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  1. ^^^ WTF Japan?


    It's from Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!! (ダウンタウンのガキの使いやあらへんで!!)


    The basic premise of this segment is a trivia type game. Only problem is that when you get an answer incorrect, you dude's butt/junk gets closer and closer. Once you get like, four questions wrong, you lose and you get a face full of stuff.

    Here's one of my favourite subbed captions from one of their batsu (punishment) games.



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  2. <snip>


    4. Individual player performance is open to praise or criticism. There are very valid things to get excited or upset about in preseason, and individual player performance is one of them. This is especially true for the second and third string. These guys are playing for a roster spot, you are seeing them at their very best.

    5. Special Teams can be fully evaluated. In the preseason the Special Teams unit are pretty much what you see is what you get. Feel free to fully judge.



    I'd only like to add that sometimes, people's evaluations, particularly praise for 2nd and 3rd string potentials can go way, way overboard.  They'll see a 3rd string player make a couple of really impressive plays against other guys lower down the depth chart and all of a sudden he's the saviour of the franchise.


    It's one thing to evaluate and say, "Hey, this guy could help us on game day when we need him."  It's another to be all, "OMFG this guy should be starting!  He's going the be the destroyer of worlds!  Pro Bowl or GTFO!!!1"

  3. I invented a new cocktail...

    I call it a redneck mimosa.

    Actually, this kind of thing is pretty common in Europe. Usually it's made with something a *little* less sugary.

    I know in England, the beer/citrus soda mix is called Shandy and in France it's called panaché. It's usually drank on hot days when even beer can get too warm and start to taste like ass quickly.

  4. 2hellk1.png

    God, I hate this poo. I know that sometimes people have no idea what lane they'll need to be in, especially when traffic is backed up past the signage and such. Mostly, though, people who do this are just a-holes who have some ridiculous sense of self importance and think whatever they're doing should take precedence.


  5. never-too-young.jpg

    This was taken in either the Netherlands or Belgium, based on the spelling of "Erotiek."

    Porn is everywhere in the NL, and right out in the open too. At Waterloopleinmarkt (or Waterloo Square [flea] Market, in English), you can find scads of porno DVD's all at about eye level for any ankle biters roaming around with their parents.

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