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  1. Rhule destroyed my favorite team. If he’s goes to Michigan I’ll follow him there. Get on their social media and forums and trash that son of a bitch. I’m not usually petty but this guy deserves everything he gets.
  2. Harbaugh to Raiders most likely... Damn shame too...
  3. https://www.panthers.com/news/luke-kuechly-named-2022-pro-bowl-legends-captain?fbclid=IwAR3Ydfc5xhM2gLBFQWQZmU4dh-vat3vN05JjB1OSRl2SABSq9RmrgeUuhaY no Panthers Bot…? CHARLOTTE – Former Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly has been named a Legends Captain for the 2022 Pro Bowl in Las Vegas. As one of four Legends Captains (Rod Woodson, Reggie Wayne, Jason Witten), Kuechly will be assigned to the NFC defense, where he'll serve as a mentor and be on the sidelines during the game. The Legends Captains will also attend various events throughout Pro Bowl week, including the Skills Showdown. Defensive end Brian Burns will represent the Panthers in his first Pro Bowl and be reunited with Kuechly after the two played together in 2019.
  4. Not sure I see Payton walking away from coaching—he loves it too much—but there’s definitely some buzz there that maybe he’s being courted on that side,” one individual well-informed on the situation told Payton. “Maybe he goes and does that and returns one day to coach the Cowboys or something.” https://sportsnaut.com/sean-payton-could-leave-new-orleans-saints/ Take a year off doing tv. Have a bunch of good job offers like Gruden in a couple of years.. could see it. Amazon likely will pay him a huge deal.
  5. Start throwing food at Rhule... ... I kid..l kid..
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