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  1. Talib needs to find a new job. He’s terrible.
  2. Dude ssshhhh with the bull crap. You have no clues about football.
  3. We need linebackers badly. I wanted Jarrad Davis. He landed to the Jets really quick for a cheap contract. I wanted Parsons, Owusu, Bolton, Surratt or Cox. We passed up on every single one of them. Hell, Moses was an udfa. Rhule is chicken crap.
  4. Carter is a JAG. For the sake of human beings, will Panthers fans stop hyping Panthers player just because they’re on the team.
  5. Rhule will play the best players unlike Rivera. Brown and Chinn started day 1 last season. Roy, YGM and Pride saw a lot of playing.
  6. Wilson will be the 4th best QB out this draft behind Fields, Trevor and Mac.
  7. I think he needed to lose 10 lbs, not add 10. He sucks in coverage.
  8. Rhule is still thinking like a college head coach. He’ll be back coaching in college soon if he doesn’t learn how the NFL is. Pretty soon, he’ll be playing players both on offense and defense.
  9. LT Taylor Moton, Cam Erving LG Brady Christensen, Pat Elflein C David Moore, Matt Paradis RG Deonte Brown, Dennis Daley RT Morgan Moses, Trent Scott Sign Morgan Moses Cut John Miller Trade Greg Little
  10. We should be dead last for passing up on Justin Fields and Teven Jenkins. Dang, how did the Bears who had lower picks than us get a QB and LT in the draft but we didn’t?
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