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  1. I enjoy your posts. You're a good fan!
  2. Houston already planned on picking Dell. They simply asked CJ his opinion of Dell and CJ told them he liked Dell a lot.
  3. I was both disappointed and surprised when Carolina took Young instead of Stroud, although I like Young's game and I think he's going to do well. I always felt that Stroud's ceiling is higher.
  4. Stroud faces his biggest test thus far at Jacksonville next week. I think Houston is getting blown out.
  5. They're missing like 4 OL starters. They're down to third string at a couple of spots. They're probably going to get CJ killed, maybe next week at Jacksonville.
  6. I don't disagree. On another note, that's the risk of using the QB as a running back. Sooner or later they get carted off the field.
  7. Houston's defense has been disappointing. They're going to need a couple more drafts to be a good team.
  8. I love Mayer's game! In three years at Notre Dame he never once turned the ball over, either, despite 180 receptions. https://www.espn.com/college-football/player/_/id/4429086/michael-mayer
  9. ...and It will be fun watching him and the rest of the "QB quartet" play this season. I was hoping you guys would take my boy, CJ, but Carolina rightly went with the guy they thought was best. Good luck the rest of the way and I'll be rooting for Bryce and Carolina's success this year, both on the field and in life. God bless all!
  10. One thing is certain. It's going to be interesting and fascinating to watch the top 4 (and maybe more) QB picks of the draft play this year.
  11. The only way Stroud could have saved Ohio State's abortion of a defensive effort in the Michigan game was if he played safety in addition to playing QB. With that said, Ohio State did only manage to score 3 points in the second half.
  12. Bryce can keep a play alive but, ultimately, I think you want the guy that consistently provides elite ball placement by hitting receivers in stride or dropping the ball in places where only the receiver has a shot at the ball. CJ Stroud is that guy. I personally will be SHOCKED if you do NOT take Stroud. On another note, a Yahoo guy has Young, Richardson, and Levis going 1,2, & 3. Lol. That guy is on acid.
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