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  1. Any luck cancelling my all-pro yet? Was just billed for it again and you stopped responding to my emails.


    Screen Shot 2021-08-10 at 2.04.23 PM.png

  2. Not sure. Seems likely he will start, but he has fallen out of the good graces with Rhule as of late. Going to be an interesting offseason.
  3. Thats who game me those time frames.
  4. Cool, can you call Mecklenburg county and tell them it's that easy? Thanks
  5. My daughter woke up with a fever, body aches, sore throat. Turns out she came in contact with a friend of hers last week that had been sick. however, her parents never told us, had just said she was "grounded". So I call today and the soonest we can get her tested is on Thursday. Then it will be 6 days for the results to come back. In other words, there is no useful testing available to us. Having results 10 days after showing symptoms isn't real helpful. This is the best we can do as a country?
  6. Do anything you want outside. Don't fuggin be around people inside for more than a few minutes. Wear a mask to the grocery and any other needed shopping. If everyone did these three simple things this thing would go away entirely in a month.
  7. There is an excellent two part Covid documentary on Netflix. You should check it out. Goes into this
  8. Hospitals are learning to deal with Covid 19 better. That is why deaths have decreased. They learn new things every week in treating people. When it first came out they put people on respirators much faster and it turns out that was doing even more damage.
  9. Test was negative. High five
  10. Eh, it sucked but if I needed it daily to perform my job I would. It's 15 seconds of discomfort follows by half an hour of a tingling in your nose.
  11. I got tested for it yesterday. Woke up with a fever. The only reason I went and got tested was that I had planned on driving and visiting my elderly parents the very same day. Now I'm isolated waiting on the results. Can confirm, the test really sucks. Feels like you inhaled a bunch of pool water. Has that same burn.
  12. Climate change. Hotter hots. Colder colds. Average temp of earth continues to increase.
  13. The doctors on my timeline are extremely worried about what's coming but the anonymous social media weirdos are saying it's no big deal and I just don't know who to believe
  14. The owners of the media companies have lost billions of dollars due to this virus. I don't think they are enjoying the coverage very much.
  15. Do we? Only if the other branches of government perform oversight and enforce them. They currently do not.
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