still dont feel like Teddy has it in hi
  3. If the offer was right you could potentially consider anyone a candidate for a trade I think. CMC is a great back no doubt at all about that but I will admit huge contracts for RB's scare me just going off history as it most always seems like the running backs with the huge contracts never live up to them. I also worry about the workload he has had so far in his career. He has been overused much like they overused Cam in his prime which i feel did shorten his career in the long run. I think it is great having CMC no doubt but I do see merit in teams that have found wonderful backs in the 2nd-6
  4. Self protection then of course. That is some serious self preservation planning ahead there.
  5. Kind of unreal to read and makes me sit here in amazement wondering what would posess them to do such a thing with other potential solid candidates out there?
  6. It was obviously opinion based and nothing more than yours was but nice job trying to switch it around again. Nah, the purpose of my post was to point out exactly what you are on here and once again you proved my point perfectly thanks. Go back to start and do not collect $200.
  7. Oh boy yes let's make everything political on a message board so we feel like we have accomplished something in the end. You pretend to be so passionate about this crap yet I would be willing to bet money you do absolutely NOTHING in the real world to support your opinions or make a difference in your community besides sharing face book political memes of course and we all know those work wonders. Bravo.
  8. Again here you did EXACTLY what the other guy did yet you pulled up your skirt, shoved your panties to the side and took a dump all over his post. His was "opinion" based as well if you had even a tenth of a percent of reading comprehension skills you would have noticed yet somehow in your cross universe little world where "eric" is a legend in his own living room you just couldn't resist to try to play "Mr Poopy Pants Expert" but in this case I believe we can all summise that you sir are in fact a simpleton with a mouth that is operational allowing sounds to come out yet the fully functional
  9. That looks opinion based and follows what 99.9% of a fan message board is all about. Nowhere in that post does he even insinuate what the team is going to do. He simply gives his opinion of what he thinks will happen given the teams new approach. I on the other hand love it when people such as yourself try to look so cool and sharp by being a smart ass and end up looking like a complete big mouthed tool by making false accusations of what the THINK someone may mean when they are COMPLETELY off base and end up looking like complete jack asses. You win "The Huddle Jag-off Of The Day Award" congr
  10. If like Trubisky do not want. Trubisky may be even more boring to watch play than Teddy is
  11. Is he basically next year's Trevor Lawrence?
  12. I remember something very much like this my aunt would do and put on her stove as a kid. Her whole house just smelled of what I came to think as Christmas. That looks so similar and if the same thing that scent was awesome. Also very cool how it was basically a natural scent and not some fake nasty glad plug in or yankee candle plug in Christmas scent with tons of fake additives you know are not good to breath consistently for long periods of time.
  13. Yeah give me Smith the little receiver who looked like the second coming of god last night. I wonder if his light weight would be an issue in the pros and if he can transfer that all world play to the NFL also?
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