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  1. But.. but.. did y'all see Cam throw that underhanded pass 50 yards the other day.. https://twitter.com/overtime/status/1535343057519923201?s=20&t=E9ElFDut-C1-0kceKvArJg
  2. “Hey what’s that #1 doing over there”… ” that’s not a #1 that’s Robby…he’s a #3 at best”
  3. Because Darnold.. that’s why…
  4. He needs some egg shell penis pills
  5. Who let Rhule pick the new uniforms?
  6. Joke of the year...oh you said Coach of the year...
  7. Watson looked tight at practice, he might need a massage afterwards to loosen up..
  8. We’re like that kid that poos himself all the time in third grade, that everyone picks on….beyond helpless….
  9. I don’t see it happening… but you never say never in the NFL…
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