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  1. 4544 yards, 37 pass td, 10 int, 69.2% comp, 81.7 Qbr, 421 rush yards, 8 rush td
  2. Just arrest every single one of them. Arrest Watson. Arrest the women for running a prostitution ring.
  3. I’ve seen people get so addicted to prescription drugs and that sucks. But, you don’t go killing people because of addiction. Adams is a cold murderer. Only place for him is Hell.
  4. Bezos would’ve worth 2x more than that if he didn’t divorced his ex wife who’s so much prettier than the current one.
  5. His first pass went for a pick 6 like Darnold. He was then traded after his rookie season to GB due too off fields issues or the Atl coach didn’t want to play him. Something like that.
  6. Carson Palmer a USC quarterback that left Cincinnati to Oakland and looked like trash. Revived his career in Arizona and made them a very competitive teams for some years. Palmer played for a terrible coach in Oakland (Hue Jackson) like Adam Gase. Darnold’s personal coach is also Carson’s brother Jordan Palmer.
  7. Burrow has come out and said that he wants Chase. I think the Bengals will leave Jonah Williams at LT and they signed Rieff to play RT this offseason. It’s a deep and good OL class. They could draft an OL probably interior guard in the 2nd to help protect Burrow instead of taking Sewell or Slater in the 1st. Theres a big drop off between the 1st round receivers and the 2nd round receivers.
  8. The Jets really fugged their uniforms up.
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