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  1. It's from Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!! (ダウンタウンのガキの使いやあらへんで!!) The basic premise of this segment is a trivia type game. Only problem is that when you get an answer incorrect, you dude's butt/junk gets closer and closer. Once you get like, four questions wrong, you lose and you get a face full of stuff. Here's one of my favourite subbed captions from one of their batsu (punishment) games.
  2. Mia Malkova is fine just the way she is.
  3. Correlation does not equal causation.
  4. I'd only like to add that sometimes, people's evaluations, particularly praise for 2nd and 3rd string potentials can go way, way overboard. They'll see a 3rd string player make a couple of really impressive plays against other guys lower down the depth chart and all of a sudden he's the saviour of the franchise. It's one thing to evaluate and say, "Hey, this guy could help us on game day when we need him." It's another to be all, "OMFG this guy should be starting! He's going the be the destroyer of worlds! Pro Bowl or GTFO!!!1"
  5. I see people do this poo all the time here. I'm amazed there aren't more cycling deaths on rainy days (which is like, all the time.)
  6. Actually, this kind of thing is pretty common in Europe. Usually it's made with something a *little* less sugary. I know in England, the beer/citrus soda mix is called Shandy and in France it's called panaché. It's usually drank on hot days when even beer can get too warm and start to taste like ass quickly.
  7. I'm sad to say that I know EXACTLY what "MFX 1209" means.
  8. My wife and I saw those guys (Steel Panther, known previously as Metal Skool) play an "industry" party the night before we got married.
  9. Yeah, still overseas. No plans for that to change in the foreseeable future. I've been back to the States once since we moved over (about 20 months at this point), and my wife has been back twice. Only we go back is to see friends/family and such. We don't really miss America in and of itself.

  10. Just curious if anyone knows why this is an appropriate name, and not actually some kinda screwy Engrish.
  11. SmittyIsOurSavior, your sig makes it look like Kasey is dead.
  12. Who makes these things? They're hilarious!
  13. God, I hate this poo. I know that sometimes people have no idea what lane they'll need to be in, especially when traffic is backed up past the signage and such. Mostly, though, people who do this are just a-holes who have some ridiculous sense of self importance and think whatever they're doing should take precedence. Fuggers.
  14. Okay. I LOL'd like crazy at the this.
  15. Who is that in your avatar? Wow!

  16. This was taken in either the Netherlands or Belgium, based on the spelling of "Erotiek." Porn is everywhere in the NL, and right out in the open too. At Waterloopleinmarkt (or Waterloo Square [flea] Market, in English), you can find scads of porno DVD's all at about eye level for any ankle biters roaming around with their parents.
  17. Props to anyone who knows what/where this is...
  18. Thanks for the rep. I feel like there's a time and a place to just be a dick, but if someone actually tries to make a coherent point, it's worth being as civil as possible in my view.

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