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  1. Where is pu. Yep, Arizona was soooo smart playing for the #2 seed. They delayed their but kicking by a whole week.
  2. I'm still impressed with ginn after that interception. He looked twice as fast as everyone else on the field
  3. Damn damn!!! And daaaaamn Ginn was flying down the field
  4. Lol Tolbert said hell no you aren't taking that ball
  5. Please run the ball on 3rd and short occasionally
  6. Ok why don't we hear the whining about the field by the announcers after that??
  7. Relax people, what does it matter if they won by 100 or 7?? Enjoy the win and see you next weekend
  8. I say not a catch because the dirt doesn't fly up until it hits the white paint
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